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Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Lordship has spoken

One 2 One ( plays host to many fine bands from the Austin area. On any given night go spend a couple of bucks, support live and local and have your mind blown by the selection of bands, the variety of music, and the insane amount of talent under one roof.

This particular night is always the preamble to the South By Southwest festivities. The Lordship Entertainment Showcase. A ridiculous low price, way to many bad ass bands, and the perfect amount of music lovers mashed together.

First up, The Soap Boxers ( These guys prove that in no way is being first in the lineup, a bad position. This started the evening off perfectly. A little bit of soulful rock n roll, mixed with some Americana, and shaken and stirred with who-knows-what-the-fuck. The Soap Boxers are one of those bands that surprise you and then take you by storm. With the mysterious vocals of the keyboard player, to the heartfelt story telling behind the lead guitar, The Soap Boxers are worth every penny at the door or in their tip jar. The theme of women running throughout The Soap Boxers set list was only muted by their rousing final song that had some folks dancing on the floor. No doubt another great Austin band that you could stumble upon and be happy you did.

Next was the 80H Project ( Here is a band that proves it DOES run in the blood. With guitarist and vocalist Ady Hernandez leading this band of all stars, it is a non stop rhythmic adventure when this troupe is on stage. Special lead vocals by Curtis Lee, puts the shine on the diamond that makes you wonder why you didn't pay more at the door. A fusion of rock, Latin, and rhythm and blues brings the dancers to the floor. The 80H Project is the band you look for on the bill, on any given evening, if you want to get the fun out of the funk!

Making another appearance in the blog within a week is Sundown Revelry ( Can't say enough about the rock and roll these guys drop on you. I said it in a photo on Instagram, but will joyously repeat again here for the masses...Robert Plant and Jimmy Paige's love child makes up the front man of Sundown Revelry. The gritty, but shinning vocals and destructive guitar chords, puts J. Ellington right where he stage, spot light. Sundown Revelry is the full package for that rock and roll sound that you thought was gone. Edgy, but still beautiful and clean. Polished and stunning. Sundown Revelry, with every component onstage, lit this particular night on fire. Catch them if you can.

I have preached and talked about the joys of the sound of Michael Dillards voice. This is probably on of the most surprising acts you would get to see on any given night in Austin. The Michael Dillard Band ( has been hitting the stage for more than a few years in Austin. His songwriting skills and riveting performances are proof of his staying power. It is an electric performance if you ever get to see one. Not really rock and roll, no metal here, and definitely not country, The Michael Dillard Band puts their definitive stamp on Americana. With front man, vocalist Michael Dillard, there is always that hope and expectation that he breaks out into something fun and different. I Hope you make that next show where he surprises us all. Seems like he always does.

Hot on the heels was another Americana style performance from The Derrick Davis Band ( There was nothing surprising here, because it was all good! Derrick Davis's voice is not shocking or stunning, it is just perfect for the music he performs. In such an outstanding performance it is hard to say how great the band was in its entirety. The whole performance just seems to melt together into you and melt away all at once. It is like that perfect piece of cake. You think you can taste everything, but then all of the flavors just mix perfectly to make something outstanding. So there you go...The Derrick Davis Band is like a bad ass, gourmet, cake that you don't seem to get enough of.

And the the sky opened up, and delivered unto our ears, our eyes, and our souls...  BOOMBOX ATX ( The return of Austins original party band. Getting this giant group of all star players on stage may only happen once a year...and frankly I don't think the city of Austin could handle much more than that. BoomboxATX is loud, they are funky, and they are proud! Carlos Sosa, MC Overlord, Les Fisher are just the small parts of this giant, funk machine. There is no time to slowdown or think with Boombox ATX on stage. There is only time to dance and party and believe that there is nothing wrong in the universe. Because with Boombox ATX onstage...there IS nothing wrong in the universe.