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Monday, June 7, 2010

Better late, than never again!!!

First of all, Fuck off, HA! Been a long time since I posted, Hope you missed me, hope you want something new and fun. If're still here.

So this was an Emos ( show May 14th.

Hot Trails To Hell, Women In Prison, World Burns To Death (my personal favorite), and The Krum Bums.

Hot Trails to Hell - These guys so kicked ass. I wouldn't classify them as Punk, so shot me. Had a Black Sabbath sound and a little something else. The tuned down chords were effing AWESOME, that great old school, Heavy, Dark sound especially with the vocals. Yes, the kids down in front were DEFINITELY enjoying the gig. You know, I think the "something else" in their music may be something akin to White Zombie. HEY! It's my blog dammit! I liked it, you'll dig it (could have been the hot chick on bass).

Women In Prison - what fun. They set up on the floor IN FRONT OF THE STAGE! Oh happiness and joy to all those in attendance, down in the fuckin trenches. this was just some good old fashioned punk...grind, static, yelling, and indistinguishable lyrics. AAAHHHHHHHH fuck yeah! Now EVERYBODY was alive and cheering. It was such a good set that some chicks started fighting, one even knocked of the others stripper heels, hehehehehe! Friday night at Emo's.

WBTD - Damn near a year. They destroyed us ALL, with the shit they cut their teeth on, (Turks, Flowers) the tracks we never thought we would hear them play again live! My God, how much can you miss intelligent punk. Chord changes, tempo changes, the powerful beat (D-Beat, Jon, hmmmm), and the greatest story telling punk lyrics in approx two minutes better than ANYONE can do!

Krum Bums - Bunch of dirty cochino bastards and having fun . The lead singer was wearing someone else's dirty underwear over his clothes to start the show, Oh Hell Yeah, what fun! This is what everybody showed up for. the whole audience was moving and thrashing right from the beginning. This is definitely some crazy punk shit, even the vocals were down in front thrashing around like the rest of us.

Awesome show! Next time take it, DON'T LEAVE IT!