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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The party of the Year?

Dirty Dog ( ) on a Sunday night in the Heart of Austin, Texas, U.S.A. The end of the R.O.T. rally, and obviously the beginning of of something new for Bobby Bookout ( ).

So after approx two years (give or take) I saw this kid open for MC Overlord ( ) at the Dirty Dog on a Thursday night. Enamoured by his performance then, stunned now, it was Bobby Bookout.
Ovey did do a knockout job, best GD performance from him and the boys I have seen in years. They really did have fun onstage this night, even did a track I don't believe I've heard him do before.

Fast forward and this is why MC Overlord is not the godfather of Live Austin Hip-Hop music, but the pimp daddy of all that is hot and new in Austin. He paid if forward and opened for Bobby Bookout on his night of nights.

The debut CD dropped on this night (Sunday, June 13th, 2010) and although I have been to the Dog on many occasions (even on Overlords CD release party) this crowd was un-effin-believable. I did my part and invited some friends, and they were absolutely blown away by Bobby's performance (looks like you have some new fans Bobby).

See, I tell all of you about these guys, and do ya'll listen... SO, for those in attendance, THANKS, it is appreciated by all! I won't bore you with talk of the show, it was what it was and everyone in attendance knows and enjoyed. The crowd was stellar, lots of local talent supporting like always, the women were beautiful (Gianna was in the house). The guys were all pimpin the hats (happy I wore my new top...although it looked WAYYYYY better on Matt Slagels gf - HOT).

This was really a great time and fun for all. We even snuck away for a few minutes to go visit the Aimless Gun boys down the street (sorry Bobby), which was fun in itself and I think much appreciated by them. (Thanks for the shout out Cody - you guys got some new fans as well from my entourage [Mike and Steve]).

My hope is that I write this shit, and you read it, dig it, and can picture it in your head. If you were there I hope you remember it and/or see it from someone else's perspective, if you weren't I hope you can picture it in your head and wish you had been there.

My friend from The Fremen, William Harris, did a good job busting my balls in reference to writing about the same bands over and over again. Yes, I know, and do you know how hard it is to make it fun and interesting every time I do this. Ehhh, I love it anyway! Thanks for checking me on that William. I do plan on hitting up some new stuff. So all be prepared and be forewarned, gonna try and take this to the next level.

All of your help is asked and appreciated. Forward this link to someone, on your bands page (under media - tour - band info, fuckin whatever), post it on your FB or MyspaceMusic.