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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Where the hell am I?

Really the wonderful, great thing about Austin is simply that...go downtown, go to a club/bar you've NEVER gone into before, and WHOA! have a good time.

The Ghost Room on 4th and Lavaca ( ) is a really nice place. Pool table just inside the door, comfy seating across from the table with a tv, a little deck out front, and a HUGE seating area outback. The stage is set off to one corner with plenty of room for dancing or sitting and enjoying the band.

Tonight, as coincidence would have it, was the CD release party for Hollywood Gossip ( ) so I was doubly blessed - new club and new music. This is definitely different than my normal fair and wish there was a young lady there that I would've tore it up with.

This is a kind of infectious groovy dance band (I am not talking about top 40 either, maybe B52's ish). Non-stop, for their whole set...very fun. They even did a great job of making it interactive with the audience with one of their more popular, fun songs (handing out confetti poppers - I am sure the bar was digging that later, HA!). In fact, so fun, that while I am standing there enjoying the music some hottie comes off the dance floor and decides to give me a big smack on the arse as she was heading to the bar. WOW! OK now I REALLY like this club, too bad she doesn't read this blog (sigh).

SO for something new and different one night hit The Ghost Room. For some fun and funky music that'll get your chick up and dancing (and be prepared yourself fool) check out Hollywood Gossip! Good times, great fun!


Friday, June 18, 2010

Knew there would be Nights Like This

A HOT Thursday night at Momo's ( ) was a really great musical evening in Austin. Would've been hotter to share it with someone, but I'll take this group on any weeknight for the fun and frivolity that they provide. Actually was able to catch 4 acts tonite (that's right, count'em FOUR bands, and 3 of them I haven't reviewed there William Harris, LOL).

Patrick Davis -  ( ) Singer and songwriter extrordinare! A man and his guitar (and apparently a huge fan of his right in front, because she sang every damn song as if it was her own, HA!). Patrick was very cool, nice country sound. As a performer he was top notch in talking to the audience and keeping us drawn into the music. As a songwriter he is top notch because he has several notable songs that have ended up on albums and/or radio play. Thanks Patrick for a nice start to a great night.

Meggan Carney - ( )Well this petite young woman has a hella good voice, plays a great acoustic set, and can mesmerize with some very old, classic music and the two piece behind her. Seemed to be a crowd favorite and had some folks get up and swing to her charms. Her talent and fans have apparently done her well as she will be making regular appearances at Momo's every Thursday in July. Go grab an amazing sandwich Downstairs then go to the top and enjoy a nice evening with some good music and a great voice! Even in the hot July heat, this would be so cool!

Jungleset - ( ) Hot Damn, this was completely different and amazing, very unexpected treat for the night. These guys (and girl - Meggan Carney pulling double duty and playing keyboard and doing vocals here after her set!) had so much energy it was crazy infectious. Just bad ass! You don't have to like my description, but I do this so you can picture it all in your head. So try this one on size for your noggin...
Remember the band No doubt (nope they don't sound like them)
Remember the song 'Don't Speak' (NO, they did not cover it)
Remember the video for that song (NO! they did not have it showing in the back ground), BUT in video it was a somewhat down tempo song (and a good one too, don't get me wrong). The video has several cut scenes where the band appears to be onstage live, rockin out, and thrashing around in slo-mo. THIS IS WHAT I WANT YOU TO PICTURE. Jungelset had that much energy and vigor on stage, regardless of the tempo of the song, they were having an absolute blast and you could feel it and see it.
Sadly they will be on hiatus for a couple of months as their drummer will be off doing his own thing. When they are back, check them out here, there, or anywhere.

Ryan Harkrider - ( ) one of his last local gigs before he jumps off to a Nor'easter tour supporting "Days Like This" album (much luck and love to ya, brother). Oh! and what fun it was (Dianna, sorry you missed it due to the hour, so I owe you one)! Tonite these guys were so very loose and yet amazingly tight at the same time. Ryan was doing his best at being a VH1 storyteller, Johhny Branch was keeping them in their seats ("Where the hell ya'll going...Katz's never Kloses!"), and Mothra was apparently trying to eat the keyboardist. We all had fun, the band was hot, the music was right on the money...Oh and the Lakers won!
Take the time and enjoy when you get the chance.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The party of the Year?

Dirty Dog ( ) on a Sunday night in the Heart of Austin, Texas, U.S.A. The end of the R.O.T. rally, and obviously the beginning of of something new for Bobby Bookout ( ).

So after approx two years (give or take) I saw this kid open for MC Overlord ( ) at the Dirty Dog on a Thursday night. Enamoured by his performance then, stunned now, it was Bobby Bookout.
Ovey did do a knockout job, best GD performance from him and the boys I have seen in years. They really did have fun onstage this night, even did a track I don't believe I've heard him do before.

Fast forward and this is why MC Overlord is not the godfather of Live Austin Hip-Hop music, but the pimp daddy of all that is hot and new in Austin. He paid if forward and opened for Bobby Bookout on his night of nights.

The debut CD dropped on this night (Sunday, June 13th, 2010) and although I have been to the Dog on many occasions (even on Overlords CD release party) this crowd was un-effin-believable. I did my part and invited some friends, and they were absolutely blown away by Bobby's performance (looks like you have some new fans Bobby).

See, I tell all of you about these guys, and do ya'll listen... SO, for those in attendance, THANKS, it is appreciated by all! I won't bore you with talk of the show, it was what it was and everyone in attendance knows and enjoyed. The crowd was stellar, lots of local talent supporting like always, the women were beautiful (Gianna was in the house). The guys were all pimpin the hats (happy I wore my new top...although it looked WAYYYYY better on Matt Slagels gf - HOT).

This was really a great time and fun for all. We even snuck away for a few minutes to go visit the Aimless Gun boys down the street (sorry Bobby), which was fun in itself and I think much appreciated by them. (Thanks for the shout out Cody - you guys got some new fans as well from my entourage [Mike and Steve]).

My hope is that I write this shit, and you read it, dig it, and can picture it in your head. If you were there I hope you remember it and/or see it from someone else's perspective, if you weren't I hope you can picture it in your head and wish you had been there.

My friend from The Fremen, William Harris, did a good job busting my balls in reference to writing about the same bands over and over again. Yes, I know, and do you know how hard it is to make it fun and interesting every time I do this. Ehhh, I love it anyway! Thanks for checking me on that William. I do plan on hitting up some new stuff. So all be prepared and be forewarned, gonna try and take this to the next level.

All of your help is asked and appreciated. Forward this link to someone, on your bands page (under media - tour - band info, fuckin whatever), post it on your FB or MyspaceMusic.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

The kids are alright!

A Tuesday night at the Saxon Pub ) with Monte Montgomery ( ) and Aimless Gun ( ) and it was Casey's Birthday (Happy 23rd).

Now, as sad as this is, I did not actually go inside to see Monte ( money sucks), but it was still amazing sitting out front chillin and listening to him live. I never questioned the talent or skill (who the hell would I be to do that anyway, HA), but there is NOTHING but awe to hear him live! Mr Montgomery, I will save an entire blog for you when I am again provided the priviledge.

Well, as for my boys in Aimless Gun, a long hot sunny day on the San Marcos river celebrating Casey's birthday, and a hot night at The Saxon.

I still stay impressed with them everytime I see them. Whether it is the growth of them and their stage presence (more confidence and playfullness with the audience each time) or their professionalism in handling the bumps.

The bumps huh? While loading in for tonight, the horror of horrors for a drummer (besides no sticks) the bass drum hoop busted on the pedal side (AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!). While Shea (their manager) and Casey furiously worked at a temp repair, the band loaded in for their midnight performance.
All said and done, not only must the show go on, but it went on nicely. The crowd was a small, select lucky few, but this didn't stop them from performing, entertaining, and being professionals.

...and then the big man walked in...only catching the last song of their set, but egging from the audience brought on one more special song that I was very pleased and surprised to hear. Dedicated to Overlord, Cody (making us "promise to shake it like a polaroid picture") had the band perform "Hey Ya!". I know this song and so do all of you, but this spin was so unique, so Austin, and so owned by Aimless Gun.

When you finally get to a show, dont be scared to tell them to "shake it like a polaroid picture" and be prepared to be amazed and have fun.


Monday, June 7, 2010

The music did Free Flow tonight

I just went to this performance Saturday (06/05/10) back at the One2One ( ). There to see my faithful friends and performers, Michael Dillard and Aimless Gun.

If you missed my first blog about Aimless, go back and check it out. By now, if you haven't partaken in their sweet and fun sound, you're not a friend of the band, you're just a fan! HAHAHAHAAH! Sadly if you hoover around and are generally creepy, you're not a friend or a are a STALKER (hey, I write for these guys so back off, HA!).

Free Flow - opened with two acoustics on a pretty rockin new song they profess to have only written about a week before, sweet! And I will say these two young men can make these acoustics talk to each other like nobodies business, it was harmonic, heh! Give it a little shake of Santana, some Latin influence. These boys definitely need a crowd so they can kick it right. You gotta 'get up, stand up' when they do some...yes of course... Bob Marley. Oh and then they stopped the acoustic and kicked it up a notch with the rest of the band joining them onstage. You guys gotta go see them and be part of the crowd. Free Flow does it fun!

AND THEN  MC Overlord walked in, I've said it before, Like Jesus stepped into the One2One. Everyone has to say hi, touch him, and be near him. I know better and get outta the way before I end up at the bottom of the stampede (Love ya Ovey!).

Micheal Dillard - once again Mike did it nicely. I will give you the example of what you are missing. My son and daughter get to go to Corpus to hang out for several weeks/whole summer [sniff sniff, teardrop]. When I told my daughter that I was going to see and hang out with Dillard and Aimless Gun, let me tell you there is nothing on this earth that is more powerful than the shriek of a 14 yr old girl who doesn't get to see these guys.
"Dad I don't want to go now!" WTF! Love you my baby girl but I promise that I will get you in very soon.
So to pacify her, I shot a crappy ass, noisy video of Mike doing 'Crazy' by Gnarls Barkley (yes, Micheal Dillard owns this and makes it his own)! Maybe if you are lucky I'll edit it and post on YouTube with the rest of my bootleg video collection.

And now to Aimless Gun. As fun as always. These guys are DEFINITELY getting better on stage and more comfortable on stage. It shows in the smiles and you hear it in the sound. BTW it is about to be too late to catch them cause I hear that there may be a tour getting ready to happen.


Again, nice to see local Austin talent showing up to support local Austin talent (thanks EPMB)!


I felt all Tingle(y) inside

Here we are at the One2One ( ) and it's Lisa Tingle (OMG) followed up by Eagle Pritchard Murray Band.

Lisa Tingle ( )- I got to finally see this Austin icon, and righteously so. Smooth, mellow, soulful, and fun. Definitely made my toes tingle (ha! Yes Sir, I said it!). I didn't realize that I was gonna have the honor and privilege of hearing Lisa on this particular evening until I showed up. Thanks to MC Overlord for once again directing me to the right direction. You can not identify Lisa for anything other than her amazing music and voice. Go see her anywhere in town on ANY day of the week. That would be a show you would never regret going to.
Lisa was able to stop the folks outside and draw a crowd...OUTSIDE!

Eagle Pritchard Murray Band (hey guys did I get it right this time, lol) . Second time seeing these guys since Earth Day, and it was all my pleasure. You know sometimes I get aggravated with my self at not being able to accurately describe a band or explain to you how badly you have got to go check someone out when you get a chance. BUT THAT'S OK! Some Mo Town, some southern rock, a little jazz, and a whole hell of a lot of heart and soul...and there ya go!
I don't mind repeating myself once again, but this is as pretty damn close to musical genius as you can get. This is a great set of guys who know how to perform and put on a great show. Moving their feet to the rhythm and not knowing when to stop having a good time should be a trademark to these guys. I do believe that I got a tad bit of info about a regular weekly gig these gentleman will start doing in JUNE. I will keep you posted with the info when the details are confirmed.


Better late, than never again!!!

First of all, Fuck off, HA! Been a long time since I posted, Hope you missed me, hope you want something new and fun. If're still here.

So this was an Emos ( show May 14th.

Hot Trails To Hell, Women In Prison, World Burns To Death (my personal favorite), and The Krum Bums.

Hot Trails to Hell - These guys so kicked ass. I wouldn't classify them as Punk, so shot me. Had a Black Sabbath sound and a little something else. The tuned down chords were effing AWESOME, that great old school, Heavy, Dark sound especially with the vocals. Yes, the kids down in front were DEFINITELY enjoying the gig. You know, I think the "something else" in their music may be something akin to White Zombie. HEY! It's my blog dammit! I liked it, you'll dig it (could have been the hot chick on bass).

Women In Prison - what fun. They set up on the floor IN FRONT OF THE STAGE! Oh happiness and joy to all those in attendance, down in the fuckin trenches. this was just some good old fashioned punk...grind, static, yelling, and indistinguishable lyrics. AAAHHHHHHHH fuck yeah! Now EVERYBODY was alive and cheering. It was such a good set that some chicks started fighting, one even knocked of the others stripper heels, hehehehehe! Friday night at Emo's.

WBTD - Damn near a year. They destroyed us ALL, with the shit they cut their teeth on, (Turks, Flowers) the tracks we never thought we would hear them play again live! My God, how much can you miss intelligent punk. Chord changes, tempo changes, the powerful beat (D-Beat, Jon, hmmmm), and the greatest story telling punk lyrics in approx two minutes better than ANYONE can do!

Krum Bums - Bunch of dirty cochino bastards and having fun . The lead singer was wearing someone else's dirty underwear over his clothes to start the show, Oh Hell Yeah, what fun! This is what everybody showed up for. the whole audience was moving and thrashing right from the beginning. This is definitely some crazy punk shit, even the vocals were down in front thrashing around like the rest of us.

Awesome show! Next time take it, DON'T LEAVE IT!