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Monday, January 28, 2013

No Reservations

I really wanted some BBQ.  I have heard wonderful things about the BBQ at Lamberts ( and it smelled fantastic when I walked in. SO...all I wanted were some good appetizers, sit at the bar, and  enjoy some half price apps...blah! No seating at the bar 'cause it is pretty darn small, maybe 10 people. I didn't do my homework, so I didn't realize that you need reservations to sit at a table in the restaurant. My Bad! Guess I will have to try again soon!

The upstairs is where the music happens. Up the stairs from the front door puts you on the second floor at the back of the room. With the stage directly behind the stairs and the bar to the right as you face the stage, it is a very odd layout. Booths at the back and seating along the rail of the stairs leading to the stage it is somewhat of an 'L' shaped room. If it is a packed house, like the SOLD OUT show for The Roosevelts and Quiet Corral, then be prepared to hear a great performance. I managed to be a rebel and stand in the booth seat to be able to see over the crowd and take some photos.

So, for the second live performance of             The Roosevelts (, this had to be exciting for them. A packed house, wall to wall people, and chicks making out in the back! WHOOOO HOOOOOO! The music from The Roosevelts is very, very familiar and feels like some tunes currently heard on the radio. It is fun, happy music with melodies and vocal harmonies that blend seamlessly. The sound as a whole doesn't stand out, it just hits that spot somewhere in your brain, makes you smile, and that my friends is good. I look forward to the album that should be dropping at the beginning of March. I want a lyric sheet on the inside because all of these songs are tunes that you just want to sing along with. Front man James with backing vocalist/lead guitar Jason, do a great job of keeping the audience part of their show. The chemistry is visible and it is an all important part of making that a fun night out.

Quiet Corral ( is this unassuming group of guys from Kansas. With a broad range of ages (early 20's to early 30's) the experience and youthful energy serves them well and makes their performance energetic and smart for a crowd. No egos here for a headliner or touring band, just a band who's sound seemed like it should just be out there on the airwaves for all to hear, like right now! Getting on stage right after The Roosevelts exited and giving the audience very little time to recover was something I really liked. No cool down period, just grab a damn beer or your whiskey and get back into the music. They did a variety of up tempo songs that kept the audiences interest the whole time. For me the most notable and shocking moment of their performance is when one of the front men, Garrett, busted out the little 11 yr old M.J. vocals from The Jackson 5 song 'I want you back!' UNBELIEVABLE! Was absolutely worth it. Go check these guys out when they are in your small town, big city, or neck of the woods....OR when you are in Lawrence, KS.


P.S. - the making out, hot chick photo is in The Roosevelts photo album on my FB page!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Quest for the truth

So to prove what is posted on the internet is real and has to be the truth I provide you this compelling piece of evidence.

Dear Mariza Cruz,

I love you!

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Roosevelts - "Everybody Knows" (teaser)

Friday, January 18, 2013

Behind the scenes...

First let me congratulate Drastik IV ( ) and Moth To Flame ( for the video 'Explain To me' ( ). The debut video from the band Drastik IV and the lead off to their CD release 01/18/13.

I have talked to these guys on several occasions, seen them perform a couple of times as well (see my YouTube video from a previous show - ).

I had the pleasure to recently hang out with them during a studio rehearsal for their CD release party. It was serious fun. NO, I mean they were dead serious AND it was fun!. I got about an hour and a half of raw, rehearsal footage, behind the scenes type activity, and some general questions. Not really interview questions, but questions non the less.

For the CD release party I will capture more footage. Obviously some live footage, some "backstage" footage, and some random cuts before, during and after the show. I will try to capture some fan/crowd footage and will get some video from onstage.

Don't really know what we are going to do with this or if I will just montage it together. I do have an idea for a documentary type of video short, but I will run this by the band. Just telling all of you out there...even the people in the upper North East, U.S....keep an eye and ear out for this band.

I will get back with you for an update of the performance and some info from the other bands that performed there as well! For now hit these two links up for small...short clips of rehearsal.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

NEVER miss a night!

The title of this blog is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to follow as advice. I can't do it myself and it seems like MC Overlord ( and Patrick Davis ( try their damnedest, but there are just too many venues and too much music. There are DEFINITELY shows that I have missed, only to hear about the performance a few days later, then kick myself for not going or having no good reason for not going.

Where I am going with this rant is an early evening. happy hour at the One2One ( on South Lamar in Austin, Texas. Guitarist Cale Richardson ( posted on FB that he would be in town performing an intimate little Happy Hour gig at 5:30 in the afternoon, with special guests. His stay in Austin was to be short lived as he was leaving the next day for a television appearance. Lucky for us, in the Live Music Capital of the World, Cale stated he would be back and be around town til mid February. HOORAY!

Cale is a great guitarist and has an impressive resume under his belt, Fred Andrews & Honeybrowne, The Bart Crow Band, and more recently (and currently) has performed with Eli Young Band at the CMA's and a Christmas special. This not to slight the many, MANY local bands Cale has performed with and recorded with. 

No, going out to see one person that generally plays as part of the collective whole is pretty tough. In Austin, Texas is is an opportunity! You never know who will show up and make it a jam session. I am just telling you. Go out, catch a show. When you come to town, go out, catch a show (or a few). You can't go wrong, there are too many places to go and so many great artists to see. From Country to Rock, Rap and Hip Hop to Punk. It is ALL here and if you go away disappointed, it's because you didn't get out of your chair!


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What's new for 2013


If your band has a video or an album release that you will be promoting and want some additional traffic then let me know and I will repost it across all of my sites


New and upcoming for 2013:

January - Drastik IV ( 01/18/2013
                                    CD release "Wrath of the Underdog" and video release @ The Dirty Dog

February - Voting for Austin Chronicle music awards ends 02/01/2013

March - The Roosevelts (
                                         CD release for their Debut album


April - Super Water Sympathy (
                                                   CD release for their sophmore LP "Hydrogen Child"  

as for shows...don't be stupid. Go out see some live local music. Support the live local music scene. check out (, Do512 ( , and AustinAfterDark (  


Monday, January 7, 2013

The Moody Theatre got R.E.K.'d

Wow! What a hot December night. No, REALLY, it was a hot ass Christmas show with Robert Earl Keen (REK). The temperature outside was pretty warm for December and inside ACL Live at The Moody Theatre ( ) it was smokin' hot.

Have you been to a show at The Moody Theatre yet? Whether or not you live in Austin, this really needs to be a musical destination for you.  On this evening, with the breeze blowing, we met a couple that had made the trip from San Antonio, Texas to see REK. It was their first time to enjoy a live music performance at The Moody Theater. I was happy to direct them to the upper levels to check out the photos and memorabilia that The Moody Theatre proudly houses. This is something I highly recommend for everyone to go check out when you are here in Austin.

In fact, as I sit here writing this, I can't think of any place better in Austin for a music memorabilia facility or museum, than The Moody Theatre. I think they should expand the collection and once you see it you will agree.

On this night Robert Earl Keen ( made his return to Austin, and it was my second opportunity to see his performance since his CD release party for 'Ready for Confetti' ( Talk about putting on a show! This man really knows how to do a Christmas party. With the stage decorated like a great Christmas wonderland (trailer included) and the band dressed in full character, they were ready to have fun! You know if the band is dressed up like characters you wouldn't believe, The King Robert Earl, the Sheik, a couple of elves, Ebenezer, and a special appearance by none other than Santa himself, it is going to be a great show.

So King R.E.K. hit the stage with the whole cast of characters and started with tunes from the new album. This is the first time I was on the floor and Oh what a great place to be. The energy the crowd delivered was pretty damn stunning on the floor and with R.E.K. orchestrating the event...EVERYONE was singing, clapping, and dancing. Hell, I even busted out a little two-step with my honey during the evening. It was so much fun with all of the great music the band delivered, you couldn't help but get carried away. Old tunes and new, it was a non-stop evening filled with laughter, smiles, and great music.

The set this night was far from normal and I am very glad that R.E.K. made a liar out of me. With the placement of his epic "The Road goes on forever" nowhere near the end of the set, but just a few songs in, and the crowd was swept away into the story.

and with a Robert Earl Keen show....the party never ends!