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Saturday, June 18, 2016

A shot of Whiskey

This post will be slightly different in the fact that I will not discuss or promote the venue.

AJ Vallejo.... Now this is someone I will discuss and promote. This guy is amazing and a treasure that the city of Austin should be proud of. Along with his two brothers they form the core of the Vallejo Music Group. With his hands in virtually every project in the city of Austin, you could venture to say he, and his band of brothers (blood and otherwise) in this town. Yes that is a bold statement. I know it. But just step back and look at that VMG Studios stamp... on everything. Even his own music projects are varied and pretty amazing. 

Of course there is the one and only Vallejo. How about Southtown. Then there is Love and Chaos and the wild Dead Love Club. But today I will tell you about...

AJ and The Whiskey Rebellion ( This is a rock/country hybrid of sorts. If you have ever seen AJ in any of his incarnations you already know. If not, let me illuminate.

AJ is a guitar playing, singing his ass off, climbing on everything, wild man of a front man. If you want all the energy of a contained nuclear explosion and all the fun of the happiest place on earth, you've got AJ.

Any performance is an experience and AJ and The Whiskey Rebellion is just that. It's that fun, loud, crowd singing along, stomping feet, hand clapping good time. With his longtime compadre and brother on the six string, Bruce,  it is really an adventure in music and entertainment. AJ and The Whiskey Rebellion is for everyone rock and country music lovers alike.

This is the good shit and everyone in the club had their beers up on command. Worth every minute of your time and worth the couple of bucks at the door any time you get a chance.