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Friday, September 23, 2011

Dirty Dirty dirty

The Wormz, The Dog, and an bachelorette party. Just dirty, DAMN dirty! Of course I think that is the way we like it...CAUSE WE WERE THERE!

I hear that there are some pretty bad ass things in store for The Dirty Dog ). Go buy and check it out...stay a while drink a beer, leave a tip, and make your plans to do it again.

I saw ARay!/ARayofble ) again and his partner in rhyme. I must say that there was a distinct difference in the two performances I saw. My opinion was that they were a little more prepared or less scared opening for the Wormz this go round. ARay's stage companion was way more clear and animated, he was part of the performance, not an add on. ARay stood out more as the front man, the leader, the true MC. I really like ARays voice and style...time and more performances will work in their favor.
I gotta get my hands on some of his music to hear it and understand it, cause at The Dog, the sound was either over mixed or the cd they are rapping to is overproduced. That is not a slam on anyone at The Dog or on ARays's side, it is just difficult to absorb the live performance with the track playing in the background also. Another performance at another venue and I will let ya know.

The Dirty Wormz!/DirtyWormz?sk=wall ) by now you should know these muthafuckas are a favorite of mine. If you like rock, hip/hop, metal, country, Brittany, or Dub Step...go see the Wormz. Without a doubt it is one of the most intense yet care free, hard core shows you could go see in Austin. To be that up close and inter connected to a band that should be playing the Erwin Center or venues larger is bad ass.

There is a small bit of a routine to start the show and end between there is some other choreographed drama. This just shows their dedication, however the in between is why you should go to live shows...THE UNKNOWN.

This night, play a shit load of new stuff (never before performed in front of a live audience) from their new upcoming album, their joint venture with Tech9, and cover tunes was INSANE. Front man Smackola was in rare form, completely cutting loose and dragging the performance in every direction. The band followed right along without a hesitation.

AND THEN a bachelorette party showed up. REALLY, at the effin Dirty Dog with The Dirty Wormz playin. Don't know what they were thinkin, but damn straight somebodies gonna be getting married and scared to death knowing THOSE photos will show up (or the videos on YouTube). Nice going onstage ladies.


Heaven and the Meaning of Dreams

The Parish )  is nice to check out a show. Although the weird angled 'seating' on one side of the venue is...well...weird. Sure if you go to a show then go and enjoy the band, the performance, the show. Stand and deliver. For some of us old decrepit folks with bad backs and bad knees, sometimes you gotta sit. ANYWAY for just the purpose of seeing a show it is a place to be!

CD release parties are so fun. Not because they are a 'party' (which would actually be a novel idea) but because the artist celebrating the release of their most recent creation is usually in such a festive mood, the show is something above and beyond a normal performance.

With 3 bands on the list it was nice.

Ryan Mars Band ) was up first. This is the second time I have seen this band since I wrote about their debut live performance some time ago. With an actual stage, sound system, and sound man behind a board...A HUGE WORLD OF DIFFERENCE. They even added a fiddle in the band...(isn't there a song by Alabama that says 'it ain't country music unless you got a fiddle in the band'?). Apparently time, rehearsals, and a few other shows have done them well. The band is clean and tight and they are really having a good time up on the stage. Some polishing on the lead vocals will really have them knocking it home. The front man, Ryan Mars, is doing a great job of interacting with the audience and calling out folks to get out on the floor and dance. If he really wants to make an impression, he should jump off the stage and do it himself. Grab a hottie out of the crowd and two step with her!
With some folks scootin around the floor during his set, you can tell the enjoyment factor is there. No Grammies yet and Nashville will have to wait, but you can see them now. If you like that new country sound you will be happy to kick your heels up with these guys. I would venture to guess that if they are still kickin it in a year the experience and time will have them headline some gigs and packing a few of our local, known the world over, establishments. Country will always be King deep in the heart of Texas.

Aimless Gun ) had there turn on stage this evening as well. I have harped and plugged about these guys for quite a while. If you are new to the blog, read past posts, if not GREAT, go to a show and tell them you read about them here...and make them buy you a beer (just kidding). I think these guys have everything in line and are ready to blow up. The music is perfect...the rock mix with a tiny tiny bit of country, the live sound is awesome, and their look is [sigh] good...dammit! 

As for the music, with the blend and style of rock that they can easily meld over to a country twang, they have their bases covered. The live sound is just phenomenal based on the fact that they performed recently on a live radio broadcast and the sound was so seamless, you couldn't tell if it was live or if it was Memorex. And finally about the look, a friend of mine was introduced to theses guys at their CD release party in the recent past. The only thing she could say as she met them one buy one was "OMG! They keep getting prettier and prettier each time I meet a new one!"  I would just like to see a couple of things that, IMHO, would possibly push them up even further or closer to that edge. Get a female lead to share vocals on a couple of songs. Loosen up on stage. I have seen them on a small stage where they are closer together and easier to interact...not! and seen them on a bigger stage and they are all over the place and having a great time. that shit all the time... if it's to cramped get off the damn stage and make all the world your stage. Use wireless if ya gotta.

AHHHH Ryan Harkrider ), what a fun fucking guy to go see. He really does do it all. For me this is a great front man to go see. The music and songs blend together, like it or not, he controls the music very tightly. He is all over the stage, having conversations with the audience, jumping off the stage, having special guests. RIGHT, this may not work for everyone and every type of music, but on my side of the fence it is so fun and cool and really does make you smile to see that interaction.

As far as the new disc, BINGO! It is great. No sophomore jinx here. The content is there, the sound is distinctly Harkrider and the Night Owls. A performance worth absorbing and a disc worth owning. Look for Ryan in one of his many incarnations as he has side projects seemingly all over the place. No matter how he is there, whether as Ryan Harkrider or with another band, it will be good music and a good time to go see.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Santana says...

Well, although great uncle Carlos is not a local act that you can go see on a whim or a cheap freakin show, he is an amazing performer!

First trip to ACL Live @ The Moody Theatre ). The new home to Austin City Limits...and it is very very nice. The venue is gorgeous, very much like a working museum of music history. Depending on the artist you are going to see and your verve for the band you may want to consider general admission floor. Reason being simply this, the seating is awesome! A great seat anywhere in the house, BUT if you want to experience the performance, live it, enjoy it, and dance to it...get a general admission ticket. Dancing in an 18x18 area that is your seat sucks.

The opening act this evening was Michael Franti and Spearhead ). The whole act was this fun kind of sound. Not really an island sound but something cool that tugged at you to sing along and dance. Front man Michael Franti also knows how to play to the crowd. Climbing off the stage and running through the audience and playing a song remotely from the mezz. Cant get much more exciting than not just performing a show but being part of the crowd at the same time.

The final song of the set was the radio hit 'Sey Hey', which I actually like. To bring it to a close, Michael invited some folks from the crowd onto the stage to dance during the final song. Very cool. Gotta give him props for being THAT interactive with the crowd.

Santana ) on the other hand was not all over the auditorium, but none the less wowed us with his extensive catalog. Performing for over 2 hrs was just exhilarating. From the opening songs and all of the uptempo beats, to the middle of the show where he dove into some of his classics, and then finally ramping it back up for a breath taking finale. Inviting the opening act back on stage for one song and then paying respect to S.R.V. with both words and a performance from guest drummer Chris Layton (HELL YEAH! check the photo below) is definitely the maximum entertainment you could expect or want from any show, much less Carlos effin' Santana. Lessons learned in that art of entertainment, performance, and showmanship. Also the creative use of your captive audience for your jabs at politics and gentle push of your beliefs. Carlos Santana is one of the last remaining icons of a long gone era of Marshall stacks, smoke filled performances, and day trips while you are still sitting there. Well done sir...well done!


Saturday, September 10, 2011


 The prequel to the One2One blog is this. The actual blog about the performances that night before the drama.

Like I have said before, go to the One2One ) and support them, the time is right.

Michael Dillard ) was the special guest for this particular evening. He was great. It has been a while since I have since Michael perform, and by his own admission, he hasn't performed as often as we'd like, but here he was. Absolutely brilliant performance. The addition of the keys has really filled in the set well. It is danceable, singable, and totally likable...the music and the performance is just totally 'able.

From conversation it seems that the full length album is still in the works and coming closer to fruition. For now get your hands on an EP at a show or check out his website. It would be a great performance to sit and enjoy, might even put a smile on your face.
Fremen ) were the men of the hour. Talk about a phoenix rising from the ashes, with the release of this CD it solidifies what I said a year or more ago. This is absolutely the smoothest sound I have heard for hip/hop. The band is just rock solid during the live production. The interaction with the audience is very fun. They are not shy about rounding up special guests to jump up on stage and just knock your socks off.

I said that this was "Sunday morning hangover music" a while back. Well you know what, I was right! Pick up a copy of the CD at the next opportunity you get. The laid back vibe to the album is much like the sound you get live. Drop this shit in on a Sunday morning, after that banging Saturday night in Austin, and you will know it's true, the rhythm with the smooth vocal flow is just dynamite. Not to loud and brash for the pounding headache, but hellified good to make you get up and start movin around.
If you like hip hop and love live music, as opposed to a DJ infused performance, the dueling vocals with these guys is they way to go. The album may have that mellow feel, but the energy from the performance will carry you. So throw your blunts in the air and wave'm  like ya just dont care!


Joy and pain!

Fremen CD release party at the One2One. With joy and celebration there can be tears and pain. God bless Gregg and the staff at One2One. No one was physically hurt, but I know there are quite a few people that had this sadness mark them.

The One2One was burglarized in the early morning hours after the CD release party for the Fremen.

an open letter to an asshole:

You suck and you know it. You are a scumbag, piece of shit and you will get caught! One way or another, this piece of criminal activity or something else, you will get caught. and yes you know it would be best if law enforcement got you and not the crowds of people that you hurt with this activity. You can't make up for this you can't apologize, and you can't make it right. Just go away and die, or at the minimum, take your ass back to San Antonio or Houston!


Thursday, September 8, 2011

That's MR. BOOKOUT to you!

I love the thought of hanging out in a place where everybody knows your name....WTF?!? wait a gd minute, that's a song from a show about a bar. Dammit, I am a fucking living cliche, ehhh, oh well!

One2One ) really is just the fuckin bomb when it comes to some of the best, hottest, newest music acts in Austin. Pick a night, go, take your beloved Fifi or Spot or whoever you furry four legged family member is and 'chill' (used loosely in the midst of a heat wave and drought) on the deck. Inside it's small and intimate and there is ALWAYS a great band playing. I could name some of them but then that would prove you haven't read any of my blogs. The bar staff is always on top of things and super attentive.

Fremen ) opened the show this evening and I will simply differ any comments about their performance for their CD release blog (That coincidentally happened at One2One also). The one comment I must make is the joy that appeared on stage when one of the lead vocalists (Father Rhyme) strapped on an acoustic guitar and proudly played along with the band for a cover that went particularly well.

MR BOBBY BOOKOUT ) is now happily married and settled down from the hectic start to his year. Appearing for the first time since his recent nuptials, I was personally worried that he might have lost some of his mojo!

HHEELLLL NO! This boy has come back a man! I believe the correct term would be that he came back "a hoochie coochie man"! The music was tight, clean, and just amazing. Missing his genius lead guitar player was stupid cause the great great Blake Atwell just tore shit up on guitar! The sound was strong and vibrant and had everyone moving and grooving along. This was a performance that was meant to be felt! The passion Bobby gives out on stage with his performance is worthy of the IMA award he recently received.

Take a date, make the next date, and don't regret missing one. Check his website for upcoming dates and just do it! By all means make sure you do it with a date, really, utterly, and totally worth it



are you serious...I am... and I will be there Monday night!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

and the boys are growing up...

My first trip, and maybe my last, to beautiful Texas Music Theatre in San Marcos, Texas. The venue is gorgeous! Lots of room, cool ass balconies. Very, VERY much looks like a smaller version of the new Austin Music Hall.

Aimless Gun ) was onstage this evening. Their first trip and hopefully not their last to the music theatre. I noticed it over a year ago and here I stand believing again that this is true...this band was built and designed for a bigger stage.

No, they don't run back and forth like Angus (that would be a sight to see though - try it Zach, jk), but they are interacting with each other onstage more now than I have seen in the past and it's very cool. They don't have some high powered lasers or bad ass pyros, it's just good country/rock. It is just good to see and experience this band in a larger venue with room on the stage...they just fit!

The performance was top notch. If you haven't been to an Aimless Gun performance, you wouldn't know that it was new material or a new set list, but it is! I must say that they are definitely honing their skills creating a set list that both pleases the audience and they have fun doing . It shows in the performance and with the comfort they are showing on stage.

I have said it before...and will probably repeat this a few more times until they break nationally (it's coming)...if you haven't seen them yet go! You might be behind the curve as far as being a friend of the band, but fans a great, and they do this for the love of the music. Go out and see them.