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Thursday, September 8, 2011

That's MR. BOOKOUT to you!

I love the thought of hanging out in a place where everybody knows your name....WTF?!? wait a gd minute, that's a song from a show about a bar. Dammit, I am a fucking living cliche, ehhh, oh well!

One2One ) really is just the fuckin bomb when it comes to some of the best, hottest, newest music acts in Austin. Pick a night, go, take your beloved Fifi or Spot or whoever you furry four legged family member is and 'chill' (used loosely in the midst of a heat wave and drought) on the deck. Inside it's small and intimate and there is ALWAYS a great band playing. I could name some of them but then that would prove you haven't read any of my blogs. The bar staff is always on top of things and super attentive.

Fremen ) opened the show this evening and I will simply differ any comments about their performance for their CD release blog (That coincidentally happened at One2One also). The one comment I must make is the joy that appeared on stage when one of the lead vocalists (Father Rhyme) strapped on an acoustic guitar and proudly played along with the band for a cover that went particularly well.

MR BOBBY BOOKOUT ) is now happily married and settled down from the hectic start to his year. Appearing for the first time since his recent nuptials, I was personally worried that he might have lost some of his mojo!

HHEELLLL NO! This boy has come back a man! I believe the correct term would be that he came back "a hoochie coochie man"! The music was tight, clean, and just amazing. Missing his genius lead guitar player was stupid cause the great great Blake Atwell just tore shit up on guitar! The sound was strong and vibrant and had everyone moving and grooving along. This was a performance that was meant to be felt! The passion Bobby gives out on stage with his performance is worthy of the IMA award he recently received.

Take a date, make the next date, and don't regret missing one. Check his website for upcoming dates and just do it! By all means make sure you do it with a date, really, utterly, and totally worth it