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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Earth Day Burns in Austin Texas

Sooooo, I have been away for a spell, but I managed to creep out and catch some local live music. It's what I do, THAT'S WHY!
I have hung out with Mike Dillard at several other shows, been there when MC Overlord has called him up on stage to spit some fresh rhymes. Loved him in the Video 'The Flow'. I have always thought Dillard had the absolutely most unique voice I have ever heard. If you get a chance to talk to him, you won't believe that's the same voice.
Enough about Dillard, how about his performance at Hudson on 5th. Nice place. The patio bar is very cool, inside is very nice too. Dillard was set up in the corner and I could hear him before I saw him. Now how could I miss the giant teddy bear by the entrance when I walked in. Yes, MC Overlord was in the house reppin his boy Michael Dillard.
It was a very good performance, had his lead guitarist with him and they were rockin it ALL acoustic that night. My compadre, J Gonzalez, was with me. He was so impressed by the sound and stylings, he made my promise to take him to the show on 04/30 show at One to One. Michael Dillard will be with a full band and opening for Aimless Gun.

On to the next episode...with Ryan Harkrider and the boys (how Johnny Branch escaped and made it to the gig is a question yet to be answered).
I haven't seen Harkrider in over a year, yes it is sad...I know, i know. But once again, as I have said before, there is a great joy in seeing Austin talent at a show supporting Austin talent. Micheal Dillard, MC Overlord, and EMPB (who was performing after Ryan) were all hanging out.
Well since this about the performance let me tell you it was stellar. Ryan and his group kept the pace very nicely through their set. Albeit it was an abbreviated set, it was impressive none the less. Ask Dillard when you see him next. WHY? Cause Mike was cutting a mean rug at the end of Harkriders set. Ask him to Jitter Bug with you next time you see him.
I will tell you that in the year it has been since the last time I saw Ryan Harkrider perform to now, what a HUGE impact. His confidence and stage presence has gone through the roof.
Check him out, wether or not you have seen him perform previously, you will notice his confidence on stage is powerful.