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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Your ass just left me a message!

Yes! Angel and I went to see All That Remains on Monday, as their roadshow passed thru Austin. Emos ) outside has evolved into a pretty fucking decent area for seeing some live music. As the Texas nights get cooler, I am sure the acts will get hotter and I cant wait for the next opportunity to see another show out here. I will DEFINITELY look forward to being down in front, center stage, for any number of bands that could perform in this tight little area.

So Angelina has had this band on her list for quiet awhile. I was very happy to get a last minute opportunity to check out the show with her. All That Remains ) is what Angel affectionately labels a 'Screamo' band. Whatever the label, it was fucking kick ass. I loved the lead singers casualness with the audience (and the fact that being from Massachusetts he actually had an appreciation for football - the national religion of Texas!) and the bass player scared the hell outta me when she started busting out the gutturals!! WHOA!

The audience was totally in sync and harmony with the band and were right on top of the vocals the whole show through. Between the deafening beats of the drums and the battling guitar riffs I was actually able to over hear two guys behind me proclaim how 'bad-ass the drummer is!' Ahhhh lets hear it for drum triggers, none the less, there is NO DOUBT it was great, the crowd was great and Angel had a nice little spot to see the band. Without any questions this set should have been 45 minutes longer and would have been just as fantastic and been more kick ass in leaving the audience out of breath. But alas, I think the lead singer was gonna melt from the humidity.

P.S. - On a really odd side note, I am telling a friend of mine about the show and off he goes rattling information about All That Remains and their ties with Killswitch engage. "WAIT A DAMN MINUTE!" Now I remember the voice and the lead singer. This is Phil who me and Angel saw back in March as the fill in lead singer for Killswitch Engage when we saw them and Devil Wears Prada at Stubb's.....DUH!!!
OH this kid is good...check them out, buy the album brutalize your ears it's worth it!

BTW, The title of the blog comes from Angelina's phone. While she was changing clothes on the way to the show she kept butt dialing me. After the second time her phone actually stayed connected long enough to go to my voice mail.