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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Doc Deuce/MC Overlord...made in Hip Hop heaven

When I heard about the pairing of these two great live hip hop talents, I was doubly excited as I was confused as to why it took so long. No worries! It finally happened and it was better than good, it was powerful!

"Sometimes you just have to say what the fuck!" Really, don't be scared and save the bullshit excuses about working on Friday for someone or something else. It seems like some of the greatest and most entertaining things happen in Austin during the week. Thursday night at the Lucky Lounge ) was absolutely the right place to be.

Doc Deuce ) did it first and did it like the night was on fire! With some new and different musicians in tow, Doc Deuce hit us with the rhythm and didn't let the audience breathe. It was loud and powerful and great. It seemed as if the spontaneous opening for the Dirty Wormz a week or so earlier was a prelude to something huge on the horizon. The performance was like a 5 alarm fire! The band, the music, and Doc were burning it up, and the audience to did not want this performance extinguished! Once again Doc Deuce pulled the crown into the stage and had them feeling the intensity of his rhymes and the beat of the music. At one point Doc went from the hip hop lyrical stylings to a little singing and I swear he was channeling some Bob Marley...he was there, I felt it!

MC Overlord ) the return of the Godfather of live Austin Hip Hop made his triumphant return to the stage as a headliner. With this performance it still proves this is where he should the top of the food chain! I don't know how long it's been since Overlord has actually been onstage as the man of the hour and can't say it's been too long, BUT it's nice when he comes back like this. With all of the power, the excitement, and the moves you know this is why he is Overlord. Tons of musicians in the house for the performance and even some special guests up onstage, THIS is why they come. Tray God stepped up to the mic and Overlords former partner from another brother stunned us with a verbal montage that kicked ass. Speaking of kicking ass, drummer extraordinaire Les Fisher did kick it behind the kit for the final song of the evening. This is the man Overlord credits with all of the corruption and joy of Austin music nightlife that is in his blood.

So stop making excuse, hit the Austin music scene, enjoy the nightlife DURING the week! Who knows what special thing you will find yourself a part of!