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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Kickin it SXSW style

 South By South West, better known to the musical world, pop culture, and the blogoshpere as SXSW. I was there, I did it, and I survived [sigh].

The official start to the music part of this huge event (interactive, movie, and music) is generally considered The Austin Music Awards. The Austin Music Awards fall on Wednesday in the middle of the conference week. Now don't be fooled or misunderstand these words, the music is happening ALL WEEK! From the weekend before to the Sunday following the awards, it is non stop, more than we are used to here.

I jumped into the fray a day early on Tuesday this year at Blue Moon on 6th St in the heart of it all. This was the 13th annual Heart of Tx Rockfest. No wristbands, no 'Sponsored' showcases, just great music and a variety of music at that.

Seeing 3 bands this evening at Blue Moon before moving it on over to Red Eyed Fly to catch another 2 performances. Without knowing the correct name of the band I will still talk about them, as I was impressed. I will do some more digging and amend this once I find out. Up on stage in a flash and taking over the show were these two guys with guitars. Having a little bit of a country sound with a rockin edge and vocals that had me thinking Johnny Cash was in the house. I liked this! Sad not to know who they were, but I will find out...Oh Yes...I WILL Find out!

Aimless Gun ) took the stage back and then showed their professionalism by really having fun and tearing it up on a shortened set. This sound is difficult to pinpoint (Cross Canadian Ragweed, Zac Brown Band or somewhere around there). They are definitively that Austin sound! With some surprising spectators in the house (a member of Vallejo and a member of Blue October - NICE), these boys keep good company. Sounding like they are ready to hit the road in support of someone big and looking like they are ready for the headlining stage, I believe it will happen soon for them.

L.A. Velvet ) was up next. Looking like they stepped in from the 80's and definitely sounding like the 80's rock with girly vocals, IT WAS AWESOME!. Smoke machine and cheering, sing along style of audience interaction, c'mon if you loved the Hair Metal days and sound, you will love them. It was a little shocking and almost laughable at first, but they were actually good. I was hooked and enjoyed the platinum blond ( Laura V ) singing in painted on spandex (as if everyone else wasn't staring), but decided it was time to leave when she busted out the harmonica. Sorry, I can't play the harmonica, but I can say it was off and slightly outta place. Everything else rocked and I am glad that I got to experience this band.