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Thursday, January 10, 2013

NEVER miss a night!

The title of this blog is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to follow as advice. I can't do it myself and it seems like MC Overlord ( and Patrick Davis ( try their damnedest, but there are just too many venues and too much music. There are DEFINITELY shows that I have missed, only to hear about the performance a few days later, then kick myself for not going or having no good reason for not going.

Where I am going with this rant is an early evening. happy hour at the One2One ( on South Lamar in Austin, Texas. Guitarist Cale Richardson ( posted on FB that he would be in town performing an intimate little Happy Hour gig at 5:30 in the afternoon, with special guests. His stay in Austin was to be short lived as he was leaving the next day for a television appearance. Lucky for us, in the Live Music Capital of the World, Cale stated he would be back and be around town til mid February. HOORAY!

Cale is a great guitarist and has an impressive resume under his belt, Fred Andrews & Honeybrowne, The Bart Crow Band, and more recently (and currently) has performed with Eli Young Band at the CMA's and a Christmas special. This not to slight the many, MANY local bands Cale has performed with and recorded with. 

No, going out to see one person that generally plays as part of the collective whole is pretty tough. In Austin, Texas is is an opportunity! You never know who will show up and make it a jam session. I am just telling you. Go out, catch a show. When you come to town, go out, catch a show (or a few). You can't go wrong, there are too many places to go and so many great artists to see. From Country to Rock, Rap and Hip Hop to Punk. It is ALL here and if you go away disappointed, it's because you didn't get out of your chair!