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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

DirtyFest 2016

Sxsw 2016. Really all the free stuff is what it's about. Not the free shwag, but the discovery of new bands without paying for the wristband or badge. The Dirty Dog Bar ( on 6th St. is one of few places that hosts events that you can count on for fun, free, metal.
03/14 was my birthday and I had the pleasure of taking in several bands with my wife at The Dirty Dog Bar.

Autumn Stay ( is from Waco, Tx. Fronted with female vocals, this metal act balances the gritty gutturals with singing on a front woman very nicely. Although it was some what early (understand the after parties with music can go til 4am) there was a modest crowd. We all were not just entertained, we were captivated. Autumn Stay sounded as good as they looked and the crowd received them well. Hopefully SXSW treats them well and they see success.

Silvertonguedevil ( hails from Satan...actually Dallas, Tx. With their story driven music and theme driven sound, Silvertonguedevil made performance of their art. They entertained greater than you would think for a 'sun is still up performance'! I Don't know if they are on tour, but if metal is in your veins, make these guys a point when you are in Dallas.

Fear Control ( is Austin, Texas metal. Apparently these hometown boys know how to promote. I was here to see them and from out of the wood work, everyone else was too. The small to modest crowd turned into a full on banger once Fear Control hit the stage. The performance was breathless, as in you got hit so hard and fast it made you loose your breath. I can simply say, if there was a metal band that should replace Metallica as kings of metal, this Austin quartet just did. Someone should call Lars and James and kindly explain it's over. I said it, believe it, experience it for yourself.