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Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learn

The new full length album from 'The Roosevelts'. This is a Nashville group with their feet firmly planted in that Americana sound. 

On the first track, and throughout the album you hear the amazing harmonies between lead singer/rhythm guitar player, James Mason, and lead guitar/mandolin wizard, Jason Kloess.

'The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learn' is a wonderful and fun story telling of love,  love lost,  and whiskey. From the fun, up tempo hit song 'This is Life' to the longing and forlorn track 'Ashes', James and Jason simply weave a tapestry of some truly sing along songs on this 35 minute journey.

'Tell only lies' is it that fearful track of a one night stand? Only to be followed with the spirited and lustful track 'Belly of the beast'. The entire story laid out before your ears is only capped off by the tongue and cheek track 'Peaches'. What a great and danceable track,  begging you to enjoy that fruit everyone always seems captivated by. Just grab your honey,  pull them close and tell them to give it to you...Baby!

'Runaround' has that pop sound you would swear you heard on the radio before. In all, I leave to you several other well written and gracious tracks to explore for yourself.

This album, by The Roosevelts, is that beautiful spring day or fall evening soundtrack to our lives. 'The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learn' is the sit around the fire pit with your friends, and toast to the wonderfulness of life type of album.

Available online everywhere April 2016.


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

hitting it like a puff

SXSW2016 has come and gone. I managed to walk a marathon (legit 26 miles) in the 3 days from Thurs to Sat during the music portion. Still marched my ass off prior to this, but still!

Hailing from New Jersey, Wyland ( was a very cool and worthwhile surprise. Performing at the Big Bang Bar on 6th St. I stumbled upon them while waiting for another band to perform at a different venue. The great thing is they had fans here in Austin that were super excited to see them. So watching a new band with a crowd that is excited to see them makes it really fun.

Where as I hate throwing out my opinion of what a band sounded like to me, it seems like it is mandatory in this situation. So you can picture them in your mind and and determine whether or not you would like to find them, here we go. Wyland, ABSOLUTELY reminded me of Coldplay, in the best possible way. The vocals, the guitars, and the keys. It was not just good, it was pretty damn good. With a crowd of adoring, cheering fans, it was easy to get pulled into their sound. I enjoyed hanging out and listening. If if you like that pop, rock, synth sound, find Wyland on the 'net or on tour.

Stephen Castillo ( was the next performer I saw, at Touche, right next door. Just a man and his guitar entertaining quite a large crowd. I am not certain if he was part of the RedGuerilla Music Showcase or not, but there he was! Playing some Americana style originals. A little bit country, some back roads, and Johnny Cash, is what Stephen Castillo reminded me of. Not the deep rumbling sound of Johnny, but the story telling and guitar playing while talking to the crowd in his sing song voice. This was very cool! I loved Stephen Castillo and with a bar full of people the applause was right! The fact that he is located in Austin is even better. This gives me the chance to see him again without the insanity of CrazyXCrazy2016. I look forward to catching him again and let me know you heard about him hear when we see each other out!

Lets jump to the last artist I will chat about here. This was my mind blowing experience of the entire week. SIRSY ( was my mind OH MY GOD and WOW! moment. On this particular evening, while hanging out with the one and only Dave Prewitt of DaveTV ( fame, while waiting for another particular band on his hit list, we wandered in to see this duo! OH! MY GOD! This is EXACTLY what the heart and spirit of SXSW has always been about. That unknown artist, at a free to walk in, venue. Pouring their souls, out and rocking the shit outta the crowd, was SIRSY...phenomenal! Even on a simple Instagram picture, I had had someone looking them up, contacting me, and telling me they were planning on catching them at their final SXSW2016 performance.

My first impression was hearing them before I saw them. The music sounded good and rocking, I heard the vocals and looked at Dave and sighed "girlie vocals...lets check this out." The music brought us in. Their performance had us scrambling to grab our cameras and record the moment like this was the end of it all. SIRSY is NOT simply a two piece, they are a head scratching, WOW! Dave even surmised at the beginning of a shock and awe moment, they were running a bass track behind them.

Oh no! Just check this out. The guitar player is flawless and raw. Clean enough to be enjoyed, and just edgy enough to make you grin. The lead singer/drummer/bass player was stunning. With a great voice and an even better smile, the drummer is the center of attention, as she should be. Singing and playing drums has always been an impressive task. Now throw in the drum machine for the bass tracks and work that AT THE SAME TIME...DAMN! This is the complete package in a fun sized, rock and roll, smiling laughing, have a good goddamn time with your friends, band!

Thrilled to think the next time they are hear, i can go see them on purpose and take my wife for a performance to die for!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Lordship has spoken

One 2 One ( plays host to many fine bands from the Austin area. On any given night go spend a couple of bucks, support live and local and have your mind blown by the selection of bands, the variety of music, and the insane amount of talent under one roof.

This particular night is always the preamble to the South By Southwest festivities. The Lordship Entertainment Showcase. A ridiculous low price, way to many bad ass bands, and the perfect amount of music lovers mashed together.

First up, The Soap Boxers ( These guys prove that in no way is being first in the lineup, a bad position. This started the evening off perfectly. A little bit of soulful rock n roll, mixed with some Americana, and shaken and stirred with who-knows-what-the-fuck. The Soap Boxers are one of those bands that surprise you and then take you by storm. With the mysterious vocals of the keyboard player, to the heartfelt story telling behind the lead guitar, The Soap Boxers are worth every penny at the door or in their tip jar. The theme of women running throughout The Soap Boxers set list was only muted by their rousing final song that had some folks dancing on the floor. No doubt another great Austin band that you could stumble upon and be happy you did.

Next was the 80H Project ( Here is a band that proves it DOES run in the blood. With guitarist and vocalist Ady Hernandez leading this band of all stars, it is a non stop rhythmic adventure when this troupe is on stage. Special lead vocals by Curtis Lee, puts the shine on the diamond that makes you wonder why you didn't pay more at the door. A fusion of rock, Latin, and rhythm and blues brings the dancers to the floor. The 80H Project is the band you look for on the bill, on any given evening, if you want to get the fun out of the funk!

Making another appearance in the blog within a week is Sundown Revelry ( Can't say enough about the rock and roll these guys drop on you. I said it in a photo on Instagram, but will joyously repeat again here for the masses...Robert Plant and Jimmy Paige's love child makes up the front man of Sundown Revelry. The gritty, but shinning vocals and destructive guitar chords, puts J. Ellington right where he stage, spot light. Sundown Revelry is the full package for that rock and roll sound that you thought was gone. Edgy, but still beautiful and clean. Polished and stunning. Sundown Revelry, with every component onstage, lit this particular night on fire. Catch them if you can.

I have preached and talked about the joys of the sound of Michael Dillards voice. This is probably on of the most surprising acts you would get to see on any given night in Austin. The Michael Dillard Band ( has been hitting the stage for more than a few years in Austin. His songwriting skills and riveting performances are proof of his staying power. It is an electric performance if you ever get to see one. Not really rock and roll, no metal here, and definitely not country, The Michael Dillard Band puts their definitive stamp on Americana. With front man, vocalist Michael Dillard, there is always that hope and expectation that he breaks out into something fun and different. I Hope you make that next show where he surprises us all. Seems like he always does.

Hot on the heels was another Americana style performance from The Derrick Davis Band ( There was nothing surprising here, because it was all good! Derrick Davis's voice is not shocking or stunning, it is just perfect for the music he performs. In such an outstanding performance it is hard to say how great the band was in its entirety. The whole performance just seems to melt together into you and melt away all at once. It is like that perfect piece of cake. You think you can taste everything, but then all of the flavors just mix perfectly to make something outstanding. So there you go...The Derrick Davis Band is like a bad ass, gourmet, cake that you don't seem to get enough of.

And the the sky opened up, and delivered unto our ears, our eyes, and our souls...  BOOMBOX ATX ( The return of Austins original party band. Getting this giant group of all star players on stage may only happen once a year...and frankly I don't think the city of Austin could handle much more than that. BoomboxATX is loud, they are funky, and they are proud! Carlos Sosa, MC Overlord, Les Fisher are just the small parts of this giant, funk machine. There is no time to slowdown or think with Boombox ATX on stage. There is only time to dance and party and believe that there is nothing wrong in the universe. Because with Boombox ATX onstage...there IS nothing wrong in the universe.


Friday, March 18, 2016

Steadfast and rattling it

Back at the Rattle Inn ( for this double header.

Located just off of 6th and Nieces, west of Congress Ave. The Rattle Inn is in a nice little corner that provides access to food and entertainment.

The double header this evening was the Brandon Steadman Band from Ft. Worth and the Cody Bryan Band.

The Brandon Steadman Band ( had the early slot and a packed house. With his Texas Country sound, the crowd ate it up. I don't know how long these particular guys have been playing together, but they were tight and on point. It could be told in the crowds reaction as well. Pretty much from the first song to the last, the minimal dance floor was occupied. With folks twirling and two stepping it made the performance all that more fun to watch. Brandon is not one of those artists that regales you with tons of conversation. It was just straight country music and playing. And from the reaction of the crowd thought the performance and to the last song, it seems like it was a performance I am glad I got to capture.

Whether it is Dallas, Ft. Worth, Austin, or any point on the map, if you love that Texas Country sound and want to kick up your heels, The Brandon Steadman band will do rather nicely.

The Cody Bryan Band ( was born and bread right here in Austin, but it seems like they are getting harder to see and catch in the area. Constantly evolving, and really never putting on the same show twice, The Cody Bryan Band is definitively that Texas country band to catch every time you get the chance. With new songs in their performance and even new additions to the band (the guitar player has now incorporated fiddle into his repertoire), there are plenty of reasons to catch this stellar group of guys.

For an early daytime show at a fair, to a late night performance, The Cody Bryan Band can fill your need and desire for four feet on the floor - that's you and your dance partner!


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Tearing the roof off the rooftop

The Iron Cactus ( played host for #tripcase ( with a very special full performance from Austin's very own, Bob Schneider.

Not only does the Iron Cactus have great food and GREAT margaritas, but is the home to a beautiful roof top deck and lounge. Couldn't have happened into a better 1st wedding anniversary setting than this. With RSVP+1 in hand, this was well worth the hour and a half in line.

Sampling some of the great food and appetizers, washing it down with a brilliant margarita, and then stepping out to the sunset on the roof. It was not quite romantic with 200 or so other people, but it was fantastic.

Bob Schneider   ( is definitely the king of sexy and fun in Austin. With the musical catalogue spanning roughly two decades, it is not hard to see why he is loved, admired, and drives the women crazy, and they all were crazy about him. Old, young, single, or married singing along and cooing about hour lovely his beard is. Yes, I heard that shit in the crowd.

Bob Schneider will always be best enjoyed in a club or small venue setting. No doubt he can pack a venue like ACL or Stubbs, but to get the full Bob Schneider experience, it has to be a small intimate setting. He thrives on the energy and delivers it back 10 fold!

It's NOT just the music, which is fun, memorable, and sometimes naughty, it IS the performance of that music. Bob is onstage, in the spotlight, and he is commanding the attention. Looking many of the crowd straight in the eyes while singing lyrics, he owns the personal performance trick.

Giving the audience lessons in lyrics, sing along catch phrases, and having everyone mambo, it is live music at it's greatest. The members of the band work amazingly as part of the excitement. Having people in the crowd pointing and saying, "look at that guy. Look what he's doing" is absolutely part of the fun of a Bob Schneider performance.

Good job Tripcase!

Thanks Iron Cactus.


Tuesday, March 15, 2016

DirtyFest 2016

Sxsw 2016. Really all the free stuff is what it's about. Not the free shwag, but the discovery of new bands without paying for the wristband or badge. The Dirty Dog Bar ( on 6th St. is one of few places that hosts events that you can count on for fun, free, metal.
03/14 was my birthday and I had the pleasure of taking in several bands with my wife at The Dirty Dog Bar.

Autumn Stay ( is from Waco, Tx. Fronted with female vocals, this metal act balances the gritty gutturals with singing on a front woman very nicely. Although it was some what early (understand the after parties with music can go til 4am) there was a modest crowd. We all were not just entertained, we were captivated. Autumn Stay sounded as good as they looked and the crowd received them well. Hopefully SXSW treats them well and they see success.

Silvertonguedevil ( hails from Satan...actually Dallas, Tx. With their story driven music and theme driven sound, Silvertonguedevil made performance of their art. They entertained greater than you would think for a 'sun is still up performance'! I Don't know if they are on tour, but if metal is in your veins, make these guys a point when you are in Dallas.

Fear Control ( is Austin, Texas metal. Apparently these hometown boys know how to promote. I was here to see them and from out of the wood work, everyone else was too. The small to modest crowd turned into a full on banger once Fear Control hit the stage. The performance was breathless, as in you got hit so hard and fast it made you loose your breath. I can simply say, if there was a metal band that should replace Metallica as kings of metal, this Austin quartet just did. Someone should call Lars and James and kindly explain it's over. I said it, believe it, experience it for yourself.


Friday, March 11, 2016

The Sun is rising on Sundown

The Rattle Inn ( Located within the entertainment district known as 6th St, Austin, Texas. The Rattle Inn provides your basic needs in a honky tonk bar. It is a bar, it has a stage, and you can really enjoy some great music...up close. For a bar there is not a whole lot of BANG. An outdoor seating area as you walk up. A nice sized room when you walk in the front door. The stage is directly in front of you with the bar on the wall to the left. Some seating around the perimeter, but it's kind of obvious this place is a bar...with a stage.

And on the stage,this evening, was something new for me. Although some of the players were familiar to me, Sundown Revelry ( was a wonderful new experience. These guys came to play rock an roll, not metal, just Rock! With a song list of originals that was just as impressive as their live energy, these guys are easy to make you put your belief in the fact that Austin is live music!

The band is a 4 piece with the lead singer doing guitar duties as well. A drummer, a bassist, and another guitar player fill it out. And fill it out they do! Although this particular gig was a week out from the insanity that is SXSW, there was still a moderate crowd. The GREAT thing was Sundown Revelry had every persons attention right after the first song. Crisp guitar work, a lead singer with a great voice, Sundown Revelry is that rock band you wanted to go see, but didn't know who they were, or where. Now you've got the inside. This is one of those great bands to meet friends at the show, or center your night around the performance.

While plowing through an hour plus set, the band managed to do massive respect to the police as well as STP and a couple of other covers. The even had someone from the crowd cheering obnoxiously for a song from the SpaceJam soundtrack....shake my damn head. All the while belting out their originals and making every person in the house want more. What was terrible, is the band proving...when you are having fun time flies! It was such great music, performed well, and received by the crowd even better than that. Sundown Revelry positions themselves to be a great breakout beast here in Austin. Don't take my word for it, but take my word for it. Go catch them and be prepared to see the sunrise on Sundown Revelry!