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Monday, August 16, 2010

We're on Black Peoples time, dammit!

Saturday night at The Dirty Dog ( ) was another amazing night in the Live Music Capital of the World. Met and made another friend from Rozone Productions (what up effin guys are everywhere aren't you? LOL) and hung out with a few other good friends. Interestingly enough, two of these guys were Wormz virgins, HA! Ohhh is this gonna be fun!

The return of The Dirty Wormz ( ) to Austin was hailed with a sneak of their movie "Worm Head". For everyone in attendance and around the world wide web stay tuned for more, greater, and bigger things from the Wormz ( Kobosh w/Tech N9ne on 10/10/10). Tonite was NOT just another show in down town Austin. It seems like there is always something new or different and tonight was NO exception.

Poise and 20/20 ( ) hit the stage to open the evening, rapping to some awesome tracks, laying down some amazing vocals. This is a fun duo whose voices meshed together very well with a back and forth that was so fluid and smooth the sound just flowed over you. Don't know where or when these boys will step it up next, but I expect it will be a great show and some fun. Jump down, join the audience, by unique, by original, and own the venue!

Apparently there was a little bit of an issue that caused a delay in the Dirty Wormz hittin the stage. So like the professionals that they are, DJ Crash hit the One's and Two's and proceeded to entertain. Well lucky us, (and in proving that you never know what is gonna happen on any given night down town) Doc Duece was in the house. With a nod from Crash, Doc Jumped up grabbed the mic and with all of the fun and confidence he has, tore that MuThAFuCkA UP!!! The crowd drew in tight as Doc took control, but alas as fuckin hot shit as it was it had to end. With the go sign delivered, applause and props to Doc Deuce it was now time. for the delay our explanation from Smackola was simply this "We're on Black Peoples time, dammit!" I believe that there is NO ONE that putz the energy into a show and drawz such an intense and powerful crowd reaction than the Wormz. With a mad mixture of heavy metal, rap, and an intense ability to make the crowd part of the show...their performance is something to behold. No doubt the Dirty Wormz have all of the skillz and talent, but their fanz...OMG these fanz are the shit! Be prepared to be drawn in when you have the opportunity to go to a performance (no they DO NOT do shows, they FUCKIN perform). You will be throwin up the DW and yell "Fuck the Dirty Wormz cause they aint shit!"