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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

On a blues note

a slight return

One 2 One ( is realistically the home of all that is good in Austin music and the live music scene. Yes! There are many other great venues, older and newer, but for all that is right about the Austin music scene, Gregg and Destinee do it right! With a venue that was designed for sound and stage, if you haven't been there to hear and experience what I am talking about, you can't say you have had the Austin music experience.

When you walk in the door you are faced with a very nice sized, rectangle shaped room. On the far end is a beautiful stage. Just the right height to see from any spot in the room with a full house. The bathrooms are located on either side of the stage. There is also a large bar on the right side, running about halfway down the long side of the room. Service has never been an issue at the bar and they are always friendly and smiling.

It was a spectacular start to the New Year at the One2One. Might not have been their first show if the new year, but it was stunning. Even better is after all the time I have spent sitting at the bar or roaming the crowd, here or at the original location, my dad joined me for this night of great music.

The big voice and personality of Lisa Tingle ( kicked things off in smashing fashion. Lisa started things off fast and only built the show from there. Lisa Tingle is one of the strongest voices, male or female, in the Austin Blues rock scene. With a backing band able to handle the performance, the crowd was on their feet throughout the whole performance. The Lisa Tingle catalog of music encompasses everything you would want to feel in good rocking blues music! Belting out the songs with her voice and the accompaniment it is best described as "being taken to church!"

Van Wilks ( was up next on stage. Not only did he proceed to slay the audience with his own brand of "21st Century Blues", but I have to say, I have NEVER seen so many camera personnel in the One2One shooting at once. Vans performances are always electric, satisfying, and really leave you wanting more. His sound is familiar and fun, but at the same time clean and providing you those moments of 'WOW'. The best thing about his performance is being in the crowd. By the end of his set everyone was on their feet and and the crowd in front of the stage was proving the thrill of live music transcends ages!

Andy Macintyre ( came up next. Not knowing what to expect and thinking about the two stellar performances right before him, Andy laid it out in blazing fashion. Another guitar talent on stage before us, would make any one think they grow on trees down in Austin. But we know the truth, it's in the water. Not only was Andy Macintyre's performance ridiculously fun, but his voice in song was just damn spectacular. Paying a little tribute to a local guitar legend we recently lost (JT Coldfire - and if the song wasn't so damn good I would've cried at the tribute) and the music worlds loss of David Bowie, Andy completely owned every note he played. All of those in the house that remained after the previous gig were treated to one the brightest and best new talents - and he's been six stringing it for years!

Having both Van Wilks and Andy Macintyre perform on the same stage in one night was just damn mind blowing. Having Lisa Tingle start the night out made it unbelievable. Having this last band be our night cap was just plain old, toe tapping goodness.

The Cody Bryan Band ( was a last minute addition. It is also proof to go out, listen to some live, local, music. Find a great spot to listen to music. pick a night and a band you are interested in. Go, hang out, watch the fun, be a part of something great, and see who else walks in the door.

For the late night folks that just couldn't get enough of a good thing, The Cody Bryan Band did all of us alright! It is fun, toe tapping, sing along, Texas Country, at about it's finest. Seeing this band grow through the years is beyond a great thing. Seeing this band on stage tear it up like there was an audience of 50,000, makes me know these guys are doing it right and doing it well. No doubt you can catch The Cody Bryan Band band near you soon, as they are touring extensively supporting there new EP 'Small Town Noise'. It is a great performance that will have you on your feet and swinging your favorite partner to the beat.

and for all it is worth, the great performances, the amazing music, the fun shows that I talk doesn't mean a damn thing if you don't go out and support the music in our beautiful city.


Saturday, January 23, 2016

Pulling back the curtain

Looking back on the past year for Live Music In Austin always seems to be an eye opener.

Once again it seems like most main genres of music were heard and seen by Live Music In Austin and Live Music In Texas. We almost made it a full year as well. Starting from Jan.5th all the way to Dec.20th. It was a 349 day journey.

There was, and will always be, my local favorites - which interestingly enough, seem to be everything in the VMG and Lordship Ent. stables! Thanks guys for doing your part in trying to keep the live music scene in Austin 'Live' and full of music. I also fostered a bigger relationship with The Dirty Wormz founder and brain child, Thomas Chapman - a.k.a Smackola. There is a large video project that we are working on. It is not only deep in the mind of Smackola, but a take on the music scene from then, to now, to the future.  Look for it later in 2016.

As for the blog, the reviews, and the photos. As a year in review it went something like this...

There were 11 new venues I went to. Not necessarily new to Austin, but definitely new to me. First time setting foot in places like Threadgills Saloon, Uncle Garys, and The Rusty Mule. From Pflugerville to Gruene Hall, from Dallas to San Antonio, I covered a little ground.

There were 23 local bands that I saw, listened to, took pictures of, and wrote about, for the very first time. From Call Me King to Scorpio Rising, it was pop, rock, country music nirvana proving that Austin really should keep the title Live Music Capital of the World. All politics aside, still proud to be part of this city and do what I do to try and spread the word to the world - and you locals also.

I was also lucky enough to photo and review 20 touring acts, many of which I never thought I would see, much less get up close to shoot. From the ultra amazing stage performance of Mushroomhead, to the cool Americana sounds of Lachlan Bryan and the Wildes. My 2015 also included seeing and hearing Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts. I was honored to have been apart of that due to the kindness of Sean Claes from INsite Austin.

With 28 blog posts written in 2015 it boils down to this -
Just under 1 new venue per month, almost 2 new bands per month, and more than 2 blog posts per month, I may not be on the level of Dave Prewitt from Dave TeeVee, but DAMMITT!! I love Austin, I love the Austin music scene, and I will keep on doing this.

Live Music in Austin has 4 blog posts cooking for January alone. Within that are 3 bands I have never seen before. I still have a week to go! If you see me out and about, tap me on the shoulder and say "Hi!", let me know you have seen the blog, read a post, and saw a band I talked about.


Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ending it good

I wasn't sure if this would be my last post about 2015, but apparently it was the last show I went here you go.

Shooters ( in Cedar Park is located just a couple of minutes from the Cedar Park Center - Home of the Texas Stars. After a great night of watching the Stars play at home, my dad and I stopped at Shooters to check out a band he speaks highly of. I was definitely OK with this.

Shooters is located in a micro mall, strip center. plenty of parking and easy access in and out. When you walk in the door it is pretty much your typical pool hall. Not a grand huge one, but a pool hall none the less. It is primarily the single room with the bar immediately to your left from the door, pool tables to your right, and a patio out back. There is a nice stage that is located dead in front of you when you walk in the door. It is somewhat attached to the end of the bar and the bathrooms are located behind the stage, as well as the door to go out to the patio.

Occupying the stage was Jokerville ( This is your favorite rock bands from the 70's and 80's rolled into a 3 man package. ALL of your favorite rock jams are done by these 3 fellows and done well. Both the bass player and the guitarist trade of vocal duties, so they are well capable of turning out most of your favorite jams without a problem.

I have no problem with saying that I am spoiled on the live music scene in Austin. With so much bad ass local talent doing so many originals, I forgot the joy of a good cover band. And Jokerville is GOOD! Really good in fact. I was beyond pleased at the variety of hits they did and how well they did them all. No, the vocals are not identical to the originals, but they are not a tribute band.

The lead guitarist is just amazing with the triple duty of vocals, lead and rhythm, and keyboards. Yes! I told you they can do them all, and very well indeed. Not to be outdone by the lead guitarist, the bass player does fantastic with his vocal choice songs as well. For me the big surprise is a drummer who can blast out 'Panama'on his kit, the way this guy does. It made me wonder what the hell Alex VanHalen needed all those toms for, because this guy killed it with his kit, and it WASN'T a giant rack, kit with multi layers.

Do yourself a favor, take a break from 'Keeping It Weird', look up Jokerville and have some beers and a great time going back. Happy to say this was a good way to musically end 2015.