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Friday, January 27, 2012

Not a dirty night

Ahhh home at the Dirty Dog ( You have to love your own favorite little spot in Austin. Whether it be up north, Down Town, or [gasp] south of the river. It is all good. So the Dirty Dog is definitely one of my very few haunts that I will terrorize. This particular night was an accidental enjoyment of a band I have been trying to see for several months, The Dave Scher Trio (group). Wandering in for my ears to take a break from another show I was reviewing (see  previous post) is how this happened.

The Dave Scher Group, another band comprised of a keyboardist, guitarist/singer, and  a drummer. Sound familiar Austin? Well it does, BUT it's not! The Dave Scher Group has all the makings and the sound, but it is something different.
The sound is hauntingly comfortable and familiar, but definitively different enough to keep your attention to what is next. The lead, Dave, has a little sense of humor and humility. Enough to have you smiling and entertained during the set and in between the songs. With songs that start slow and you seem to recognize and always end up with a driving upbeat rhythm, it is fucking fun to be in the crowd and feeling it.
Find these guys, seek them out, and have a fun night!


The end of the end

Emos dt is closing its doors for good! Hopefully throughout it's storied life on 7th and Red River, you had an opportunity to partake. This night was a night of music from metal to punk. Some of it hurt your ears (in a bad way) and some made you feel good and violent (in a good way). From opener Doom Siren to the end with Night Siege (and somewhere mashed up in between the noise was Dethrone and Deadly Reign). It was great to hear live music with life and a statement, even if you don't know what the statement is. Here it's about the music!

Doom Siren is that interesting band that is a mix of punk and metal (Petal...Munk..hmmm interesting). On its own the band kicked ass while they where in each particular vein, BUT all of their songs was a mixture of both genres. Not good, it was just weird. I am telling you, as far as the metal, I loved the metal portions. The punk stuff was great! Dammit it was just some funky ass shit mixed together.

Dethrone was a whole different story. These guys were as tight as sloppy as punk can get. It was good, fun, and just punk. With respect and admiration from one of the other bands, that is all you can want as a punk band, and they got it.

Deadly Reign...I am biased, whatever, fuck off. These guys put together the sound, the attitude, and the vocals like they own this shit. The vocals are just as brutal as you can get and makes you wonder how he can speak afterwards (ohhh I know...Lonestar!). The guitar is just as blazing and brutal and the drums...uhm D-Beat anyone, HA!

Night Siege finished up as their name implies. They took hold of the heated up crowd and pummeled them. Just as it should be with a good punk band.

And just as it should be for a great punk show. I am happy to say I was there, Even happier to say I was part of the history and loved every damn minute of it. I hope that any of you had the opportunity to be a part of the history and get a chance check these bands out around town.