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Friday, March 18, 2016

Steadfast and rattling it

Back at the Rattle Inn ( for this double header.

Located just off of 6th and Nieces, west of Congress Ave. The Rattle Inn is in a nice little corner that provides access to food and entertainment.

The double header this evening was the Brandon Steadman Band from Ft. Worth and the Cody Bryan Band.

The Brandon Steadman Band ( had the early slot and a packed house. With his Texas Country sound, the crowd ate it up. I don't know how long these particular guys have been playing together, but they were tight and on point. It could be told in the crowds reaction as well. Pretty much from the first song to the last, the minimal dance floor was occupied. With folks twirling and two stepping it made the performance all that more fun to watch. Brandon is not one of those artists that regales you with tons of conversation. It was just straight country music and playing. And from the reaction of the crowd thought the performance and to the last song, it seems like it was a performance I am glad I got to capture.

Whether it is Dallas, Ft. Worth, Austin, or any point on the map, if you love that Texas Country sound and want to kick up your heels, The Brandon Steadman band will do rather nicely.

The Cody Bryan Band ( was born and bread right here in Austin, but it seems like they are getting harder to see and catch in the area. Constantly evolving, and really never putting on the same show twice, The Cody Bryan Band is definitively that Texas country band to catch every time you get the chance. With new songs in their performance and even new additions to the band (the guitar player has now incorporated fiddle into his repertoire), there are plenty of reasons to catch this stellar group of guys.

For an early daytime show at a fair, to a late night performance, The Cody Bryan Band can fill your need and desire for four feet on the floor - that's you and your dance partner!