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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Soul and Rock n Roll

Live at the Saxon with my mijita! LZ Love has the soul, Ryan Harkrider will bring the rock n roll.

Saxon Pub ) is the home of rock, country, and blues in the heart of South Austin. What I really like about this place is that there really isn't a bad seat in the house. If you are sitting in the back room, there are CCTV's. If you are out side there is another CCTV with speakers to listen to the music from inside. Don't miss a beat between the puff puff.

LZ Love ) brings them out! Walking through the parking lot and seeing Malford Milligan and Natalie Zoe heading for the door was absolutely stunning. I will never get tired of seeing Austin musicians supporting Austin music. And once again this goes to prove that no matter where you are, or what you are doing...on stage or in the never really know who is listening and who is watching!

Onto the Love...This was a breathtaking, soul tugging performance. The house of blues must be cryin' without the Love. I do believe the joy of watching LZ perform for her own birthday party was orgasmic enough, but DAMN this was HOT!!! LZ milked every damn moment from her set time, and then some. She poured out her sweat, soul, and love to the audience. Her voice is soulful and full. Her presence is powerful and demanding. Motown has got a sister here in Austin. If you have an absolute affection for the blues and powerful soul music come see Ms LZ Love! After the show Lz was approached by Mariza and complimented on the performance. With the statement "I only wish there was a dance floor or more room to dance." LZ promptly replied "OH NO Darling, You make your dance floor wherever you're at.!" So when the music moves you, then just move to the music!

Ryan Harkrider ) very well could have had a tragedy on his hands following up a performance like that, BUT with his own special blend of music, the different vibe and feel made the set all his own. No comparisons necessary. Now this was a little different and special performance by Ryan as it was his fathers birthday AND he was debuting material from his upcoming sophomore album release. The new material is every bit as enchanting as the first album. With a little time and growth under his belt the few songs from the new album we got to hear are deeper without question. The fun and liveliness that the band plays the original hit songs is also wonderful. Ryan even had a special guest come up and join him on stage to perform one of his bigger songs. Although there was not a lot of talk from Ryan on this particular evening, maybe you will get the opportunity to see him soon, as he is an awesome and funny storyteller! I love the conversations he has with himself and the audience, it always makes it special, rare, and unique every single time! Keep up with his site for info and details on the upcoming album.