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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Tearing the roof off the rooftop

The Iron Cactus ( played host for #tripcase ( with a very special full performance from Austin's very own, Bob Schneider.

Not only does the Iron Cactus have great food and GREAT margaritas, but is the home to a beautiful roof top deck and lounge. Couldn't have happened into a better 1st wedding anniversary setting than this. With RSVP+1 in hand, this was well worth the hour and a half in line.

Sampling some of the great food and appetizers, washing it down with a brilliant margarita, and then stepping out to the sunset on the roof. It was not quite romantic with 200 or so other people, but it was fantastic.

Bob Schneider   ( is definitely the king of sexy and fun in Austin. With the musical catalogue spanning roughly two decades, it is not hard to see why he is loved, admired, and drives the women crazy, and they all were crazy about him. Old, young, single, or married singing along and cooing about hour lovely his beard is. Yes, I heard that shit in the crowd.

Bob Schneider will always be best enjoyed in a club or small venue setting. No doubt he can pack a venue like ACL or Stubbs, but to get the full Bob Schneider experience, it has to be a small intimate setting. He thrives on the energy and delivers it back 10 fold!

It's NOT just the music, which is fun, memorable, and sometimes naughty, it IS the performance of that music. Bob is onstage, in the spotlight, and he is commanding the attention. Looking many of the crowd straight in the eyes while singing lyrics, he owns the personal performance trick.

Giving the audience lessons in lyrics, sing along catch phrases, and having everyone mambo, it is live music at it's greatest. The members of the band work amazingly as part of the excitement. Having people in the crowd pointing and saying, "look at that guy. Look what he's doing" is absolutely part of the fun of a Bob Schneider performance.

Good job Tripcase!

Thanks Iron Cactus.