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Saturday, September 10, 2011


 The prequel to the One2One blog is this. The actual blog about the performances that night before the drama.

Like I have said before, go to the One2One ) and support them, the time is right.

Michael Dillard ) was the special guest for this particular evening. He was great. It has been a while since I have since Michael perform, and by his own admission, he hasn't performed as often as we'd like, but here he was. Absolutely brilliant performance. The addition of the keys has really filled in the set well. It is danceable, singable, and totally likable...the music and the performance is just totally 'able.

From conversation it seems that the full length album is still in the works and coming closer to fruition. For now get your hands on an EP at a show or check out his website. It would be a great performance to sit and enjoy, might even put a smile on your face.
Fremen ) were the men of the hour. Talk about a phoenix rising from the ashes, with the release of this CD it solidifies what I said a year or more ago. This is absolutely the smoothest sound I have heard for hip/hop. The band is just rock solid during the live production. The interaction with the audience is very fun. They are not shy about rounding up special guests to jump up on stage and just knock your socks off.

I said that this was "Sunday morning hangover music" a while back. Well you know what, I was right! Pick up a copy of the CD at the next opportunity you get. The laid back vibe to the album is much like the sound you get live. Drop this shit in on a Sunday morning, after that banging Saturday night in Austin, and you will know it's true, the rhythm with the smooth vocal flow is just dynamite. Not to loud and brash for the pounding headache, but hellified good to make you get up and start movin around.
If you like hip hop and love live music, as opposed to a DJ infused performance, the dueling vocals with these guys is they way to go. The album may have that mellow feel, but the energy from the performance will carry you. So throw your blunts in the air and wave'm  like ya just dont care!