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Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Gem from the heavens?

One2One ) OH Shit! and OH my god!...I got to see the HiDefs tonite (and at One2One none the less). I have seen Mingo Fishtrap ) at a SXSW event AND Angelina got to do a meet and greet (check out one of the waayyyy older blogs and you will see the pics and write up).
So the Hi-Defs!/TheHiDefs ) are also affectionately known as little Mingo and I was finally able to see them all by a simple stroll down the street on this particular night. With a great Mississippi Delta blues sound and a little Louisiana soul these are the things that will tickle your soul. As a big man once said to me "he's got a voice so sweet it would make angels cry and make you wanna smack yo momma." So take this as a fact that you will really have to go see them to experience the experience!

When you have a force to be reckoned with and an unstoppable object the heavens will weep with joy! So there are the HiDefs on stage making us smile and feel religion all at once, then upon the stage appears...OVERLORD!

So still, the One2One remains a gem in the Austin nightlife music scene, tucked away on the corner of 5th and Brazos. Thanks for a great night Gregg!


Feelin Dirty?

Friday night at the Dirty Dog ). Always a favorite stop for the bikers (and by that I mean the APD 6th St Bike patrol) as well as a mixed bag crowd. Bikers (the real ones with leather Harley's, leather jackets, and bandannas), an older crowd (blazers and blue hair), the occasional bachlorette party (screaming, shot taking girls in any bar is generally never a problem), and the rest of us hanging out watching the Keep Austin Weirdness unfolding before our eyes.

Stonedakota ) has the Slayer vocals on a dirty, grinding fuckin metal base...just the was I like it! These guys are based in Austin and from the looks of it do play quite often around town so get your metal fix and check them out. And by the way, if you are gonna have the BALLS to metal up Pink Floyd, this is the way it should be done. These are the muthafuckas that I would definitely want to hear doing it...cheers to you "Have a Cigar".


Friday, December 10, 2010

I can throw up in 14 shades of Technicolor

OOOWWWEEEE! Back at The Scoot Inn AGAIN. Why the hell is it every time I go to some show at the is freezing balls cold!? None the less, it is such a cool little venue with what I deem to be a hellafine, out back, stage, performance area! Oh Yeah! and tonites show was inside, HA!

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum presents, came to town and had this kick ass idea of having a show at The Scoot Inn ) with 3 bands to promote their bad ass rum. Good music + good drink = good fun.

Shapes Have ) was first up with their blend of idontknowwhatthehellyouwouldcallitorlabelit music, but it was very fun. Uptempo, bright sound, and fun. Just what you need to wash the blues away (along with a glass of Sailor Jerry's of course, LOL!). Very, very much like early 60's The Who and The Beatles. These guys are from Austin so go do the Shapes Have Fangs thang!

Rayon ) was here with some form of psychedelia punk and left it's trippin fuckin mark on my brain and soul. How about a drummer that pulls triple duty...skins, keys, and backing vocals....awright, but can he play? Well the band had that infectious British punk sound and feel (although they are from here, very interesting) and had a little more of the audience boppin and groovin along. As for the drummer, I am not shittin you, he actually had a song that he was doing triple duty! Just fuckin great and hilarious. As for the overall on these guys, I wonder if there was ever a genre or label of Surf Punk? If not they have created it and perfected it. Go enjoy!

and then there was one...Bad Sports ) was last up and the most energetic of the three. These guys were energy on the stage. Dual vocals kicked ass and kept it interesting and changing. The fun kind of punk with its irreverence and in your face, fuck off and fuck your authority too! This is the cool shit you would listen to really fuckin loud in the car with the top down or the windows wide open, loud as shit, singing as loud and as obnoxiously as you can to all the cars passing you on the road to nowhere. and that is a good thing, a fun thing, naaahhhh who the duck am i kidding, that is a great thing. Enjoy it and throw the middle finger in the air while you are listening to it at a show around town. Do IT!


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Post Apocolyptic sounds

Yes! when the world ends the sounds left should be that of Vows in Ashes and Dumb. Why should there be anything else!

HOW fucking fun! I haven't been to a house party with a band in WAY way waaayyyyyyy too long. And what a better time to do something like that than a Halloween /B-Day party (props to Colleen for the festivities and gorish fun)!

I have seen Vows in Ashes ) before and this time was decidedly different because they actually pulled out a couple of cover songs. With Bassist JR and party Girl Colleen hitting the covers vocals respectively, it was different and of course loads of fun. Very nice to see a crowd into the music and enjoying like all did this evening. So you didn't make the gig/party and you are reading about this, will Suck It, you are gonna have to wait quite a while to see these guys again. Gauging from the response I would hope they would actually do something like this (along the lines of cover material) next time they do perform. It is always fun to hear a band make light of what they are and where they came from for the enjoyment of the audience.

Dumb and Daniel of Dumb was a real effin treat (no tricks). COMPLETELY unexpected and totally thrilling. But most of all you have to be fuckin kidding me...A TWO PIECE...REALLY!!??? I have seen plenty of three piece bands from the local punk scene (Deadly Reign), the regional favorite (Kegcharge) to the international (Rush and Triumph), but NEVER a two piece that was worth a shit...and DUMB is worth two shits at least.

Daniel tried to describe Dumb to me and it failed me until they started playing...then I got it. Very punk kind of feel with more irreverence in the lyrics than politics, what a joy! My buddy from Harlingen ( yo! What up Ivan?) had a great time which is always the point in going to see some live music in town. Dumb appears to be lining up a gig with A Good Rogering and you will have to keep you facebook ears peeled for that event and hit it up!


No trouble Brew(ing)

The Brew ) is a local band with all the the flavor of the world. With amazing Latin beats and sound there is no doubt you will want to groove to their rhythms when you make the opportunity to see them. If you check out their website you are bound to find a fine eating establishment that they will be playing at (be it The Oasis - where I saw them, or Maria Maria - )...bring your appetite for good food, your appetite to dance, and enjoy the evening.

With the amount of music they perform it is divided into two sets (and there is no right half and wrong half of the set to be in on), but make sure, whatever you do, is that you plan on making the entire performance. This is very important as their repertoire is amazing and so broad you WILL have a good time and definitely find something within the set that will drive you. My personal favorites are a couple of tunes by 'The Gypsy kings' and a little tune by this band called 'The Eagles' (yeah! THAT SONG).

I am sad to say that I missed out on cutting a rug that evening while listening to them AND made the mistake of leaving before the second set kicked in (all for good reason though). But their sound carried so well that a one hundred yards away and in a parking garage I could still hear them perfectly, NICE! So I still got to hear some of the favorites. Yes, I am owed another opportunity to see them, AND THIS TIME there will be dancing!

As for the rest of you, like I said in the beginning, what a really really nice way to spend the evening with new friends or old ones, on a date, or just a night out...this is great way to spend, start, or end a weekend!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Your ass just left me a message!

Yes! Angel and I went to see All That Remains on Monday, as their roadshow passed thru Austin. Emos ) outside has evolved into a pretty fucking decent area for seeing some live music. As the Texas nights get cooler, I am sure the acts will get hotter and I cant wait for the next opportunity to see another show out here. I will DEFINITELY look forward to being down in front, center stage, for any number of bands that could perform in this tight little area.

So Angelina has had this band on her list for quiet awhile. I was very happy to get a last minute opportunity to check out the show with her. All That Remains ) is what Angel affectionately labels a 'Screamo' band. Whatever the label, it was fucking kick ass. I loved the lead singers casualness with the audience (and the fact that being from Massachusetts he actually had an appreciation for football - the national religion of Texas!) and the bass player scared the hell outta me when she started busting out the gutturals!! WHOA!

The audience was totally in sync and harmony with the band and were right on top of the vocals the whole show through. Between the deafening beats of the drums and the battling guitar riffs I was actually able to over hear two guys behind me proclaim how 'bad-ass the drummer is!' Ahhhh lets hear it for drum triggers, none the less, there is NO DOUBT it was great, the crowd was great and Angel had a nice little spot to see the band. Without any questions this set should have been 45 minutes longer and would have been just as fantastic and been more kick ass in leaving the audience out of breath. But alas, I think the lead singer was gonna melt from the humidity.

P.S. - On a really odd side note, I am telling a friend of mine about the show and off he goes rattling information about All That Remains and their ties with Killswitch engage. "WAIT A DAMN MINUTE!" Now I remember the voice and the lead singer. This is Phil who me and Angel saw back in March as the fill in lead singer for Killswitch Engage when we saw them and Devil Wears Prada at Stubb's.....DUH!!!
OH this kid is good...check them out, buy the album brutalize your ears it's worth it!

BTW, The title of the blog comes from Angelina's phone. While she was changing clothes on the way to the show she kept butt dialing me. After the second time her phone actually stayed connected long enough to go to my voice mail.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

I think I was amused

So what is currently happening around town is the battle of the bands for the Bmused III Festival that runs concurrent to SXSW. This particular night at the Dirty Dog was round two.

The Dirty Dog ) is another of my many favorites. A great place to go have some drinks, watch some sports on one of their MANY TVs, and/or listen to some bands. There have been many performances here, from all sorts of genres of music, and this night was no exception.

Boys On the Inside ) was first up and without the drummer in tow (apparently ABI claimed another luggage victim, HA!). So sans the drummer the duo preformed a very nice set. Some covers mixed in with the originals was enough to have some in the light audience singing along. Would be nice to actually attend a performance with the full band, but on the whole, it was still an entertaining performance.

Jansen Hawkins ) may not be the name of the band that was up next, but this is who was onstage. With a guitar and a cello, myself and a friend, were decidedly perplexed at how this would sound or turn out. Very singer songwriter style, a Sunday afternoon out in the backyard with a glass of wine on a beautiful fall day. What totally and without question BLEW me away was the cellist (sp?). This guy had an amazing ear and was able to rock the cello so good it went beyond bad ass to almost jaw dropping. What a very fun performance.

Destruction Evolution ) were standing around all night gnashing their teeth and pacing the floor, anxious to jump up and take the night to a new level! With a larger crowd in attendance, they started it hard and fast and ended it hard and fast. It was fucking relentless!  Although it was the first time I have seen these guys perform (after a previously missed opportunity) I am glad I took advantage of this one. The sound felt familiar, but still fresh and fun. Speaking of fun, the lead singer 'Sin', did an awesome job of running the show. There he is onstage and I swear to you the moment I blinked or looked away, he was off the stage and roaming through the crowd. He did this several times and I swear it surprised me each time. I would look up and there he was right next to someone in the audience screaming into the mic and leaning on them like they were lifelong pals. What a great showman. I will let you in on their next appearance and I hope to see you there!

Don't quite remember the name of the band that hit the stage last, but they had all the energy of rabbits jacked up on Red Bull. These kids were ALL OVER THE place.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The "Last" Great Performance

The life of James 'Jim' Elwood Williamson.

All things
said good
and sad

A final, solo, performance by his son Stephen Reese Williamson, on clarinet.

So with labored breathing
and blurry eyes
I write this final goodbye.

Peace Cap'n

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It finally happened!

Look back and read any of my previous blogs about Bobby Bookout. My opinions and feelings about his performance and the feeling of the music should not require me to rinse and repeat! HOWEVER, now that I have had the opportunity to actually follow my own advice (look I tell ALL of you to go see any of these performers for all of the positive reasons I list - why should I have to do it myself!), It was AWESOME!

One2One ) is still a happenin place to be, AND with a new stage arrangement it is just getting better! The rooftop deck kicks ass, great place to hang out on these cool Austin nights and the general vibe from the place is fun (put a TV feed on the deck for the live show downstairs or for watching some football and I might never leave Gregg)!

Bobby Bookout ) has always entertained and been fun, but OMFG! It was really true. Take a date, go have dinner. There is nothing like that bluesy kind of groove that Bobby makes with his music. Cale (Bobby's guitarist) absolutely melted the panties with his licks (oh! pun intended!!!). It was described as, "His music is definitely panty droppin'! I absolutely loved it!"

You know there is really NOT a whole lot more to say about 'The Ultimate Date Music Band" than that! I couldn't have and wouldn't have said it any better myself. Thanks for a great night, thanks for the great music, and thanks for being a great for the rest of you, NO EXCUSES - JUST DO IT!


Friday, October 8, 2010

Mo' music at MOMO's

So this is about a week or so behind the show date. BUT, I do not write this so you can relive the performance, I write this so that you can get a feel of what it was like to be in the audience and make you're decision on who you want to see any given night that you wanna hit the town!

What was supposed to be an early evening checking out Michael Dillard at his debut performance at MOMO's ( ) turned into a long evening of great music and new things. AS ALWAYS, I was pleasantly surprised at the turn of events and music for the night! Albeit, I was not prepared for a long night so my recollection of the bands is a tad off, but I am gonna try this anyway (and by recollection I DO NOT mean anything other than the bands names as I clearly remember the performances....DUH!!!!)!

Michael Dillard ( ) was the early evening part of the menu with a start time of 6:30pm. I was happy to get off of work a little early and step downtown during the daylight hours (try it you'll like it!) and even more excited to chill at MOMO's for a nice set of music. As always (and yet getting better) Michael was having fun with the band and the audience. With some laughs in tow and a VERY nice size crowd for that early. Michael did an amazing job of filling the room with the rockin sounds of his debut EP, some covers, and other originals that will soon be on his upcoming LP (look for it DAMMIT!). With the ages in the crowd so varied it was especially nice to feel the positive response from everyone about the music and the performance itself.

Autmn and Austin Mayse, this duo had a very Americana feel to them. With taking turns on vocals, it was very cool, laid back, easy sound. No doubt something you could easily chill to in this lounge (or any other nice lounge for that matter) with a cocktail in hand.

Meggan Carney!/profile.php?id=600021280 ) back again at MOMO's and this time it was just Meggan and a guitarist. All I think I am allowed to say without getting anyone in trouble is "OOoooo the things she makes you feel when you hear her music and voice from there onstage." Always another early evening, chillaxin kind of songstress and performance. Love it, enjoy it, and toast to it!

Now this next thing turned out to be a totally surprising musical performance. The band loads up and then I see this guitarist, I am like "damn that guy looks familiar." Couldn't place him, couldn't place him, couldn't place him. So this is 'The Coveters' ( ) and the guitarist was none other than Wayne Sutton (look him up dammit, you're on the 'net reading this anyway, fool!) Now I will not take away from the other performers/artists in the band, but I was still surprised to see this and even happier to hear it.

This music was fresh, the band held a sense of humor and almost irreverence of themselves that made it great and easy to sit through and enjoy. Another band to chalk up on the board as one who knows how to perform for the audience. Again, I don't know how big their following is, but during their very first song the band breaks out into hand claps. Without any prompting from the band, the audience fell into suit and played right along. This is definitely fun and crowd control if there ever was.

Last, definitely not least, and with a fraternal organization or two in tow was Hudson Moore ). This was a helluva sight, guitarists lined up onstage as far as the eye could see. keyboards, drums, damn near everything and everyone onstage (I swear I saw a kitchen sink.) Not knowing what to expect but expecting to like what I heard, I was right. With MOMO's busting at the seems with this crowd, the band kicked it off and showed a polished sound that I will say is pretty damn impressive with the mob onstage. Clean, tight, and completely irresistible to tap your foot too. This was the debut performance as I was told earlier in the night and will tell you that in know uncertain terms it really can only get better for these guys. Look them up, check them out as this is Moore or less (oh god I couldn't resist that one) an evening performance type band to swing away into the night with!


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

7 levels of Hell

The Broken Neck is just a warehouse. Plain and simple. A warehouse. Four walls, a front door, a back door, and a one holer. I am not bitchin or complaining, in fact it is just the opposite...I am praising the bad-assness of this place for any kind of show, Punk, metal, rap, doesn't matter. If it is purely about the music and the crowd, there is NO BETTER PLACE! Look, there's not really any stage lights to speak is just a stage in the back corner. No bar, no nothing to get in the way of you and the band and the music.

Till Death, Doom Siren, Anal Warhead, Civil Victim, Dissent, HellBastard, and KegCharge! Although the order the bands played in changed after the show started it was still some pretty damn powerful shit.

Till Death is a kick ass trio with the Bass player pulling vox as well. This was definitely a hella good way to open up the festivities for the night. This set got the crowd movin (and a nice sized crowd it was) for an early start time.

Doom Siren was another great band from 'Idontknowwherethehelltheirfrom'! Like the band before them, they just jumped up onstage, no frills, fancy lights or explosions, just knock your beer cup outta your hand kind of performance.

Anal Warhead broke out with the same set from the night before, but with a much larger and newer crowd. Still just good music. Great to see these kids from New York kicking it down here and making a go at it.

Dissent is from Houston and at this band definitely had a different sound. A little more hard edge, not so much punk, but still definitely awesome. My Son was with me for this gig and was out of breath after Dissent's set. "Oh my god, that shit was kick ass!" From the look of the rest of the crowd I would say so too.

Civil Victim I believe is from Germany. With a good humored lead singer and a guitarist who wasn't taking an "American Hippie" shit, I knew this would be a great set. UNFORTUNATELY, the lead guitarists rig was not wanting to co operate (probably all the "crappy American beer"). After a few minutes of fucking around with it, the guitarist from Dissent volunteered up his rig and away they went.

HellBastard was supposed to headline. These guys have been around for quite awhile and where here from the U.K. So as exciting as it was to see them live, it would've been better if they had their heads outta their asses, collectively. The real pisser is that the took FORFUCKINEVER to set up. The band that they replaced was already set up and ready to go. ANY WAY..when they finally did go on, it was good. Very good. Like Dissent, it was a different type of music than what we had heard from the previous bands, but rocked out very well.

Kegcharge stoned, sloppy ass drunk would be a nice way to put it, but you know what, after being there for almost 5 hours I think most everybody was. With the crowd seeming to thin, Kegcharge got on stage. Although there was definitely some issues with capability that late and that drunk, there was NO DOUBT that it was what EVERYONE was wanting ALL NIGHT LONG!!!!!!!!!

When they fired it up it went from no crowd to "where the hell did all these people come from?" The action on the floor in front of the band was absolutely heinous and non stop mayhem. For the entire set the bodies did not stop. Bruised and battered, my 19 yr old son left the floor and as we drove away from the 7 levels of Hell night...he simply said "wow! I think I broke my finger."


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thursday night was Punk night

Another adventure, another club, a different part of town. It was totally awesome and kick ass to see members of some other, very well established bands hanging out, drinking some beer (and in Texas James' case) stirring up the crowd in front of the stage.

Club 1808 ) is located at the corner of 12th and Chicon. Once again, proof that is you wander off of your mainstream normal everyday path you will always find something new and exciting. From the cool ass doorman collecting the money and putting on the wristbands, to the VERY nice bartender/proprietor (Thanks Gene, you're a cool muthafucker) this place is pretty bad ass. It's split into three areas; the main entrance has pool tables, a small dance floor, and a decent seating area in the back by the bar. Out back there is a cool ass little backyard with a stage and plenty of room for QUITE a few people. Back inside and to the right of the front door is a lounge area with ANOTHER stage. This area is where the show was on this particular night. 3 Bands, no frills, just kick your fuckin teeth in music...p.s. - make sure you leave your blood on the floor!

Deadly Reign started things off in true Punk style, fuck the sound check, just play the damn music. Although the crowd was not that big, it still felt great. With the music loud enough to make yer ears bleed, this is what it's all about.

Anal Warhead ) and Civil Victim ) are from New York and Germany respectively,  and did a nice job keeping up the tempo and feel. It was good fun to see the lead guitarist for Anal Warhead was a chick. Nothing wrong with that and some damn good music out there to prove this, but it was still fuckin bad ass to see, hear, and experience that.

Civil Victim was great and loads of fun. The irreverence of the lead singer and their guitarist just played off each other and made Punk fun (really? fun?).

All said, it was a very badass night for punk music on the east side of Austin. The location and environment doubly led to that outlaw feel that so inhabits this genre of music. Get out, experience it, and bleed it!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

An evening at the Inn (pt 2)

Ok, part to and now it is starting to drift off into the late afternoon. Up to go we have Aimless Gun, a small dinner break (damn good brisket by the way), then Michael Dillard, Fremen, and MC Overlord. But you know what, it was still hot as hell!

With a short break to set up, we now have Aimless Gun ( ) onstage. Billy had the raw pleasure of seeing and hearing Aimless Gun perform an acoustic set some days back. Now it was his turn to hear them in their full glory, plugged in and all.  I really like the energy that Aimless gun is starting to show onstage. Musically these guys are there. Lyrically you can start dedicating songs to girlfriends and creating ringtones. They really just have some good sounds that are so easy to just sing along with (very important for bringing in the audience, and making that gold record). The catalog of what Aimless does onstage is so very impressive and I have seen it and experienced it first hand, when are you going to? With the up tempo tunes and the sing-alongs, there isn't much that the audience just simply doesn't dig here and it is somehow breathtaking.

At this point in the evening there was a little dinner break. After a while Billy came back from the lake and to this day he wont stop talking about "swimming with The FreeFlow, diving off the dock with Aimless Gun, and kayaking with Michael Dillard!" Like I have said, Austin musicians are more than songwriters and performers, they are people and they are inspirations for this city!

Michael Dillard ( ) now had his turn to hop up onstage and melt away like everyone else. As the evening hours were creeping on and the sun was setting, Michael was still enjoying the heat. With the crowd actually growing larger, it was yet another set that had the crowd just being able to chill, enjoy some cold refreshments, and drift away with the music. Being joined onstage by William Harris of Fremen, MC Overlord and friend (Billy Tompkins), it was a perfect way to close to this set. I don't think there was really anything else that could have made the setting sun on the lake any more enjoyable than this set (besides some beautiful company I guess - mijita).

Fremen ( ) now had a very interesting spot in this day of music, they performed directly ahead of Overlord. What a great spot! Fresh from the studio with Ter'ell Shahid (Overlords amazing and soulful vocalist) these cats have some inspiration behind them to make this night kick off very tight and very right!. With the custom stage lights in place, thanks to Billy and Miles for the tree work, it was gonna be a hot set. The crowd really did swell at this point and it was right on the mark for all that we heard and experienced. To those who have missed out, don't worry, there will be more sightings of the Fremen and for those who haven't heard, the CD wont drop soon enough so go check this set out!

...and then there was one. Not just one, THE one. MC Overlord ( ) with all of his imposing stature and presence, completely launched the night into a whole new level. Under the stars and all fired up, this was truly a great way to be a part of that Overlord music. For a day that started out with gunshots (sure ask anyone that was there!) it definitely ended with an explosion. Michael Dillard joined the performance in the end and MC Overlord even had Billy back onstage again. I will tell you when this next album drops the future may not be able to contain him, so go be a part of it now!


Blue Boy Inn

It was a very nice day at the lake. The Blue Boy Inn is a very cute, quaint cabin in Spicewood. Lovely accommodations, beautiful access to the lake, and a gorgeous yard and deck to enjoy a cool fall weekend in Texas (unfortunately, it is only in the mid to upper 80's during the fall with about 90% humidity on the lake). In the yard and by the dock it was very nice, but watching the bands on stage with no air circulating around them, they were melting. Nice thing was that the music was just as hot, so it was all good!

The list of bands was so hot and bad ass, I couldn't believe it. This next time this happens, I hope for more press and promotion, and for more folks and bands. It was great. To know what Austin musicians can do this is very inspiring. Wouldn't give credit to any other city in the world to have a musical community with such a powerful, smart, and moving presence than Austin.

The FreeFlow, Ryan Harkrider (acoustic), Derrick Davis (acoustic), Aimless Gun, *dinner break*, Michael Dillard, The Fremen, and MC Overlord.

Now what makes ALL of these performances very special was that my son, Billy, was with me to enjoy. I have only caught one performance of The FreeFlow previously, so this is good.  The acoustic performance by Ryan Harkrider is something that I have never seen before. Derrick Davis is some new sounds that I will relay to you. Aimless Gun, as you know, is a favorite, much like Michael Dillard. The Fremen have new life, as they have finally (with the production of Mr Ter'ell Shahid), put the tracks down for a much anticipated CD. MC Overlord, well this is the man who helped inspire me to start putting the music in print, so he will ALWAYS be my primo.

The social aspect of this day was very importan,t as you get these guys together to make a day out of it, the next thing you know, it's a full on 2 day benefit for whatever you could imagine. The FreeFlow ( ) started about 2:30. I really, REALLY love these guys. I think this is just good beer drinking (or maybe even a drink with an umbrella in it would be more appropriate) kind of music. You get to just kick back and listen. Without question they do the BEST Marley mix I have ever heard. To listen and look around at the audience, see and hear everybody singing along, it is nice to know these kids have the audience hooked. In my own humble opinion, I would love to hear that Marley tribute be just a little bit longer. NO! don't change up the songs, but ahhh it is so good to hear the way they lay it down and even better to feel it in the crowd. There is more to come from them and you should keep up via their Reverbnation page. GO! check them out, order something fun to drink and sing along, don't worry, everybody else will be too!

Ryan Harkrider ( ) strolled up onstage with just him and his guitar. Very excited to hear and see this new twist for Ryan. It was great. Ryan has absolutely learned the way to capture the crowd. The music and sound is catchy, fun, and poetic, but to be able to make the audience laugh and laugh at yourself all while bringing an amazing stable of tunes to the table, WOW! Ryan really does have a great rapport with the audience and it makes it so fun to be at one of his performances. As I am sitting there listening, my friend comments on how Ryan, Derrick, and Michael (and even Cody from Aimless Gun) have the potential to be the new, modern day Outlaws. Musically if you don't know what I am talking about that would be Willie, Waylon, Hank Jr, and D.A.C. Look them up! The ability to get up onstage, any of these three or four guys, on any night, in any line up order, as an acoustic set and completely stun the house. That is a good ticket! My smart ass remark to follow was simply this "You know what makes these acoustic performances so fun and special? It's when one of the other artists just jumps up onstage, and fills in a little guitar or vocals...just for the hell of it!" C'mon , if all these guys are good friends, it's never hard feelings or an ego when someone else jumps up onstage with you, it's just good fuckin fun for everyone!

Well lo and behold, with a whisper from Will Harris, Derrick Davis was all of a sudden onstage with Ryan. The chemistry was kick-ass. EVERYONE loved it, it was just really fun. Derrick dropped in for a couple of songs (check out the video from the second song here ). Ryan finished off the set be leaving the stage and streaking for the lake. OH! did I say streaking, YES! Off with the shirt, down the steps to the dock, off with the shorts, then it was in the air to the water and I do believe that the moon was out that afternoon!!!!

As Derrick Davis ( ) mounted the stage next his comment before beginning his set was "How do I top that?" "Just do you set naked onstage!" LOL! not today thank god! Just another stellar performance, god music and good fun. I loved sitting in my lounge chair, drinking a margarita, and chilling to Derricks jams. NOW what got me up outta my seat and got my blood pumping and had me singing along (rather loudly and probably quite obnoxiously) was his final tune and very nice rendition of "I Wanna Be Like You" from the children's favorite and Disney classic "Jungle Book"! What a GREAT way to end the set. Nope! no nudity or running for the lake, but special in its own way.

This has to be a two-parter. So be prepared!


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Love That Chicken

Our heroes, icons, legends, and those people we look up to, when you see them out and about doing everyday , normal human things it is oddly humbling and awe inspiring at the same time. You see that person onstage or on television and then you see them in public at a fast food restaurant you just can't shake off the amazement. You even do silly things in your mind to justify that "it can't be!", but you know it is.

So here I sit in a Popeye's Fried Chicken on Wm Cannon with my two sons. We are having some dinner and enjoying the moment, as the three of us haven't hung out together in over a year. I see this man walk in and knew instantly who it was. There is only ONE person in the entire city of Austin (or really anywhere for the truth of it) that looks like him. It stopped my conversation cold and dead in its tracks with the boys. Stephen is 19 and while Billy is 11 and the both stared at me in a curious manner.

"Oh my god...that's Malford Milligan!" ( ) and quicker than hell turned to both of them and said, "SHUT UP! Do not say you don't know who that is." Of course the response anyway was "Who?". Arrrrggghhhhh! I just felt my heart break, did you feel it too? Dammit, I suck, I can't believe that my sons have been raised in one of the GREATEST music cities in the world and here before us was undoubtedly one of the greatest blues singers and amazing guitarists our fair city has had the pleasure to call it's own.

The humiliation set in...OK I am over it! After he ordered his food (while I kept shhhsssshng the boys) I waited. Then the opportunity came up as he strolled over to a booth to wait for his food. I, ever so smoothly' (like that of a giddy twenty something Mike Dill seeing Justin Beiber) and loudly stated "Has anybody ever told you that you look just like Malford Milligan?" [in my Homer Simpson voice] DOH!! I can't believe I just said that! WHAT A FUCKIN DORK!

He turned with a huge smile on his face, while replying to my idiocy, "That's because I AM Malford Milligan." Woo Hoo, Jackpot! Ahhh now on to the next stupidest thing in the world to say, "I am a huge fan Mr. Milligan!" (again with the stupidest shit you could say to an icon and a musical hero of yours) he hasn't heard that shit a MILLION times before. I then gushed about seeing him at Antoines "yeah I hang out there alot." and seeing him at Blues on the Green.

I introduced my boys and then did the last and stupidest thing of all.....yes! I name dropped. OHHHHH what an idiot I be. You know, in working with these bands I follow and in meeting new people ALL the time, you would think I know better. HA! I guess I am human too, LOL! None the less, it was wonderful to meet him and of course he was the nicest, most amicable people you would ever meet. Didn't get my picture with him (wanted too) and didn't tell him I am a writer, but I still met him....and YES! I will forward the link for this blog to him. In hopes of being invited to a show, meet him again on a professional level, and see another great performance!

Love That Chicken from Popeyes!!!


P.s. - BTW the name I dropped was Overlord, of course! Ask me about it and I'll tell you what Malford said.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Live from Burger stadium! An Angel will be on the field tonite :)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hot Sauce Festival on a hot ass day!

I started the morning out not knowing what I was gonna do today. Got a call from my buddy Danny reminding me about the 20th Annual Hot Sauce Festival. Well HOT DAMN! I am not really down with doing alot of this stuff by myself because it is always good to have someone to bounce smart ass comments off of. WHATEVER!

I did arrive a little late compared to the bands scheduled but did get to catch three bands. El Tule, Uncle Lucius, and David Garza.

I met Chris, the drummer from Distant Lights ( ) and got a copy of their 3 song EP. Very nice...I liked the sound and wish I had been at the festival a little earlier to catch their set. I am sure it would have kicked ass like the sound on the disc. Go check them out!

El Tule ( ) had just taken the stage when I got into the festival.  How could you go anywhere to any festival and hear some great latin, cumbia music and not feel happy or feel like dancing. (Mijita it would have been wonderful)! I have always had this kind of affection for that brass sound and El Tule delivers without question or regrets. This is the sound that makes festivals fun and lively. By the looks of the crowd I think they would all agree. And what a kick ass way end a set. Everyone, old and young, was just moving, grooving, and dancing away to the up tempo, fast and fun. Look them up, go see them, buy a CD and play it loud at your next get together and watch your family and friends have fun too!

Uncle Lucius ( ) had that foot stompin', hand clappin' kind of music if there ever was one. The crowd grew bigger, the sound grew louder, and that fuckin Texas heat just seemed to melt away. Looking at the fun in the sun that the audience was having, Uncle Lucius made it ok to stand in line. and OH shit! they broke out the horns, it's all over now! These guys now had the crowd by the hot sauce balls, LOL! With some slow funky grooves mixed in, Uncle Lucius is luscious.

David Garza ( ) is a little latin, a little dance, and a great guitar. The crowd actually was pushed up to the stage, there was some room made for dancing. So amazing and great seeing so many people having so much fun irregardless of the ridiculous heat! David was not afraid to point out people in the audience, call out the non moving, no dancing ass people. Tell the dancers to keep dancing and everyone else to sing along. To dance and enjoy is to see the crowd love David. 


I am sure it is NOT Lonely in his land!

An adventurous return to The Saxon Pub ( ) on a weekday evening is so much fun. Yes, I have said this several times recently and screw you if you are to much of a pu swa to make it happen for yourself because ya have to work tomorrow. We live here in one of the greatest cities in the world (believe me, after College Station) OMG we have it good when it comes to live music. Go out and support it. Do something new, do something old and tired, but most of all DON'T take it for granted because those other places out there suck!

Aimless Gun ( ) are definitely taking advantage of the opportunities that come before them. I applaud them for making the best of everything they are getting! This evening at The Saxon Pub opening for Bob Schneider and Lonelyland is another one of those times. There are people you should meet and befriend. In the music industry in Austin these young men are meeting those people and Bob is one of them. Another good time onstage with a great sized crowd. Now all we need to do is start working that merch and passing that tip jar.

Bob Schneider and Lonelyland ( ). I have seen Bob perform previously in a few of his other incarnations and it is ALWAYS fun and entertaining.

Now I know Bob does not need my BS little opinion and blog because he is as there as you can get in Austin music. But HAHA, the joke is that I don't write this for anybody but me. Although I am glad you are here and reading this and hope that something I say has you deciding to go out one night and catch something fun in Austin. catching something fun does not mean crabs.

Back to the Bob though. This was such and awesome performance. With Mr Schneiders mix of music and fun you will always feel like it was money well spent and time worthwhile. He is exciting and energetic. Funny yet deep. He will always drag the audience around and show them a tour of his mind. No doubt this is why the few times I have seen him as other personalities I have never forgotten about it and neither will you. It seems to be a somewhat regular gig so take advantage and have a really good time. Sit down in front, order a beer and be a part of this all.


Dillard n Bookout...this has too happen again!

A nice little evening on the quiet side of town, a scream, a gunshot, the wail of a siren...WAIT A GD minute...wrong story, LOL! This was a great night for the live music scene, as one of Austins newest rising young misdemeanor stars and another up and comer, with an album, dropped some panties and made'em swoon!

The One2One ( ) will remain a favorite of mine. Good company, great staff and the size of the bar makes it a great place to see live local talent but add that intimate feel to the performance.

Michael Dillard ( ) hit the stage first. After an interesting night (and making some of his PR people sweat) he stepped up to the mic and totally let it go. Another fun night, and fun time. The big man himself, MC Overlord, stepped up onstage to cap off the Dillard performance. To have everyone just outta their minds at the end of your set is the best way to know you left that impression and will see them again, they'll tell two friends, and they'll two friends, and so on and so on and so on....

Here is the link for the kick ass fucking cover that Dillard does of Gnarls Barkley 'Crazy'! I'll try to get his Kings of Leon cover next time (that one is astounding as well).

Bobby Bookout ( ) is so adapt at controlling the crowd, it is wonderful! His mix of rock, and some groove tunes still makes me very happy to sit in the audience, at any venue, and watch the women get down when Bobby tears it up and breaks it down. This gig was no different than any of the others...I was there WITHOUT A DAMN DATE!, lol. Please, take the time, take your girlfriend, your fiance, or you wife (really?) and enjoy this performance. Without a doubt, good music for all to sit and enjoy and stand and move too!

If any of us get the opportunity for this type of match up to happen again just go do it...screw the office if you have to work tomorrow. Life is TOO DAMN SHORT. Live it, love it, and most of all BE A PART OF IT! No sideline crap.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Doc Deuce/MC Overlord...made in Hip Hop heaven

When I heard about the pairing of these two great live hip hop talents, I was doubly excited as I was confused as to why it took so long. No worries! It finally happened and it was better than good, it was powerful!

"Sometimes you just have to say what the fuck!" Really, don't be scared and save the bullshit excuses about working on Friday for someone or something else. It seems like some of the greatest and most entertaining things happen in Austin during the week. Thursday night at the Lucky Lounge ) was absolutely the right place to be.

Doc Deuce ) did it first and did it like the night was on fire! With some new and different musicians in tow, Doc Deuce hit us with the rhythm and didn't let the audience breathe. It was loud and powerful and great. It seemed as if the spontaneous opening for the Dirty Wormz a week or so earlier was a prelude to something huge on the horizon. The performance was like a 5 alarm fire! The band, the music, and Doc were burning it up, and the audience to did not want this performance extinguished! Once again Doc Deuce pulled the crown into the stage and had them feeling the intensity of his rhymes and the beat of the music. At one point Doc went from the hip hop lyrical stylings to a little singing and I swear he was channeling some Bob Marley...he was there, I felt it!

MC Overlord ) the return of the Godfather of live Austin Hip Hop made his triumphant return to the stage as a headliner. With this performance it still proves this is where he should the top of the food chain! I don't know how long it's been since Overlord has actually been onstage as the man of the hour and can't say it's been too long, BUT it's nice when he comes back like this. With all of the power, the excitement, and the moves you know this is why he is Overlord. Tons of musicians in the house for the performance and even some special guests up onstage, THIS is why they come. Tray God stepped up to the mic and Overlords former partner from another brother stunned us with a verbal montage that kicked ass. Speaking of kicking ass, drummer extraordinaire Les Fisher did kick it behind the kit for the final song of the evening. This is the man Overlord credits with all of the corruption and joy of Austin music nightlife that is in his blood.

So stop making excuse, hit the Austin music scene, enjoy the nightlife DURING the week! Who knows what special thing you will find yourself a part of!


"I just need to pee and eat a Twix and I'll be OK!"

I received an invite to join Aimless Gun in College Station...(GASP!) home of the Texas A&M Aggies. A fun little jaunt in the bands custom cruiser and we were there. It was scheduled to be a hella long set as they were hitting the stage at approx 10:30 pm and playing til their fingers bleed.

The venue is Zapatos Cantina ( ). OK, I will NEVER bitch about the size of One2One or any other of our local Austin clubs and bars cause this place was crazy, CRAZY small. But, the outside was where the action was gonna be at. College Station is very much the antithesis of Austin for all of the obvious reasons and a few others. Most notable (as stated by Casey - the Aimless Drummer [oh now that's funny in itself]) "In Austin you start out with a hundred people and by the end of the night or the end of you set there's 12 people left. Here, you start out with 12 people and by the end of the night there's over 200!" Well said Casey and NO SHIT! what an effing great surprise. It took no time at all to have more people in the courtyard enjoying the sounds than you could shake a collie at.

With a well thought out set list of originals, and covers interspersed, Aimless Gun )really went at it in a grand fashion. They kicked off the evening with some uptempo tunes that had the folks there in the house singing along IMMEDIATELY.  As the crowd built up more people would join in, the girls dancing, people cheering, very nice to see a large crowd really enjoying this bands performance.

And speaking of performance, whether or not there were adult beverages involved, this is the loosest and most fun I have seen from these guys on stage EVER! Lead guitarist Zach was chiming in with remarks and digging at the audience between songs in the most fun way possible. The ever silent Miles Barker on Bass even spoke up and being playful as well. Front man Cody Rathmell was an absolute blast to watch. Talking it up to some of the folks out in the dirt, inviting all the girls down front to sing along. I was surprised and found myself actually laughing out loud when I saw Cody invite some of the crowd to sing along to the chorus of a song or two. With a well place, and I might comical slap of the hand, Cody would spin the boom arm on the mic stand around to face the audience down in front and away they would go.

This crowd  absolutely would not stop! Singing along to the originals and going crazy over the covers. It was just an awe inspiring thing to see so many people having that much fun and appreciating the sounds of some live Austin music. They even managed to get a couple of live videos, 'Good Summer' (which was uploaded straight to YouTube while they were still onstage) and their unique rendition of 'HeyYa' (to be uploaded later - look for it!) recorded with some fantastic and fun audience participation.

Here is the link for 'Good Summer' -
and the link for their original cover of 'Hey Ya' -

Friday, August 27, 2010

Aimless Gun Good Summer.MOV

College Station will rock tonight!!!

To the sounds of Aimless Gun!!! It will be a nice long set, so get ready and drive...the party will be here...and make sure you wear your LONGHORN GEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Live at Zapatos Cantina in Bryan, Texas - Aimless Gun

10:30pm from college station...yes you still have time to make it!!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

You know it's a country show when...(the band has a pet squirrel onstage)!

First to Dave Rosen and those at Rozone Productions ( ) it was not another great was a Hot ass show! Good company, beautiful people, and awesome music...this is why we live in Austin, Texas. Hell Yeah! For those reading this somewhere else in the world, pack your fucking bags and come be a part of this, you will never want to leave!
John and The All Nighters opened for Dierks Bentley on this Saturday evening in Austin, Texas and really did a wonderful job. At first it looked like the crowd was a little light, but then John started to play and here we go! Not a whole lot of flash to John's set, but he did connect with the audience and set some of them a two steppin'. The sound made you feel good and was so easy to connect with. He even took a couple of moments to have fun with the band on stage, for the audience, introducing his slide guitar player and the pet squirrel that is kept in his shirt while he performs. Wow! I cant believe I saw it. It was absolutely hilarious and although all the girls in the audience gave the collective 'AWWWWWWW' when they saw it, they went right back to business. Really, how many times in a guys life can he pull out his furry friend onstage and have women completely love it!
Dierks Bentley ( ) came out onstage, no explosions, no crack of thunder, just the roar of the crowd. I was happy to be here and enjoy of piece of this (and apparently the crowd was more than happy themselves). Here is another musician that really feeds off the energy of his crowd!
The lights were fantastic, the music was thrilling, and the crowd was fun. Dierks had no bones about pointing out folks that were dancing along to his songs. All around me the crowd was dancing to the music...a little two stepping over there....some slow dancing over there (she was cute, but DAMN! her dude was UGLY LOL)! Dierks kept the audience as a part of the show the whole time! While sitting on the stage down in front he was having the girls there sing pieces of a chorus here and there. Talking to the folks that were sitting at the tables in back and celebrating with people dancing on the other side. Although choreography probably isn't the primary objective for a great country music performance, it absolutely makes a difference to the show. Especially done to the benefit of all those in attendance. It just makes you feel that it was worth it and that the band and performer wanted to do this just for you!

It was just a great night for everyone in attendance. Dierks Bentley and Rozone Productions know how to light up and heat up the Texas night sky. With a wonderful catalog of music to plow through, Dierks did this in grand fashion and left everyone happy to have been there. With so many people raising up their drinks and their voices, it was one kick ass night at the Nutty Brown Cafe ( ), deep in the heart of Texas. Can you imagine that I almost didn't go to this show (mijita)...'What was I thinkin?'