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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Soul and Rock n Roll

Live at the Saxon with my mijita! LZ Love has the soul, Ryan Harkrider will bring the rock n roll.

Saxon Pub ) is the home of rock, country, and blues in the heart of South Austin. What I really like about this place is that there really isn't a bad seat in the house. If you are sitting in the back room, there are CCTV's. If you are out side there is another CCTV with speakers to listen to the music from inside. Don't miss a beat between the puff puff.

LZ Love ) brings them out! Walking through the parking lot and seeing Malford Milligan and Natalie Zoe heading for the door was absolutely stunning. I will never get tired of seeing Austin musicians supporting Austin music. And once again this goes to prove that no matter where you are, or what you are doing...on stage or in the never really know who is listening and who is watching!

Onto the Love...This was a breathtaking, soul tugging performance. The house of blues must be cryin' without the Love. I do believe the joy of watching LZ perform for her own birthday party was orgasmic enough, but DAMN this was HOT!!! LZ milked every damn moment from her set time, and then some. She poured out her sweat, soul, and love to the audience. Her voice is soulful and full. Her presence is powerful and demanding. Motown has got a sister here in Austin. If you have an absolute affection for the blues and powerful soul music come see Ms LZ Love! After the show Lz was approached by Mariza and complimented on the performance. With the statement "I only wish there was a dance floor or more room to dance." LZ promptly replied "OH NO Darling, You make your dance floor wherever you're at.!" So when the music moves you, then just move to the music!

Ryan Harkrider ) very well could have had a tragedy on his hands following up a performance like that, BUT with his own special blend of music, the different vibe and feel made the set all his own. No comparisons necessary. Now this was a little different and special performance by Ryan as it was his fathers birthday AND he was debuting material from his upcoming sophomore album release. The new material is every bit as enchanting as the first album. With a little time and growth under his belt the few songs from the new album we got to hear are deeper without question. The fun and liveliness that the band plays the original hit songs is also wonderful. Ryan even had a special guest come up and join him on stage to perform one of his bigger songs. Although there was not a lot of talk from Ryan on this particular evening, maybe you will get the opportunity to see him soon, as he is an awesome and funny storyteller! I love the conversations he has with himself and the audience, it always makes it special, rare, and unique every single time! Keep up with his site for info and details on the upcoming album. 


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

They bum rushed the stage!!!!

Threadgills south ( ) is such an amazing location, not really downtown and not really NOT downtown. The outdoor stage area that hugs Riverside is pretty fuckin cool. Nice stage set up, a couple of little bars, absolutely perfect for a nice intimate performance from/for ANY artist! I didn't get to visit the inside or eat lunch this day (yup! my loss) as I was on a super tight schedule.

The focus of my attention was at 11 a.m., really, 11 a.m! So for a Saturday morning this early I could hear the crowd from the parking lot. With the featured artist on stage and completely flowing with the rhymes and his A M A Z I N G   DJ (Abe), it was an early morning party that was just to die for. Stepping into the lot I could see the crowd was on their feet. Everybody was moving and having a great time. I saw some buddies from another band that were out as well, enjoy the sounds.

There is absolute joy in hearing these rhymes with the music flowing underneath. It is like that comfort food that takes you back to your childhood...whether it be a PB&J, watermelon on a hot summers day, or hot dog with all the fixins...this is comfort food for your ears and your soul!

UNFORTUNATELY two songs in and the crowd bum rushed the stage. DUDE, I am tellin you, they were all over the stage, on the stairs, and even trying to snag the mic! It was chaos and pandemonium. BUT as the professional he is, with a call for everyone to sing a along, he took complete control again. So with a dozen extra bodies on stage, the show raged on.

Now with this happening on the stage you would have been surprised to see that the overwhelming majority of the crowd was just hanging out in their chairs or by the bar and just having a good time. You even had some folks laughing and applauding at the activity on the stage...oh well, all in a days work for the life a beloved musician.

This show, unfortunately, does not make regular stops here in Austin. It is Imperative that you make a point to visit the web site, check the dates, and in tow or not, it will be a very joyous occasion and celebration!

Yes I said 'kids in tow'. This is a performance by Big Don ). Look it up, find a show, and relive your youth!


Monday, April 18, 2011

They got Soul...for the 70's

A trip to the Nomad bar ( ) on a Sunday evening was quite nice. A little patio area on the side, the bar area is very cool and then another room in the front. Plenty of area to hang out and chill, drink a beer, do trivia, or listen to a band.

The Soul Pilots ( ) performed on this particular night. WOW! I just had a flashback to that 70's groove-a-licious sound. You know the sound I am talking about...the song that is playing in the background in that scene in the movie where the bad guy hero is right about to nail that hot ass, innocent sexy chick. Yup! That sound. So now I know what the soundtrack to being 'stoned immaculate' is like.

So here is another band that has multiple people sharing vocal duties. It does work out well here as they both have singular and distinct sounds and styles. It was all good because everyone on stage was having a blast. With songs like 'Electric Lover' (dedicated to your girlfriends battery operated lover) there are several tracks to pick and choose from to make your own favorite. The drummer has enough energy to hand out to everyone in the audience in bagfuls and still pound it out. AND I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYONE play the cowbell with more enthusiasm...Christopher Walken would be so proud he would cry. The keyboard/bass/guitar/vocalist (really....dude get a job!) ended the set on a song that totally had the whole place down in front and jumping and dancing, the crowd absolutely loved it. Really impressed with the sound of this song and going from the growl to the falsetto was a shock, a laugh, and great.

If I could find my damn camera I will upload some pics.


The Emotional Roller Coaster Tour?

So the end of SXSW there were the obligatory free shows at Auditorium Shores. I am not bitchin about the 'sell out' of SXSW. No complaints from me that it has lost the original intent for those small indie bands to get recognized and signed to a major label. Who cares about the commercialism and the success of the interactive portion, the film portion, or the flat stock...fuck, I live here and fuckin love it.

An Austin favorite and transplanted sons of the city, Blue October, headlined a free show with Bowling for Soup. Holy hell this was awesome.

Bowling for Soup ) Now I will admit that at first I didn't place the name with the music (shame on me), but neither did Angel, although she did completely acknowledge that she knew the voice...whatever! It seems that these guys are always visiting and playing somewhere in town. With comic timing and fart stories galore, the lead singer actually made it fun and entertaining to be in the heat of the 'dust bowl' that is Auditorium Shores. Completely entertaining to have the band laughing and having a good time onstage as well as being playful with the audience. Well worththe price of admission, LOL! They do the theme song to the GREATEST cartoon in the world...NO! not the one about the sponge, 'Phineas and Ferb'! It was actually quite awesome to see so many people young and old singing and dancing to a cartoon theme song. Then it was the big hit '1985', even more fun to hear everyone singing along with that!

Blue October  ( ) was just stunning. Going to this show with Angel was a great time, especially the day before her birthday, what a treat!. To top it off, enjoying the show with someone who knew the music of Blue October, but didn't realize who the band was until they heard/saw the music, very fun and exciting. The visions that Justin weaves with his voice and the music is breath taking. From the first time I saw Blue October, the many other shows I have seen by them, to the current incarnation, I will say that it really isn't a show for youngsters. Lyrically they are as real as life is harsh, no complaints just the truth. They may have the top 40 hits supporting they're younger fan base, but moms and dads, they perform it as viciously as it is/was to write and live for the band. The most recent leg of their tour will bring them back through Austin shortly (check the link) as an acoustic performance. Go and enjoy the beautiful bitter side of life.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

From a desert planet, Fought in the Desert

I don't get tired of telling you about the awesomeness of One2One ( ). Just believe me, the bar is bad ass, the deck is uber cool, the staff kicks ass (there is that one woman behind the bar that has handled stacks of barfly's without a hitch), and ...of course...the music is ALWAYS right on the money. A few greenbacks at the door gets you a good time, EVERY TIME!

Tell Gregg or Destinee you read about them here...won't get you shit for saying it, but I like the sound of that anyway. HA!

Fremen ) and Bobby Bookout ), both of these artists have been done here before. There is not a lot of new to say...just good to say.

Fremen have never sounded so polished, clean, and tight. Apparently time in the studio has polished up their chops like you wouldn't believe. I am not to sure about that AC/DC song that they use for one of the tracks live, but the song lyrically kicks ass. All over all these are some busy ass kats and you need to get out and see them. With different projects going on, the single moments in time that they perform together are worth catching.


Okay, now that is out of the way, lets talk about the music. I can't truthfully say "nothing different here", Bobby does an amazing Muddy Waters, his guitarist, Cale, is UN FUCKING BELIEVABLE! The whole experience is very, very much something you have to share with a date!!! Bobby may have been feeling under the weather this particular evening, but as a testament to his belief in the performance and the music, those in the audience would have never known had Bobby not told us. Sacrifice the pipes for a great performance, damn y'all just gotta get up off yer asses and go!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mo music at MoMo's

You really need to take an evening, choose the musical menu that suits your taste and then make your way up the side stairs to MoMo's ). You will have a great time. I still enjoy the deck with outside bar. The music carries well to the deck and the view is pretty damn good from just about any location out there.

Wheeler Brothers, Hudson Moore and Eagle Pritchard Murray Band (EPMB). Not really a country night, but a rockin evening for sure.

The Wheeler Brothers!/WheelerBros?sk=app_2405167945 ) have a definitive country/folk sound to their rockin set. All of the energy was felt by the crowd...and I am tellin you..that bass player had some serious energy. He played like he was onstage at the Grammy's. The bare feet were also quite a surprise and very much gave the audience the vibe of a care free good time. The opportunity to go check these guys out during the day, outside at a festival, would be a must for any Austin music fan or any music goer coming into town for a weekend event. The music was great and the crowd was totally and completely into it. My photographer had to really push through to get some decent pics. Actually for all the bands, the crowd was totally into the performances on this particular evening.

Hudson Moore ) This was my second time to enjoy a Hudson Moore performance. From then 'til now, there was a decided polish to the music. Less of a country feel but more of a country sound, yeah I know that sounds weird...whatever! I was there for his premier/inaugural performance months ago and with a ton of people onstage it was crazy. Crazy good, but crazy. It seems that Mr Moore has cored down the band slightly and put a tad bit more experience under their collective belts. With this change comes a tighter, cleaner sound. The band has meshed together as a single unit, you know it and feel it in the audience. The songs are easy to dance to and humm or sing with. I have recently been downtown (did SoCo for a First Thursday and that was a shitload of fun, but I will tell you that later) and there I beheld fliers for a Hudson Moore show. So go out, support local Austin music have fun, and kick up your heels with Hudson Moore.

Eagle Pritchard Murray Band ( ) wrapped the nite. After spending and evening with them while they were shooting their video for "Favorite Misery" ( ) a few weeks earlier, it was fantastic to hear their full catalog. Although they smile, laugh, and have a great time on stage they are very serious about the music and the performance. These guys entertain the crowd. It's energetic, it's soulful, and sometimes it's silly (if they dont play that Cee Lo Green song then forget you). Although I tried my damndest to get my darling Angel on the floor to dance with me, it was great fun to be there in the audience with EVERYONE singing, dancing, and just plain old acting like drunken fools to great music. No doubt the night would not be wasted if you make a plan to see EPMB.

A special thanks for Angel joining us to shoot the pictures (which you will see in a bit). To Kathryn the beer thief, you rock. Mijita, it is always wonderful with you hanging out and putting up with me.