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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Drunken Master... (or the return of Blackie Chan)

The Birthday party to end all parties (until next year). So thanks to the Dirty Dog, EPMB, Michael Dillard, Aimless gun, and Dave Rosen. To all of the countless others that showed up, made appearance, dropped by, stayed until the end, and everything in between, THANK YOU very much. I can assure it was a night that Donnell/MC Overlord will never remember!

What a great crowd at The Dirty Dog ( ), everyone was in that festive, celebratory kind of mood, and it was a good looking crowd. EPMB ( ) hit the stage first and I must say it was very nice to see them perform an early set instead of 12 o'clock at night! I don't know how to really describe the fun and energy as well as the smart lyrics and well written sound these guys drop, but just go see them dammitt. I do know if you hit their site, you can pick and choose just about any night of the week and at some great locations to listen to these guys kick it. Now I was surprised at the end of their performance to see the man of the hour jump up on stage and completely shake it up and tear it down. MC Overlord is more than a man, more than a legend, he is a myth, HA! But really, I was very impressed by the seamless progression and sound between Overlord and EPMB (only to be educated later in the evening that this was the norm back in the day).

And now for the new piece of the evening, the world premier of Michael Dillard's ( ) music video "Take It or Leave It". It can be seen on his website as well as here ( ). It is a really moving piece and feels oddly true, not for Mike, but just in general. Enjoy. As for the performance, I am happy to say Micheal is having no problemo in feeling comfortable on the stage and interacting with the audience more and more, THIS WILL BE key and instrumental in having the audience not just enjoy the show, but be a part of the performance and live the music. MC Overlord mad his appearance on stage again, and totally destroyed it for the last song of Michael's set. Overlord was even able to convince Mike Dill to finish out the set, and It was damn fun and damn fine.

Now this is where the title of the blog comes from. It was Donnell's birthday and the adult beverages were flowing very nicely. MC Overlord is NOT a small man, yet rambled up the steps to the stage at the Dirty Dog without even hesitating, grabbed the mic like he owned it (which he did), and had NO PROBLEM letting loose with the rhymes. As one of the members of Aimless Gun so aptly pointed out "How the hell can he do it like that, I don't even think I could stand!" Well my friends, all of the greatest fighters in the world are the greatest because they train and they train and they train. The ability to stand and fight, no matter what, is ultimately a matter of instinct, and MC Overlord has proven time and time again that he has the instinct to rhyme, no matter what! He is definitely a Master of Ceremonies!

Aimless Gun ( )was finally onstage, much to the chagrin of one band members vocal fan club member, HA! "Play some damn music!!!" So they did! And as I have said about where I would like to see Dillard take his performance next, these young men are doing it. Talking to the audience and 'selling' the performance. I will tell you this...everyone has there own specialty, that special song they do, a remix, or something that will be the next big thing. For me it is their cover of "Hey Ya!" by Outkast. When you do go out and see them, don't be afraid to walk right up to the stage and ask for it. I am sure they will do it and you have my assurances that you will love it. Can't wait for the end of summer, the video drop, the single release for the radio, and the first full length album, I am telling you it will have been a "Good Summer"!