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Saturday, March 24, 2012

SXSW, 7 hours of waiting =


waiting in line at 11 a.m. to see Asking Alexandria ( )

and 11 other bands.

Then at 2pm we could see the door to the Red7 ), but couldn't get in, so...

across the street we see this!!!

Now let me tell you...after waiting 7 hrs, crowd freak watching, and snagging freebies whenever we could, we got into the "House of Blues/ANNEX showcase." It kicked ass!!!

At The Skylines was the first band up, of the six we saw. I don't have a problem with saying that this was definitely the way an opening band should be. Come out full tilt, balls out. THEY PLAYED LIKE THEY WERE THE HEADLINERS! With a song or two that I recognized from my daughters IPOD, I knew there was little doubt they were primed and ready to go. Although there was some bullshit issue with a mic that I am sure had to do with the venue, I will look forward to seeing these guys next time they are in town and possibly meeting them!

and these guys were from Houston,
Scale The Summit ). To quote my girlfriend "Not my Pint o beer". I actually love the music, but found that as an instrumental set it was really fuckin weird in the middle of this list. I imagined vocals to this and believe it could be some kick ass shit. My soon come out from the insane mosh down front and we conferred, but disagreed. He really liked it as it was. So there to all of you reading!, What you hear and like may not mean shit to the person next to you and vice versa.

and these cats

and then these bad muthafuckers were from San Antonio...
Upon A Burning Body!/uponaburningbody?sk=info ). Now word is that my daughters cousin is bust buds with these guys. I have also heard and seen the YouTube video about there musical rivals (interesting stuff). Performance wise it was dead on for the crowd and the feeling. Here is another band that I would love to get another chance to see on a better stage/better and longer set. None the less they are pretty fucking tite (and the lead singer isn't an ego bitch! he was walking around in the crowd glad handing everyone who gave him props)

 Born of Osiris!/bornofosiris?sk=info ). Now I could get punched for this, BUT this is what I would refer to as old school kick ass. It was the sound, the guitars, the look, and the attitude of the lead singer. Just got that good old fashioned Slayer feel while enjoying this set.

and finally Asking Alexandria ). Now here is a headline that was born and bred to cause some shit. Fights in the crowd, inciting a tear down the wall kind of riot, this is rock n roll bitches! From across the water and having a great time in Austin for SXSW seemed like cake. Absolutely playing to the crowd and just being relentless was a great way to end the night. It did remind me (with WAYYYY less fire) of limp biskit at woodstock. Performing at a break neck pace and telling the crowd to tear down the walls. It was a free show after all. If you dare to go to a show in which the band caters to the most base animal instincts of a frenzied crowd...Asking Alexandria is not asking too much!

oh yeah...and these kids couldn't get in. So they tore down the damn gates and literally crashed the party. HELL YEAH baby!