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Monday, June 7, 2010

I felt all Tingle(y) inside

Here we are at the One2One ( ) and it's Lisa Tingle (OMG) followed up by Eagle Pritchard Murray Band.

Lisa Tingle ( )- I got to finally see this Austin icon, and righteously so. Smooth, mellow, soulful, and fun. Definitely made my toes tingle (ha! Yes Sir, I said it!). I didn't realize that I was gonna have the honor and privilege of hearing Lisa on this particular evening until I showed up. Thanks to MC Overlord for once again directing me to the right direction. You can not identify Lisa for anything other than her amazing music and voice. Go see her anywhere in town on ANY day of the week. That would be a show you would never regret going to.
Lisa was able to stop the folks outside and draw a crowd...OUTSIDE!

Eagle Pritchard Murray Band (hey guys did I get it right this time, lol) . Second time seeing these guys since Earth Day, and it was all my pleasure. You know sometimes I get aggravated with my self at not being able to accurately describe a band or explain to you how badly you have got to go check someone out when you get a chance. BUT THAT'S OK! Some Mo Town, some southern rock, a little jazz, and a whole hell of a lot of heart and soul...and there ya go!
I don't mind repeating myself once again, but this is as pretty damn close to musical genius as you can get. This is a great set of guys who know how to perform and put on a great show. Moving their feet to the rhythm and not knowing when to stop having a good time should be a trademark to these guys. I do believe that I got a tad bit of info about a regular weekly gig these gentleman will start doing in JUNE. I will keep you posted with the info when the details are confirmed.