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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

On a blues note

a slight return

One 2 One ( is realistically the home of all that is good in Austin music and the live music scene. Yes! There are many other great venues, older and newer, but for all that is right about the Austin music scene, Gregg and Destinee do it right! With a venue that was designed for sound and stage, if you haven't been there to hear and experience what I am talking about, you can't say you have had the Austin music experience.

When you walk in the door you are faced with a very nice sized, rectangle shaped room. On the far end is a beautiful stage. Just the right height to see from any spot in the room with a full house. The bathrooms are located on either side of the stage. There is also a large bar on the right side, running about halfway down the long side of the room. Service has never been an issue at the bar and they are always friendly and smiling.

It was a spectacular start to the New Year at the One2One. Might not have been their first show if the new year, but it was stunning. Even better is after all the time I have spent sitting at the bar or roaming the crowd, here or at the original location, my dad joined me for this night of great music.

The big voice and personality of Lisa Tingle ( kicked things off in smashing fashion. Lisa started things off fast and only built the show from there. Lisa Tingle is one of the strongest voices, male or female, in the Austin Blues rock scene. With a backing band able to handle the performance, the crowd was on their feet throughout the whole performance. The Lisa Tingle catalog of music encompasses everything you would want to feel in good rocking blues music! Belting out the songs with her voice and the accompaniment it is best described as "being taken to church!"

Van Wilks ( was up next on stage. Not only did he proceed to slay the audience with his own brand of "21st Century Blues", but I have to say, I have NEVER seen so many camera personnel in the One2One shooting at once. Vans performances are always electric, satisfying, and really leave you wanting more. His sound is familiar and fun, but at the same time clean and providing you those moments of 'WOW'. The best thing about his performance is being in the crowd. By the end of his set everyone was on their feet and and the crowd in front of the stage was proving the thrill of live music transcends ages!

Andy Macintyre ( came up next. Not knowing what to expect and thinking about the two stellar performances right before him, Andy laid it out in blazing fashion. Another guitar talent on stage before us, would make any one think they grow on trees down in Austin. But we know the truth, it's in the water. Not only was Andy Macintyre's performance ridiculously fun, but his voice in song was just damn spectacular. Paying a little tribute to a local guitar legend we recently lost (JT Coldfire - and if the song wasn't so damn good I would've cried at the tribute) and the music worlds loss of David Bowie, Andy completely owned every note he played. All of those in the house that remained after the previous gig were treated to one the brightest and best new talents - and he's been six stringing it for years!

Having both Van Wilks and Andy Macintyre perform on the same stage in one night was just damn mind blowing. Having Lisa Tingle start the night out made it unbelievable. Having this last band be our night cap was just plain old, toe tapping goodness.

The Cody Bryan Band ( was a last minute addition. It is also proof to go out, listen to some live, local, music. Find a great spot to listen to music. pick a night and a band you are interested in. Go, hang out, watch the fun, be a part of something great, and see who else walks in the door.

For the late night folks that just couldn't get enough of a good thing, The Cody Bryan Band did all of us alright! It is fun, toe tapping, sing along, Texas Country, at about it's finest. Seeing this band grow through the years is beyond a great thing. Seeing this band on stage tear it up like there was an audience of 50,000, makes me know these guys are doing it right and doing it well. No doubt you can catch The Cody Bryan Band band near you soon, as they are touring extensively supporting there new EP 'Small Town Noise'. It is a great performance that will have you on your feet and swinging your favorite partner to the beat.

and for all it is worth, the great performances, the amazing music, the fun shows that I talk doesn't mean a damn thing if you don't go out and support the music in our beautiful city.