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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Where the hell am I?

Really the wonderful, great thing about Austin is simply that...go downtown, go to a club/bar you've NEVER gone into before, and WHOA! have a good time.

The Ghost Room on 4th and Lavaca ( ) is a really nice place. Pool table just inside the door, comfy seating across from the table with a tv, a little deck out front, and a HUGE seating area outback. The stage is set off to one corner with plenty of room for dancing or sitting and enjoying the band.

Tonight, as coincidence would have it, was the CD release party for Hollywood Gossip ( ) so I was doubly blessed - new club and new music. This is definitely different than my normal fair and wish there was a young lady there that I would've tore it up with.

This is a kind of infectious groovy dance band (I am not talking about top 40 either, maybe B52's ish). Non-stop, for their whole set...very fun. They even did a great job of making it interactive with the audience with one of their more popular, fun songs (handing out confetti poppers - I am sure the bar was digging that later, HA!). In fact, so fun, that while I am standing there enjoying the music some hottie comes off the dance floor and decides to give me a big smack on the arse as she was heading to the bar. WOW! OK now I REALLY like this club, too bad she doesn't read this blog (sigh).

SO for something new and different one night hit The Ghost Room. For some fun and funky music that'll get your chick up and dancing (and be prepared yourself fool) check out Hollywood Gossip! Good times, great fun!