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Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Gem from the heavens?

One2One ) OH Shit! and OH my god!...I got to see the HiDefs tonite (and at One2One none the less). I have seen Mingo Fishtrap ) at a SXSW event AND Angelina got to do a meet and greet (check out one of the waayyyy older blogs and you will see the pics and write up).
So the Hi-Defs!/TheHiDefs ) are also affectionately known as little Mingo and I was finally able to see them all by a simple stroll down the street on this particular night. With a great Mississippi Delta blues sound and a little Louisiana soul these are the things that will tickle your soul. As a big man once said to me "he's got a voice so sweet it would make angels cry and make you wanna smack yo momma." So take this as a fact that you will really have to go see them to experience the experience!

When you have a force to be reckoned with and an unstoppable object the heavens will weep with joy! So there are the HiDefs on stage making us smile and feel religion all at once, then upon the stage appears...OVERLORD!

So still, the One2One remains a gem in the Austin nightlife music scene, tucked away on the corner of 5th and Brazos. Thanks for a great night Gregg!


Feelin Dirty?

Friday night at the Dirty Dog ). Always a favorite stop for the bikers (and by that I mean the APD 6th St Bike patrol) as well as a mixed bag crowd. Bikers (the real ones with leather Harley's, leather jackets, and bandannas), an older crowd (blazers and blue hair), the occasional bachlorette party (screaming, shot taking girls in any bar is generally never a problem), and the rest of us hanging out watching the Keep Austin Weirdness unfolding before our eyes.

Stonedakota ) has the Slayer vocals on a dirty, grinding fuckin metal base...just the was I like it! These guys are based in Austin and from the looks of it do play quite often around town so get your metal fix and check them out. And by the way, if you are gonna have the BALLS to metal up Pink Floyd, this is the way it should be done. These are the muthafuckas that I would definitely want to hear doing it...cheers to you "Have a Cigar".


Friday, December 10, 2010

I can throw up in 14 shades of Technicolor

OOOWWWEEEE! Back at The Scoot Inn AGAIN. Why the hell is it every time I go to some show at the is freezing balls cold!? None the less, it is such a cool little venue with what I deem to be a hellafine, out back, stage, performance area! Oh Yeah! and tonites show was inside, HA!

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum presents, came to town and had this kick ass idea of having a show at The Scoot Inn ) with 3 bands to promote their bad ass rum. Good music + good drink = good fun.

Shapes Have ) was first up with their blend of idontknowwhatthehellyouwouldcallitorlabelit music, but it was very fun. Uptempo, bright sound, and fun. Just what you need to wash the blues away (along with a glass of Sailor Jerry's of course, LOL!). Very, very much like early 60's The Who and The Beatles. These guys are from Austin so go do the Shapes Have Fangs thang!

Rayon ) was here with some form of psychedelia punk and left it's trippin fuckin mark on my brain and soul. How about a drummer that pulls triple duty...skins, keys, and backing vocals....awright, but can he play? Well the band had that infectious British punk sound and feel (although they are from here, very interesting) and had a little more of the audience boppin and groovin along. As for the drummer, I am not shittin you, he actually had a song that he was doing triple duty! Just fuckin great and hilarious. As for the overall on these guys, I wonder if there was ever a genre or label of Surf Punk? If not they have created it and perfected it. Go enjoy!

and then there was one...Bad Sports ) was last up and the most energetic of the three. These guys were energy on the stage. Dual vocals kicked ass and kept it interesting and changing. The fun kind of punk with its irreverence and in your face, fuck off and fuck your authority too! This is the cool shit you would listen to really fuckin loud in the car with the top down or the windows wide open, loud as shit, singing as loud and as obnoxiously as you can to all the cars passing you on the road to nowhere. and that is a good thing, a fun thing, naaahhhh who the duck am i kidding, that is a great thing. Enjoy it and throw the middle finger in the air while you are listening to it at a show around town. Do IT!