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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Sunday, Bloody....Mary?

Kicking it at The Moontower Saloon ( in far, south Austin. For those who don't know it's like this.

First - It is 21 and up.

Second - Moontower Saloon is located just off of Slaughter Ln in south Austin, Texas. I think they even had themselves incorporated and renamed that spot of land Awesome, Texas! Whatever they call it, you should go visit. Visible from the road with a single long driveway leading into the venue/park/facility. There is ridiculously ample parking in several lots behind Moontower. You really never have to worry about parking, or leaving it overnight. The staff and management is very considerate when it comes down to the safety of all.

As for the bar/venue - It is a very small house with a moderate sized bar, restrooms, a few tables, and a pool table. Step out of the bar onto the gorgeous covered deck that has plenty of seating and another bar. Stepping out from the deck into the yard reveals a small, but nice stage, attached to the back of the bar and a HUGE seating area. Rows of tables, fire pits, and a satellite deck with more seating, flow outward. Farther away from the stage, moving away from the bar towards the street, you find a play area with games such as washers, corn hole, and horseshoes. There is also another nice pair of restrooms out there. Off to the side of the bar and behind the facility are a couple of very nice, sand volleyball courts. For all it is worth, this is your day drinking, fun with friends, night time, hang out spot to end them all!

On Sunday the 21 and up is lifted during the early afternoon hours. This is great for those that want to enjoy the company of friends and family in a social environment. Maybe watch some football...and maybe enjoy the amazing Bloody Mary bar! This thing was awesome!
Get your glass of Tito's and scoot up to extavagant, fix it any way you want it-season it-spice it-dress it-load it, Bloody Mary bar that can't be topped this side of Las Vegas! You have to see it to believe it.

Now, even though I was in awe of the Bloody Mary bar and enjoying myself with that, there was also music. Lucky for us the musical portion started around 4pm. Very important as kids are exiled at 6pm.

Carson Alexander ( and Jarrod Johnson ( provided the musical entertainment on this particularly beautiful Sunday afternoon. Now from what I understand, these two fellows are not actually a duet and they did not play as such, but their individual distinctiveness kept it fresh the whole time we listened.

Each would alternate singing a song and the other would play rhythm or solo. The different voices played well. Jarrod was definitely the more country of the two. Playing and singing more of the country that is loved and not the "Bro/pop" country that is haunting the radio. Carson, on the other hand, sounded like he had the full choir behind him with his harmonizer. Playing tunes that were a little more Americana, Carson had an edgier sound to him.

For everyone gathering around the fire pits, enjoying their drinks, it proved to be the perfect background music to an stellar day. The conversation flowed beautifully among strangers and the music kept everyone smiling.

Cheers to a Bloody Mary the next Sunday, and hope I see you there.