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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hot Sauce Festival on a hot ass day!

I started the morning out not knowing what I was gonna do today. Got a call from my buddy Danny reminding me about the 20th Annual Hot Sauce Festival. Well HOT DAMN! I am not really down with doing alot of this stuff by myself because it is always good to have someone to bounce smart ass comments off of. WHATEVER!

I did arrive a little late compared to the bands scheduled but did get to catch three bands. El Tule, Uncle Lucius, and David Garza.

I met Chris, the drummer from Distant Lights ( ) and got a copy of their 3 song EP. Very nice...I liked the sound and wish I had been at the festival a little earlier to catch their set. I am sure it would have kicked ass like the sound on the disc. Go check them out!

El Tule ( ) had just taken the stage when I got into the festival.  How could you go anywhere to any festival and hear some great latin, cumbia music and not feel happy or feel like dancing. (Mijita it would have been wonderful)! I have always had this kind of affection for that brass sound and El Tule delivers without question or regrets. This is the sound that makes festivals fun and lively. By the looks of the crowd I think they would all agree. And what a kick ass way end a set. Everyone, old and young, was just moving, grooving, and dancing away to the up tempo, fast and fun. Look them up, go see them, buy a CD and play it loud at your next get together and watch your family and friends have fun too!

Uncle Lucius ( ) had that foot stompin', hand clappin' kind of music if there ever was one. The crowd grew bigger, the sound grew louder, and that fuckin Texas heat just seemed to melt away. Looking at the fun in the sun that the audience was having, Uncle Lucius made it ok to stand in line. and OH shit! they broke out the horns, it's all over now! These guys now had the crowd by the hot sauce balls, LOL! With some slow funky grooves mixed in, Uncle Lucius is luscious.

David Garza ( ) is a little latin, a little dance, and a great guitar. The crowd actually was pushed up to the stage, there was some room made for dancing. So amazing and great seeing so many people having so much fun irregardless of the ridiculous heat! David was not afraid to point out people in the audience, call out the non moving, no dancing ass people. Tell the dancers to keep dancing and everyone else to sing along. To dance and enjoy is to see the crowd love David. 


I am sure it is NOT Lonely in his land!

An adventurous return to The Saxon Pub ( ) on a weekday evening is so much fun. Yes, I have said this several times recently and screw you if you are to much of a pu swa to make it happen for yourself because ya have to work tomorrow. We live here in one of the greatest cities in the world (believe me, after College Station) OMG we have it good when it comes to live music. Go out and support it. Do something new, do something old and tired, but most of all DON'T take it for granted because those other places out there suck!

Aimless Gun ( ) are definitely taking advantage of the opportunities that come before them. I applaud them for making the best of everything they are getting! This evening at The Saxon Pub opening for Bob Schneider and Lonelyland is another one of those times. There are people you should meet and befriend. In the music industry in Austin these young men are meeting those people and Bob is one of them. Another good time onstage with a great sized crowd. Now all we need to do is start working that merch and passing that tip jar.

Bob Schneider and Lonelyland ( ). I have seen Bob perform previously in a few of his other incarnations and it is ALWAYS fun and entertaining.

Now I know Bob does not need my BS little opinion and blog because he is as there as you can get in Austin music. But HAHA, the joke is that I don't write this for anybody but me. Although I am glad you are here and reading this and hope that something I say has you deciding to go out one night and catch something fun in Austin. catching something fun does not mean crabs.

Back to the Bob though. This was such and awesome performance. With Mr Schneiders mix of music and fun you will always feel like it was money well spent and time worthwhile. He is exciting and energetic. Funny yet deep. He will always drag the audience around and show them a tour of his mind. No doubt this is why the few times I have seen him as other personalities I have never forgotten about it and neither will you. It seems to be a somewhat regular gig so take advantage and have a really good time. Sit down in front, order a beer and be a part of this all.


Dillard n Bookout...this has too happen again!

A nice little evening on the quiet side of town, a scream, a gunshot, the wail of a siren...WAIT A GD minute...wrong story, LOL! This was a great night for the live music scene, as one of Austins newest rising young misdemeanor stars and another up and comer, with an album, dropped some panties and made'em swoon!

The One2One ( ) will remain a favorite of mine. Good company, great staff and the size of the bar makes it a great place to see live local talent but add that intimate feel to the performance.

Michael Dillard ( ) hit the stage first. After an interesting night (and making some of his PR people sweat) he stepped up to the mic and totally let it go. Another fun night, and fun time. The big man himself, MC Overlord, stepped up onstage to cap off the Dillard performance. To have everyone just outta their minds at the end of your set is the best way to know you left that impression and will see them again, they'll tell two friends, and they'll two friends, and so on and so on and so on....

Here is the link for the kick ass fucking cover that Dillard does of Gnarls Barkley 'Crazy'! I'll try to get his Kings of Leon cover next time (that one is astounding as well).

Bobby Bookout ( ) is so adapt at controlling the crowd, it is wonderful! His mix of rock, and some groove tunes still makes me very happy to sit in the audience, at any venue, and watch the women get down when Bobby tears it up and breaks it down. This gig was no different than any of the others...I was there WITHOUT A DAMN DATE!, lol. Please, take the time, take your girlfriend, your fiance, or you wife (really?) and enjoy this performance. Without a doubt, good music for all to sit and enjoy and stand and move too!

If any of us get the opportunity for this type of match up to happen again just go do it...screw the office if you have to work tomorrow. Life is TOO DAMN SHORT. Live it, love it, and most of all BE A PART OF IT! No sideline crap.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Doc Deuce/MC Overlord...made in Hip Hop heaven

When I heard about the pairing of these two great live hip hop talents, I was doubly excited as I was confused as to why it took so long. No worries! It finally happened and it was better than good, it was powerful!

"Sometimes you just have to say what the fuck!" Really, don't be scared and save the bullshit excuses about working on Friday for someone or something else. It seems like some of the greatest and most entertaining things happen in Austin during the week. Thursday night at the Lucky Lounge ) was absolutely the right place to be.

Doc Deuce ) did it first and did it like the night was on fire! With some new and different musicians in tow, Doc Deuce hit us with the rhythm and didn't let the audience breathe. It was loud and powerful and great. It seemed as if the spontaneous opening for the Dirty Wormz a week or so earlier was a prelude to something huge on the horizon. The performance was like a 5 alarm fire! The band, the music, and Doc were burning it up, and the audience to did not want this performance extinguished! Once again Doc Deuce pulled the crown into the stage and had them feeling the intensity of his rhymes and the beat of the music. At one point Doc went from the hip hop lyrical stylings to a little singing and I swear he was channeling some Bob Marley...he was there, I felt it!

MC Overlord ) the return of the Godfather of live Austin Hip Hop made his triumphant return to the stage as a headliner. With this performance it still proves this is where he should the top of the food chain! I don't know how long it's been since Overlord has actually been onstage as the man of the hour and can't say it's been too long, BUT it's nice when he comes back like this. With all of the power, the excitement, and the moves you know this is why he is Overlord. Tons of musicians in the house for the performance and even some special guests up onstage, THIS is why they come. Tray God stepped up to the mic and Overlords former partner from another brother stunned us with a verbal montage that kicked ass. Speaking of kicking ass, drummer extraordinaire Les Fisher did kick it behind the kit for the final song of the evening. This is the man Overlord credits with all of the corruption and joy of Austin music nightlife that is in his blood.

So stop making excuse, hit the Austin music scene, enjoy the nightlife DURING the week! Who knows what special thing you will find yourself a part of!


"I just need to pee and eat a Twix and I'll be OK!"

I received an invite to join Aimless Gun in College Station...(GASP!) home of the Texas A&M Aggies. A fun little jaunt in the bands custom cruiser and we were there. It was scheduled to be a hella long set as they were hitting the stage at approx 10:30 pm and playing til their fingers bleed.

The venue is Zapatos Cantina ( ). OK, I will NEVER bitch about the size of One2One or any other of our local Austin clubs and bars cause this place was crazy, CRAZY small. But, the outside was where the action was gonna be at. College Station is very much the antithesis of Austin for all of the obvious reasons and a few others. Most notable (as stated by Casey - the Aimless Drummer [oh now that's funny in itself]) "In Austin you start out with a hundred people and by the end of the night or the end of you set there's 12 people left. Here, you start out with 12 people and by the end of the night there's over 200!" Well said Casey and NO SHIT! what an effing great surprise. It took no time at all to have more people in the courtyard enjoying the sounds than you could shake a collie at.

With a well thought out set list of originals, and covers interspersed, Aimless Gun )really went at it in a grand fashion. They kicked off the evening with some uptempo tunes that had the folks there in the house singing along IMMEDIATELY.  As the crowd built up more people would join in, the girls dancing, people cheering, very nice to see a large crowd really enjoying this bands performance.

And speaking of performance, whether or not there were adult beverages involved, this is the loosest and most fun I have seen from these guys on stage EVER! Lead guitarist Zach was chiming in with remarks and digging at the audience between songs in the most fun way possible. The ever silent Miles Barker on Bass even spoke up and being playful as well. Front man Cody Rathmell was an absolute blast to watch. Talking it up to some of the folks out in the dirt, inviting all the girls down front to sing along. I was surprised and found myself actually laughing out loud when I saw Cody invite some of the crowd to sing along to the chorus of a song or two. With a well place, and I might comical slap of the hand, Cody would spin the boom arm on the mic stand around to face the audience down in front and away they would go.

This crowd  absolutely would not stop! Singing along to the originals and going crazy over the covers. It was just an awe inspiring thing to see so many people having that much fun and appreciating the sounds of some live Austin music. They even managed to get a couple of live videos, 'Good Summer' (which was uploaded straight to YouTube while they were still onstage) and their unique rendition of 'HeyYa' (to be uploaded later - look for it!) recorded with some fantastic and fun audience participation.

Here is the link for 'Good Summer' -
and the link for their original cover of 'Hey Ya' -

Friday, August 27, 2010

Aimless Gun Good Summer.MOV

College Station will rock tonight!!!

To the sounds of Aimless Gun!!! It will be a nice long set, so get ready and drive...the party will be here...and make sure you wear your LONGHORN GEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Live at Zapatos Cantina in Bryan, Texas - Aimless Gun

10:30pm from college station...yes you still have time to make it!!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

You know it's a country show when...(the band has a pet squirrel onstage)!

First to Dave Rosen and those at Rozone Productions ( ) it was not another great was a Hot ass show! Good company, beautiful people, and awesome music...this is why we live in Austin, Texas. Hell Yeah! For those reading this somewhere else in the world, pack your fucking bags and come be a part of this, you will never want to leave!
John and The All Nighters opened for Dierks Bentley on this Saturday evening in Austin, Texas and really did a wonderful job. At first it looked like the crowd was a little light, but then John started to play and here we go! Not a whole lot of flash to John's set, but he did connect with the audience and set some of them a two steppin'. The sound made you feel good and was so easy to connect with. He even took a couple of moments to have fun with the band on stage, for the audience, introducing his slide guitar player and the pet squirrel that is kept in his shirt while he performs. Wow! I cant believe I saw it. It was absolutely hilarious and although all the girls in the audience gave the collective 'AWWWWWWW' when they saw it, they went right back to business. Really, how many times in a guys life can he pull out his furry friend onstage and have women completely love it!
Dierks Bentley ( ) came out onstage, no explosions, no crack of thunder, just the roar of the crowd. I was happy to be here and enjoy of piece of this (and apparently the crowd was more than happy themselves). Here is another musician that really feeds off the energy of his crowd!
The lights were fantastic, the music was thrilling, and the crowd was fun. Dierks had no bones about pointing out folks that were dancing along to his songs. All around me the crowd was dancing to the music...a little two stepping over there....some slow dancing over there (she was cute, but DAMN! her dude was UGLY LOL)! Dierks kept the audience as a part of the show the whole time! While sitting on the stage down in front he was having the girls there sing pieces of a chorus here and there. Talking to the folks that were sitting at the tables in back and celebrating with people dancing on the other side. Although choreography probably isn't the primary objective for a great country music performance, it absolutely makes a difference to the show. Especially done to the benefit of all those in attendance. It just makes you feel that it was worth it and that the band and performer wanted to do this just for you!

It was just a great night for everyone in attendance. Dierks Bentley and Rozone Productions know how to light up and heat up the Texas night sky. With a wonderful catalog of music to plow through, Dierks did this in grand fashion and left everyone happy to have been there. With so many people raising up their drinks and their voices, it was one kick ass night at the Nutty Brown Cafe ( ), deep in the heart of Texas. Can you imagine that I almost didn't go to this show (mijita)...'What was I thinkin?'

Friday, August 20, 2010

"Excuse me sir! Can you have Mr. Skynyrd sign this?"

I WILL NOT go into the folklore and legend of Mr. Lynyrd Skynyrd, look it up on the 'net for yourself. While you're there check out the sad back story on the band "Lynyrd Skynyrd", the tragedy that befell them, and read about their amazing recovery. BTW, the fabled album cover with the dead band members eerily foretold by them being engulfed in flames on the cover...yeah! I have that original LP!

To the Rozone Productions ) family, thank you again for another great opportunity to see and write about a great show and a great performance. Great job on getting Skynyrd here to Austin, what a rockin' evening!

The opening act was Austin's own Douglas Jay Boyd (!/profile.php?id=529462933&v=wall&ref=ts ) and he was great. Simple and fun...I love the way he just strolled out on stage with a stool sat down, acknowledged the audience and had fun with it! I have always said and will always stand by the idea that a live show is about the performance. How the artist incorporates the audience into his music. Douglas did just that. No dreams or visions of trying to upstage the headliner (uhm yeah right it was effin Lynyrd Skynyrd, HA!). Just play the music, talk to the audience a little and have fun with it. You know the audience felt it and liked it. It did seem like an abbreviated set, but then again the whole show was up and done in a blink. Definitely see you around town and look forward to a full set (with or without a band).

Lynyrd Skynyrd ) came to town, flags waving and guitars blazing. I haven't seen this band in over 30 years...I think the last time was at some out door festival in the deep south, LOL! After so many years of recording and performing you would think they know how to throw a party and do up a performance. Well HELL YEAH! They sure do! The lights, the sound, the set list, yup! They came to celebrate decades of music with Austin, Texas and it was BAD effin ASS! The crowd did not try to bum rush the stage...we found our spots, stood our ground and then threw our hands and our voices up. Skynyrd knew what the crowd wanted and did not fuck around one bit. Everyone in the audience knew it and felt it. Normally you get some effin douche next to you who sings every song at the top of his lungs to your favorite band that you paid good money to see, and it is completely shitty. Not tonight, EVERYONE was singing along to every damn song at the top of their lungs. It was beautiful. Although I figured there would be more dancing and two stepping (guess no one from Del Valle made it to the show, LOL!), but the crowd was every bit a part of this show. As much or more than any show I have seen or experienced yet.

The God and Guns tour is Great! Those of you out there on the World Wide Web, go get you southern rock roots on and see this tour!


Lynard Skynard 08/19/10

Monday, August 16, 2010

We're on Black Peoples time, dammit!

Saturday night at The Dirty Dog ( ) was another amazing night in the Live Music Capital of the World. Met and made another friend from Rozone Productions (what up effin guys are everywhere aren't you? LOL) and hung out with a few other good friends. Interestingly enough, two of these guys were Wormz virgins, HA! Ohhh is this gonna be fun!

The return of The Dirty Wormz ( ) to Austin was hailed with a sneak of their movie "Worm Head". For everyone in attendance and around the world wide web stay tuned for more, greater, and bigger things from the Wormz ( Kobosh w/Tech N9ne on 10/10/10). Tonite was NOT just another show in down town Austin. It seems like there is always something new or different and tonight was NO exception.

Poise and 20/20 ( ) hit the stage to open the evening, rapping to some awesome tracks, laying down some amazing vocals. This is a fun duo whose voices meshed together very well with a back and forth that was so fluid and smooth the sound just flowed over you. Don't know where or when these boys will step it up next, but I expect it will be a great show and some fun. Jump down, join the audience, by unique, by original, and own the venue!

Apparently there was a little bit of an issue that caused a delay in the Dirty Wormz hittin the stage. So like the professionals that they are, DJ Crash hit the One's and Two's and proceeded to entertain. Well lucky us, (and in proving that you never know what is gonna happen on any given night down town) Doc Duece was in the house. With a nod from Crash, Doc Jumped up grabbed the mic and with all of the fun and confidence he has, tore that MuThAFuCkA UP!!! The crowd drew in tight as Doc took control, but alas as fuckin hot shit as it was it had to end. With the go sign delivered, applause and props to Doc Deuce it was now time. for the delay our explanation from Smackola was simply this "We're on Black Peoples time, dammit!" I believe that there is NO ONE that putz the energy into a show and drawz such an intense and powerful crowd reaction than the Wormz. With a mad mixture of heavy metal, rap, and an intense ability to make the crowd part of the show...their performance is something to behold. No doubt the Dirty Wormz have all of the skillz and talent, but their fanz...OMG these fanz are the shit! Be prepared to be drawn in when you have the opportunity to go to a performance (no they DO NOT do shows, they FUCKIN perform). You will be throwin up the DW and yell "Fuck the Dirty Wormz cause they aint shit!" 


Sunday, August 15, 2010

MCDougERobKane w/some Salt-n-Pepa

Tons and tons to say about this night, this show, and the performances! Without a doubt I have to thank Rozone Productions ( ) for the opportunity to verbalize this event, So Dave - THANK YOU SIR, Christian - to you as well and I look forward to chillin with you more at other events and out and about (enjoy the coast jerk-off!). To the rest of the Rozone crew, happy to meet you as well.

Salt n Pepa, Big Daddy Kane, Rob Base, Doug E Fresh, and the Godfather of Austin Hip Hop- MC Overlord (who kicked this shit off the right way)!

 YES! I will start with MC Overlord's ( ) performance...biggest damn crowd of his career and it only took him 22 years to get here! With the audiences eyes wide open in amazement and jaws hitting the floor, Overlord kicked this shit off and kicked it off hard. MC Overlord tore through his set with his band of AMAZING LIVE musicians on the stage and I will tell you this, he schooled the OLD SCHOOL on what it is to be great, be great live, and be great with a LIVE BAND! Knowing how to start it and DAMN WELL knowing how to end the set...the entire crowd was jumpin' and out of breath when he walked off, as the way it should be! No one to do this better, EVER than MC OVERLORD!
"Go Doug E, Go Doug E, Go Doug E" is what it was like, and it was like THAT!  Doug E Fresh ( ) came out next and single handedly let us know he was here to run 'The Show' and took way more then '6 minutes'..It was awesome! Doug E's prowess is definitely timeless and the energy and excitement he brought out was only outdone by the energy that the audience was delivering back to the stage, it was fantastic! We all know the chance of seeing any of these performers on a regular (or irregular basis) is pretty much non existent now a days, BUT like I said, this was timeless. The DJ seemed to disappear into the nothingness at the back of the stage as Doug E stood there in front of us all as the original humanbeatbox, and with modern tracks and old school ones alike, made it feel like there was no time that had passed...It was about here and now...and it was fun to be young!

Rob Base ( ) is the act that my Friend Diana was soooo dying to see, and I have NO DOUBT that she was not disappointed. The crowd pushed forward, but at the same time spread out because everyone was wanting to dance (even some of the ones who shouldn't be trying to dance -ugh!). Like Doug E before him, Rob just came to party and it showed. Without missing a beat Rob and his accompaniment just jumped into it, used the whole stage, and brought the whole audience in. No gimmicky frills, just non stop rhymes and jams, everybody jumpin and dancing to the beats. They were fresh, they were new, they were old, but they were not tired. It was happiness, it was "Joy and Pain"! LOL!

Big Daddy Kane ( ) ...what a damn nice return for the master himself. Walked on the stage like he owned the damn place...and at that point and time he did. Big Daddy Kane slid right into it like it was the 1980's and no time had passed. The audience jumped, cheered, sang along, and hung on his every rhyme and syllable. No need for him to prove what a performer he is and why he is Big Daddy. He kicked it! At one point with a pair of dancers, and in keeping with the rhythm and the rhyme, he knocked that shit down. This is the show that people wanted to experience, the excitement and a performance of  more than words. Big Daddy Kane ended the set just right...always leav'em wanting more!

Yes yes y'all and we don't stop...and neither did Salt n Pepa ( ) when they hit the stage. These two ladies looked amazing and the energy and fun they brought when they hit the stage was so bad ass for the audience. With the dance crew really was a great performance, Ala 1986 at the City Coliseum (ahhhhh). The ladies had fun with each other onstage, incorporated the audience, kept it lively, non stop and breathtaking. With their repertoire of music it just cranked. A little DJ action to make it an effin house party was the smartest ass shit to do. I even found myself dancing along like everyone else (see my statement earlier about some people that should not be dancing, HA!). Salt n Pepa closed the second part of their set out like the roof was on fire, the were made you not just wanna talk about was all the good things that may be!!!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Drunken Master... (or the return of Blackie Chan)

The Birthday party to end all parties (until next year). So thanks to the Dirty Dog, EPMB, Michael Dillard, Aimless gun, and Dave Rosen. To all of the countless others that showed up, made appearance, dropped by, stayed until the end, and everything in between, THANK YOU very much. I can assure it was a night that Donnell/MC Overlord will never remember!

What a great crowd at The Dirty Dog ( ), everyone was in that festive, celebratory kind of mood, and it was a good looking crowd. EPMB ( ) hit the stage first and I must say it was very nice to see them perform an early set instead of 12 o'clock at night! I don't know how to really describe the fun and energy as well as the smart lyrics and well written sound these guys drop, but just go see them dammitt. I do know if you hit their site, you can pick and choose just about any night of the week and at some great locations to listen to these guys kick it. Now I was surprised at the end of their performance to see the man of the hour jump up on stage and completely shake it up and tear it down. MC Overlord is more than a man, more than a legend, he is a myth, HA! But really, I was very impressed by the seamless progression and sound between Overlord and EPMB (only to be educated later in the evening that this was the norm back in the day).

And now for the new piece of the evening, the world premier of Michael Dillard's ( ) music video "Take It or Leave It". It can be seen on his website as well as here ( ). It is a really moving piece and feels oddly true, not for Mike, but just in general. Enjoy. As for the performance, I am happy to say Micheal is having no problemo in feeling comfortable on the stage and interacting with the audience more and more, THIS WILL BE key and instrumental in having the audience not just enjoy the show, but be a part of the performance and live the music. MC Overlord mad his appearance on stage again, and totally destroyed it for the last song of Michael's set. Overlord was even able to convince Mike Dill to finish out the set, and It was damn fun and damn fine.

Now this is where the title of the blog comes from. It was Donnell's birthday and the adult beverages were flowing very nicely. MC Overlord is NOT a small man, yet rambled up the steps to the stage at the Dirty Dog without even hesitating, grabbed the mic like he owned it (which he did), and had NO PROBLEM letting loose with the rhymes. As one of the members of Aimless Gun so aptly pointed out "How the hell can he do it like that, I don't even think I could stand!" Well my friends, all of the greatest fighters in the world are the greatest because they train and they train and they train. The ability to stand and fight, no matter what, is ultimately a matter of instinct, and MC Overlord has proven time and time again that he has the instinct to rhyme, no matter what! He is definitely a Master of Ceremonies!

Aimless Gun ( )was finally onstage, much to the chagrin of one band members vocal fan club member, HA! "Play some damn music!!!" So they did! And as I have said about where I would like to see Dillard take his performance next, these young men are doing it. Talking to the audience and 'selling' the performance. I will tell you this...everyone has there own specialty, that special song they do, a remix, or something that will be the next big thing. For me it is their cover of "Hey Ya!" by Outkast. When you do go out and see them, don't be afraid to walk right up to the stage and ask for it. I am sure they will do it and you have my assurances that you will love it. Can't wait for the end of summer, the video drop, the single release for the radio, and the first full length album, I am telling you it will have been a "Good Summer"!


Monday, August 9, 2010

So high up, she's out of this world

Yup, I am a little behind, piss off! I can't even say I have been busy, just seems like I have been...editing the crap out of my daughters Rome n Juliet performance from Wimberly's EmilyAnne Theatre. This music blog is a week behind the performance, but again as all of you know...if you weren't at the show then this is to educate you and send you packing to check out something new or different around town...and on that note of being we go!

A Wednesday at The Lucky Lounge ( ), man I love this place, is very cool. And do I mean it! The A.C. is pumping, the staff is serving'em up, and it's chill to hang out. Tonight was very interesting indeed as I had an invite to check out Darwin Prophet. Now my intentions were good to just check out this performance and go home early, HA! It was all good tonight.

Darwin Prophet ( ) is what my blog is all about. The performance, the audience involvement within the performance, and the story that the artist weaves for you with their music. Darwin's performance is so out of this world you won't believe. This is one that when I say you have to see it to believe it, I mean it! Darwin even had her viola accompaniment beamed in to assist her and entertain us as well, with amazing backing vocals and haunting melodies on the viola, she fit the bill wonderfully. Check the Chronicle or Darwins FB page and when you get an opportunity to see something completely different and fun, go!

Like I said in the foreword, I had all intentions of leaving at this point but this next band hoped up onstage and really caught my eye. With three guitars, I really wanted to see this. Second Chance ( ) was the name of the band and they were an amalgam um of two bands put together. The performance was so interesting it ALMOST defies description, but I will do it anyway. The fun of two rhythm guitars and a lead was a sight,  then the swapping vocals from female to male put another dynamic on that was unexpected as well. A little switching from male to female, somebody jumping on the keyboards...there was enough action here to keep the audience entertained and the music mixed to make everyone happy. As I learned after the performance, this was only there second live performance together, hopefully they will have more and you will get a second chance to enjoy.

Mont Lyons came up after this and was best described by a friend as a very modern Simon and Garfunkel. Very mellow but well written and with the electric piano on the stage, decidedly nice as well. I can definitely see these guys doing some early afternoon/early evening shows that would be nice to chill at and start your night right.