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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Rockin it SXSW style

pt.2 of my day 1

Red Eyed Fly ) is just down the street from Blue Moon. Still within the Music District, on Red River. Now for anyone reading this understand that Red River is more of the Rock/Metal/Punk area of the music district. With clubs/venues like Red Eyed Fly, Mohawk, and Red 7...this is definitely the faster paced, pulse pounding side of the district. The two bands experienced this nite were undoubtedly on the metal edge.

This club if you haven't been is more or less typical in the set up. Meaning and two stages, one inside and one outside in this case. Got a small seating area in the front to the right and a pool table to the left. Once you enter around the partition, you see a nice sized area with the stage to the left back corner and the bar on the right. All the way to the back and outside the doors was where the action was happening!

Through the double doors in the back opens to a large area with a bar to the right and the stage dead ahead. It is an uneven surface with steps and a slope leading up to the stage. A tree (wtf? really?) on the left and another seating area/merch area/green room (HA!). This backs up to Waller Creek so it stays cool or really fuckin humid depending on the time of year.

Hyde Park Showdown ( was throwing it down like crazy men. Originals that kicked you in the nuts and an attitude that matched. You can tell these guys were all business and loved the grinding guitars and pounding rhythms. I look forward to catching these guys again when I want to just yell and get my metal on. Ending with Mountain's "Mississippi Queen" was very fuckin cool and nice that they did it justice. Putting their own twist on the vocals, but keeping the music honest and original. AWESOME! Much respect.

and then there was one...Snake Skin Prison ( This three piece puts it out like there were 5 guys onstage. Non stop action and sound the whole time they are onstage. They are our version of metal gods here in Austin. With a good ol' boy, hellbilly accent from the lead singer/guitarist, to the crazy, all over the damn place bass player...WOW! The music is nothing but pure whiskey drinking, hell raising metal. Audience interaction is a must and expected, so be prepared. If the lead singer is coaxing you to raise your glasses, the bass player is in the audience pushing, shoving, and dripping sweat EVERYWHERE!