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Friday, January 18, 2013

Behind the scenes...

First let me congratulate Drastik IV ( ) and Moth To Flame ( for the video 'Explain To me' ( ). The debut video from the band Drastik IV and the lead off to their CD release 01/18/13.

I have talked to these guys on several occasions, seen them perform a couple of times as well (see my YouTube video from a previous show - ).

I had the pleasure to recently hang out with them during a studio rehearsal for their CD release party. It was serious fun. NO, I mean they were dead serious AND it was fun!. I got about an hour and a half of raw, rehearsal footage, behind the scenes type activity, and some general questions. Not really interview questions, but questions non the less.

For the CD release party I will capture more footage. Obviously some live footage, some "backstage" footage, and some random cuts before, during and after the show. I will try to capture some fan/crowd footage and will get some video from onstage.

Don't really know what we are going to do with this or if I will just montage it together. I do have an idea for a documentary type of video short, but I will run this by the band. Just telling all of you out there...even the people in the upper North East, U.S....keep an eye and ear out for this band.

I will get back with you for an update of the performance and some info from the other bands that performed there as well! For now hit these two links up for small...short clips of rehearsal.