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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Gettin funky with it

Les and the Funk Mob ) one of the biggest and most fun surprises so far this year. Having a pretty regular residency at the Speakeasy ), and sometimes one or two other joints, these guys are pretty easy to find.

The Speakeasy happens to be one of those places that is multi faceted with 3 different venues to enjoy. The inside lounge has very luxurious vibe with multi levels of seating, a mezzanine/balcony, smooth dance floor with plenty of room to break it down or get dirty. and the! plenty of room for a large band, even the size of the Funk Mob!

Now as for this tasty piece of entertainment,DAMN! This is absolutely a band to go see if it is girls night out! To go see if you have a date with you significant other and you REALLY want to dance, or if you simply love the danceable radio hits of the 70's through today. The mix of all of the different vocalists, female and male, give the group huge diversity in being able to reproduce most hit and dance tunes.

Props to the drummer Les Fisher. It makes me smile to say this... you know you are a bad mother fucker as a drummer/vocalist if you put your kit right up front for all the world to see. None of this drummer-tucked-away-in-the-back-of-a-stage bullshit here. Hell no! Les has got dem big balls to put his shit right up front and let you know he kicks ass on the drums and vocals!

Seeing my friend Ter'rell Shahid, with what he refers to as his 'day job', was just fantastic. Ter'rell can also deliver some mean saxaphone as well. From the lead guitar to the keyboards and the soulful female vocals by Rayshay Kisslinger, this group delivers all the entertainment and fun you need for any one evening.

So when they are collectively not on tour or recording with any of the multitude of projects that they ALL have their hands and voices in, enjoy this piece of Austin funkiness with all your heart and the soles of your shoes.


Scootin on in

Tucked away on east 4th, just blocks off of IH35, is the Scoot Inn ). With a couple of SKEEBALL machines when you walk in to your right...and they are DAMN proud of that too (check out The bar is just a large open floor plan, bar to the left and stage straight ahead. One of the things that I absolutely love is the bad ass stage out back. I have been to a couple of events in the back and I tell you that it is the most dramatic performance area you will find on that side of 35. Tonite was inside though and the bars mascot was on the prowl.

Sounding like, or reminding me slightly of Kings of Leon, was Dear Marksman ). A cool little fill with the keyboards and we are off! As interesting as it may seem, some of the more mellow interludes sounded like instrumentals from the 28 Days Later horror movie soundtrack, or as my friend Miguel reminded me, the band My Morning Jacket. Okay, I also heard a little Beatles thrown into the mix. If you get the idea and think you would like this, good! Go check them out.

Yuma ) provided a sound and fun energy on stage that infected the crowd. You can't help it when you see the band onstage having so much fun. The amazing things that can be done with pedals and a guitar were proven here. Unique, distinctive, and pure Austin was their prowess. I have never been one for looped tracks (not a fan), but here was an example of a band that could incorporate it seamlessly into a song where you didn't know, realize, or care. These cats even busted out the brass, my only harp on that is go balls out...notch that shit up an octave and make it wail. On the down side the duel vocals are always fun, but the rhythm guitar player could use for a little tuning on the voice pipes. I have seen them appearing more and more in the weekly music rag, so check out the Chronicle and see what you think. Oh! and if Miguel is there, he will buy you a beer!



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