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Sunday, August 15, 2010

MCDougERobKane w/some Salt-n-Pepa

Tons and tons to say about this night, this show, and the performances! Without a doubt I have to thank Rozone Productions ( ) for the opportunity to verbalize this event, So Dave - THANK YOU SIR, Christian - to you as well and I look forward to chillin with you more at other events and out and about (enjoy the coast jerk-off!). To the rest of the Rozone crew, happy to meet you as well.

Salt n Pepa, Big Daddy Kane, Rob Base, Doug E Fresh, and the Godfather of Austin Hip Hop- MC Overlord (who kicked this shit off the right way)!

 YES! I will start with MC Overlord's ( ) performance...biggest damn crowd of his career and it only took him 22 years to get here! With the audiences eyes wide open in amazement and jaws hitting the floor, Overlord kicked this shit off and kicked it off hard. MC Overlord tore through his set with his band of AMAZING LIVE musicians on the stage and I will tell you this, he schooled the OLD SCHOOL on what it is to be great, be great live, and be great with a LIVE BAND! Knowing how to start it and DAMN WELL knowing how to end the set...the entire crowd was jumpin' and out of breath when he walked off, as the way it should be! No one to do this better, EVER than MC OVERLORD!
"Go Doug E, Go Doug E, Go Doug E" is what it was like, and it was like THAT!  Doug E Fresh ( ) came out next and single handedly let us know he was here to run 'The Show' and took way more then '6 minutes'..It was awesome! Doug E's prowess is definitely timeless and the energy and excitement he brought out was only outdone by the energy that the audience was delivering back to the stage, it was fantastic! We all know the chance of seeing any of these performers on a regular (or irregular basis) is pretty much non existent now a days, BUT like I said, this was timeless. The DJ seemed to disappear into the nothingness at the back of the stage as Doug E stood there in front of us all as the original humanbeatbox, and with modern tracks and old school ones alike, made it feel like there was no time that had passed...It was about here and now...and it was fun to be young!

Rob Base ( ) is the act that my Friend Diana was soooo dying to see, and I have NO DOUBT that she was not disappointed. The crowd pushed forward, but at the same time spread out because everyone was wanting to dance (even some of the ones who shouldn't be trying to dance -ugh!). Like Doug E before him, Rob just came to party and it showed. Without missing a beat Rob and his accompaniment just jumped into it, used the whole stage, and brought the whole audience in. No gimmicky frills, just non stop rhymes and jams, everybody jumpin and dancing to the beats. They were fresh, they were new, they were old, but they were not tired. It was happiness, it was "Joy and Pain"! LOL!

Big Daddy Kane ( ) ...what a damn nice return for the master himself. Walked on the stage like he owned the damn place...and at that point and time he did. Big Daddy Kane slid right into it like it was the 1980's and no time had passed. The audience jumped, cheered, sang along, and hung on his every rhyme and syllable. No need for him to prove what a performer he is and why he is Big Daddy. He kicked it! At one point with a pair of dancers, and in keeping with the rhythm and the rhyme, he knocked that shit down. This is the show that people wanted to experience, the excitement and a performance of  more than words. Big Daddy Kane ended the set just right...always leav'em wanting more!

Yes yes y'all and we don't stop...and neither did Salt n Pepa ( ) when they hit the stage. These two ladies looked amazing and the energy and fun they brought when they hit the stage was so bad ass for the audience. With the dance crew really was a great performance, Ala 1986 at the City Coliseum (ahhhhh). The ladies had fun with each other onstage, incorporated the audience, kept it lively, non stop and breathtaking. With their repertoire of music it just cranked. A little DJ action to make it an effin house party was the smartest ass shit to do. I even found myself dancing along like everyone else (see my statement earlier about some people that should not be dancing, HA!). Salt n Pepa closed the second part of their set out like the roof was on fire, the were made you not just wanna talk about was all the good things that may be!!!