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Sunday, March 23, 2014

10 yrs After

10 yrs after, From down town to south town. The One2One has slowly and with great strength and determination, ingrained itself in Austin's music scene. One of the definitive places that local musicians have found themselves desiring to play. For the exceptionally well designed sound system to the fairest, most performer oriented treatment that can be found anywhere since the great days of The Steamboat.To have the One2One on your professional resume as a place that you have played is becoming a great thing.

The evolution of a sound system, a 'don't fuck around sound man, and management team really does put this as a place to be. If you are a fan of great local music and music that sounds great, here you are. I have posted over 200 performance reviews/blog posts and more than 20 of those were written while I was sitting around and enjoying the music at the One2One. I have also had the pleasure of enjoying well over 20 different bands and performances also. From Mother's Day fundraisers, CD release parties, and video shoots the One2One is definitely well on it's way to ingraining itself in the music history of Austin, alongside, Antones, the Black Cat, and (of course) The Steamboat!

Destinee and Gregg Ware's story starts some years back, with the roots of the One2One being based out of Gregg's many trips to the Steamboat to check out the music and the club. Danny Crooks told me "I remember Gregg coming in to the Steamboat, standing around listening to the bands."

Come Christmas of 2003, after months of waiting for their chance to "open a neighborhood bar" Gregg told me, the opportunity finally rang. Gregg and Destinee were on their way with their new place at 121 E 5th St. "Never really intending the bar to be a music venue," Gregg tells me "it just kind of happened." From the small space that was originally purchased, a small stage was put in one corner. No roof top deck was intended (y'all remember that right?) and then the space next door opened up. Now we have stairs to the top, then "I started getting calls from some friends and musicians that wanted to play our place" Gregg confessed. Expanding the stage across the entire back wall and building the deck on only seemed logical and was loved and embraced by everyone.

So roughly 8 years down town and this is one of the best summaries of what you get from Gregg and Destinee and the original location of the One2One. From my good friend and fellow lover of all that is good and bad about the Austin music scene, Dave Prewitt a.k.a. Dave TeeVee' " I met Christopher Cross there. He played with Extreme Heat. (I've) watched Johnny Goudie do a really personalized set (I) saw a Johnny Law reunion." No doubt there are tons of stories and experiences from the thousands that have walked through their doors and taken a seat for some great music.

I was amazingly lucky enough to have a conversation with Danny Crooks. Among some of the pieces
of information he told me "I heard about this place that was keeping the Steamboat tradition alive. It seemed that he copied some of the things I did that were good. [The One2One is] one of the few places that honors and respects the musicians and bands the way he [Gregg] does. It is a music club! Not jazz or blues, not rock, it is a music club."

Even the performers themselves have the world to say about the One2One. From Patrice Pike of Sister 7 fame and the Patrice Pike Band "Gregg and Destinee Ware are amazing, hard working, REAL music fans. The Patrice Pike Band and Sister 7 are stoked to play there." From James Speer "I feel proud to know Gregg. He's doing his best in and against the current battle to keep a legitimate live music venue open in Austin, Texas, where I feel many have abandoned the idea of live music in the Live Music Capital of the world."

The time came for Gregg and Destinee to close the doors on 5th St and move on to something bigger, better, and newer. There search was not easy for the couple. First choice comes and goes, then the S. Lamar location raises it's head, the heavens open up, the Angel's.....okay, not that dramatic. Gregg was excited to have the pick of the litter, so to speak, with the new location from the old Slick Willy's pool hall. As I spoke to Gregg, it was very obvious that building Destinee and his dream from the ground up made him very happy. "Putting the stage in first and then building the rest around it", Gregg told me, allowed him to create a venue for his true vision of a place for Austin music.

For more than 20 trips to the 121 and the One2One, dozens of bands, and memories that will go on. To a place that should firmly root itself in Austin's live music psyche and history. Danny Crooks provided one of the ultimate compliments,"They are doing everything they way you are supposed to do it! Reminds me a whole lot of the Steamboat."

And Gregg's grand thought or vision "I want a band to get signed out of my club."

What do I leave you with, hundreds of blogs, lots of time at the One2One, and a joy for the purity of honoring the music and musicians of Austin, Tx.

I am not biased, I know where the hell the best of Austin live music lives and breathes!

Happy Anniversary and 10 more years to ya!


Friday, March 7, 2014

Spin this

Spinners Live and Spinners Bar & Grill ( is located on the IH 35 sb access road, just south of Wells Branch Pkwy. The bar and grill has an outside patio and inside has a small stage for a DJ. The whole bar has a lot of wood and definitely has that feel of a good ole country bar. Just that style. They do have a menu, but I didn't order from it this evening.

On the other side, right next door, is Spinners Live. The entry way is set up well, for checking id or collecting cover, and then you step into the venue. A decent size room, long bar to the left, stage on the front wall next to the entrance. To the back are some hi top tables and the bathrooms. The space closest to the stage has some alternative seating (a couple of chairs and sofas).

The bar staff, security, and even the manager are all very cool and approachable. Only heads up here is staffing on a busy night, but with the couple of cute bartenders, they did a good job of keeping up.

The first group onstage was TRZAN of Hustle Hard Mobb ( With hard hitting vocals and a back and forth between Trzan and his nephew, it was what you would want and expect for your fix of rap from the 'Citaay'. The surprise here were the special guests. Mixing up the vocals with the female guests was pretty bad ass. I will say I have never been a fan of so many DAMN people on stage you can't tell what's going on, BUT if that adds to the energy and excitement for you...check them out!

I don't always miss bands and sets, but this night I had to step out on the second act on stage. Having to wait outside with paparazzi for the main event, star attraction, special guest to show up, ate up an hour of time. Sorry guys, hit me up for your next show.

This night was for Smackola of the Dirty Wormz and special guest, the One and only Roy Jones Jr. Roy Jones Jr was special guest as we were all celebrating the release of Smackola's video 'Shattered Stone'. The new video features Roy Jones Jr as the male lead, check it out here (

Props to the staff at Spinners for handling the grand entrance of Roy Jones Jr and Smackola in a very cool manner, literally. A walk through the bar and grill, lots of photos, and then sneaking the stars of the night into the club via a walk through, very cool!

This was my first opportunity to see the solo project of Smackola. Onstage, with special guest Mr Swift and DJ Crash, Smackola leaves his blood, sweat, tears, and even bares his soul for your entertainment. It is powerful, intense, exciting, and absolutely NON STOP! It seems crazy that this man is not a rap demi God. Whether you are into rock or rap, it is undeniable that Smackola (with or without the Wormz as a whole) is definitely 'Top of the Food Chain'.

There is also something to be said for the artist/musician/performer who has the balls to get down off the stage and down in the pit with the fans.

Ending the night with some words from Smackola about his 15 year friendship with Roy Jones Jr was nice. It was AWESOME hearing from Roy Jones Jr and his take on Smackola and his graciousness toward Austin for making it a memorable night. All in attendance were treated to a performance by Roy with Smackola. Check out a video clip for part of that here (

All said and done, this night proves that there is always a great place to hang out and ALWAYS great music to find!