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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's all for the children...sure it is!

Beso Cantina ( ) is a very cool little place. A little street side lounge area out front. Once you enter the club the stage is immediately to your right. A long bar runs quite a way along the left wall, giving Beso somewhat of a shotgun house feel. There is also an upstairs lounge.

What a great place to chill and have a great evening!

Another Lordship Entertainment ( ) production is the center of this musical journey on a Saturday at noon (really...noon). The young, beautiful and coming up through the ranks Jess and The Echoes opened for the CD release of another Big Don CD. AWESOME!

Jess and The Echoes ( )  is originally from the Dallas area, but lucky for us, they have relocated to Austin to make a go at it here. and GO you should. A band with the soulful, full range vocals front woman and the musical sound vaguely reminiscent of bands like 10,000 Maniacs or R.E.M. Albeit, this was an abbreviated set, it was very enjoyable and fun. Jess definitely held the attention of the crowd with her vocals and her acoustic guitar abilities. They definitely have plenty of shows ahead so make sure you check out the link, friend them, and enjoy.

Big Don ( ) has done it again. A new CD released for the young ones and shows that can, AND SHOULD, be enjoyed by ALL! This is the second time I have had the absolute pleasure to be at Big Don performance and the first time to have kids in tow, a youngsta @ 5 and 2 teenagers. Fun for all!

Really if you haven't gone, just stop making lame excuses and do it. With so many others in the club for the performance that were sans kids (lots of other members of bands that looked like there were nursing....Hangovers!) DJ Abe does an amazing job with the rhythm and beats, keeping the constant supply of energy to Big Don who then delivers it to the crowd. The EPIC finale of the show is the unbelievable co-ordination and team work from Don and Abe and their perfomance of "The A,B,C's"( ! LEGIT!