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Saturday, March 24, 2012

SXSW, 7 hours of waiting =


waiting in line at 11 a.m. to see Asking Alexandria ( )

and 11 other bands.

Then at 2pm we could see the door to the Red7 ), but couldn't get in, so...

across the street we see this!!!

Now let me tell you...after waiting 7 hrs, crowd freak watching, and snagging freebies whenever we could, we got into the "House of Blues/ANNEX showcase." It kicked ass!!!

At The Skylines was the first band up, of the six we saw. I don't have a problem with saying that this was definitely the way an opening band should be. Come out full tilt, balls out. THEY PLAYED LIKE THEY WERE THE HEADLINERS! With a song or two that I recognized from my daughters IPOD, I knew there was little doubt they were primed and ready to go. Although there was some bullshit issue with a mic that I am sure had to do with the venue, I will look forward to seeing these guys next time they are in town and possibly meeting them!

and these guys were from Houston,
Scale The Summit ). To quote my girlfriend "Not my Pint o beer". I actually love the music, but found that as an instrumental set it was really fuckin weird in the middle of this list. I imagined vocals to this and believe it could be some kick ass shit. My soon come out from the insane mosh down front and we conferred, but disagreed. He really liked it as it was. So there to all of you reading!, What you hear and like may not mean shit to the person next to you and vice versa.

and these cats

and then these bad muthafuckers were from San Antonio...
Upon A Burning Body!/uponaburningbody?sk=info ). Now word is that my daughters cousin is bust buds with these guys. I have also heard and seen the YouTube video about there musical rivals (interesting stuff). Performance wise it was dead on for the crowd and the feeling. Here is another band that I would love to get another chance to see on a better stage/better and longer set. None the less they are pretty fucking tite (and the lead singer isn't an ego bitch! he was walking around in the crowd glad handing everyone who gave him props)

 Born of Osiris!/bornofosiris?sk=info ). Now I could get punched for this, BUT this is what I would refer to as old school kick ass. It was the sound, the guitars, the look, and the attitude of the lead singer. Just got that good old fashioned Slayer feel while enjoying this set.

and finally Asking Alexandria ). Now here is a headline that was born and bred to cause some shit. Fights in the crowd, inciting a tear down the wall kind of riot, this is rock n roll bitches! From across the water and having a great time in Austin for SXSW seemed like cake. Absolutely playing to the crowd and just being relentless was a great way to end the night. It did remind me (with WAYYYY less fire) of limp biskit at woodstock. Performing at a break neck pace and telling the crowd to tear down the walls. It was a free show after all. If you dare to go to a show in which the band caters to the most base animal instincts of a frenzied crowd...Asking Alexandria is not asking too much!

oh yeah...and these kids couldn't get in. So they tore down the damn gates and literally crashed the party. HELL YEAH baby!


Rockin it SXSW style

pt.2 of my day 1

Red Eyed Fly ) is just down the street from Blue Moon. Still within the Music District, on Red River. Now for anyone reading this understand that Red River is more of the Rock/Metal/Punk area of the music district. With clubs/venues like Red Eyed Fly, Mohawk, and Red 7...this is definitely the faster paced, pulse pounding side of the district. The two bands experienced this nite were undoubtedly on the metal edge.

This club if you haven't been is more or less typical in the set up. Meaning and two stages, one inside and one outside in this case. Got a small seating area in the front to the right and a pool table to the left. Once you enter around the partition, you see a nice sized area with the stage to the left back corner and the bar on the right. All the way to the back and outside the doors was where the action was happening!

Through the double doors in the back opens to a large area with a bar to the right and the stage dead ahead. It is an uneven surface with steps and a slope leading up to the stage. A tree (wtf? really?) on the left and another seating area/merch area/green room (HA!). This backs up to Waller Creek so it stays cool or really fuckin humid depending on the time of year.

Hyde Park Showdown ( was throwing it down like crazy men. Originals that kicked you in the nuts and an attitude that matched. You can tell these guys were all business and loved the grinding guitars and pounding rhythms. I look forward to catching these guys again when I want to just yell and get my metal on. Ending with Mountain's "Mississippi Queen" was very fuckin cool and nice that they did it justice. Putting their own twist on the vocals, but keeping the music honest and original. AWESOME! Much respect.

and then there was one...Snake Skin Prison ( This three piece puts it out like there were 5 guys onstage. Non stop action and sound the whole time they are onstage. They are our version of metal gods here in Austin. With a good ol' boy, hellbilly accent from the lead singer/guitarist, to the crazy, all over the damn place bass player...WOW! The music is nothing but pure whiskey drinking, hell raising metal. Audience interaction is a must and expected, so be prepared. If the lead singer is coaxing you to raise your glasses, the bass player is in the audience pushing, shoving, and dripping sweat EVERYWHERE! 


Kickin it SXSW style

 South By South West, better known to the musical world, pop culture, and the blogoshpere as SXSW. I was there, I did it, and I survived [sigh].

The official start to the music part of this huge event (interactive, movie, and music) is generally considered The Austin Music Awards. The Austin Music Awards fall on Wednesday in the middle of the conference week. Now don't be fooled or misunderstand these words, the music is happening ALL WEEK! From the weekend before to the Sunday following the awards, it is non stop, more than we are used to here.

I jumped into the fray a day early on Tuesday this year at Blue Moon on 6th St in the heart of it all. This was the 13th annual Heart of Tx Rockfest. No wristbands, no 'Sponsored' showcases, just great music and a variety of music at that.

Seeing 3 bands this evening at Blue Moon before moving it on over to Red Eyed Fly to catch another 2 performances. Without knowing the correct name of the band I will still talk about them, as I was impressed. I will do some more digging and amend this once I find out. Up on stage in a flash and taking over the show were these two guys with guitars. Having a little bit of a country sound with a rockin edge and vocals that had me thinking Johnny Cash was in the house. I liked this! Sad not to know who they were, but I will find out...Oh Yes...I WILL Find out!

Aimless Gun ) took the stage back and then showed their professionalism by really having fun and tearing it up on a shortened set. This sound is difficult to pinpoint (Cross Canadian Ragweed, Zac Brown Band or somewhere around there). They are definitively that Austin sound! With some surprising spectators in the house (a member of Vallejo and a member of Blue October - NICE), these boys keep good company. Sounding like they are ready to hit the road in support of someone big and looking like they are ready for the headlining stage, I believe it will happen soon for them.

L.A. Velvet ) was up next. Looking like they stepped in from the 80's and definitely sounding like the 80's rock with girly vocals, IT WAS AWESOME!. Smoke machine and cheering, sing along style of audience interaction, c'mon if you loved the Hair Metal days and sound, you will love them. It was a little shocking and almost laughable at first, but they were actually good. I was hooked and enjoyed the platinum blond ( Laura V ) singing in painted on spandex (as if everyone else wasn't staring), but decided it was time to leave when she busted out the harmonica. Sorry, I can't play the harmonica, but I can say it was off and slightly outta place. Everything else rocked and I am glad that I got to experience this band.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's all for the children...sure it is!

Beso Cantina ( ) is a very cool little place. A little street side lounge area out front. Once you enter the club the stage is immediately to your right. A long bar runs quite a way along the left wall, giving Beso somewhat of a shotgun house feel. There is also an upstairs lounge.

What a great place to chill and have a great evening!

Another Lordship Entertainment ( ) production is the center of this musical journey on a Saturday at noon (really...noon). The young, beautiful and coming up through the ranks Jess and The Echoes opened for the CD release of another Big Don CD. AWESOME!

Jess and The Echoes ( )  is originally from the Dallas area, but lucky for us, they have relocated to Austin to make a go at it here. and GO you should. A band with the soulful, full range vocals front woman and the musical sound vaguely reminiscent of bands like 10,000 Maniacs or R.E.M. Albeit, this was an abbreviated set, it was very enjoyable and fun. Jess definitely held the attention of the crowd with her vocals and her acoustic guitar abilities. They definitely have plenty of shows ahead so make sure you check out the link, friend them, and enjoy.

Big Don ( ) has done it again. A new CD released for the young ones and shows that can, AND SHOULD, be enjoyed by ALL! This is the second time I have had the absolute pleasure to be at Big Don performance and the first time to have kids in tow, a youngsta @ 5 and 2 teenagers. Fun for all!

Really if you haven't gone, just stop making lame excuses and do it. With so many others in the club for the performance that were sans kids (lots of other members of bands that looked like there were nursing....Hangovers!) DJ Abe does an amazing job with the rhythm and beats, keeping the constant supply of energy to Big Don who then delivers it to the crowd. The EPIC finale of the show is the unbelievable co-ordination and team work from Don and Abe and their perfomance of "The A,B,C's"( ! LEGIT!


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sxsw - Thurs edition Red 7

12 bands, 6 hrs, 2 stages. Check out Red 7 on the net for more details, or SXSW, or
 Headliner is Asking Alexandria! If you weren't here before 10 am, ouch!