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Sunday, August 29, 2010

I am sure it is NOT Lonely in his land!

An adventurous return to The Saxon Pub ( ) on a weekday evening is so much fun. Yes, I have said this several times recently and screw you if you are to much of a pu swa to make it happen for yourself because ya have to work tomorrow. We live here in one of the greatest cities in the world (believe me, after College Station) OMG we have it good when it comes to live music. Go out and support it. Do something new, do something old and tired, but most of all DON'T take it for granted because those other places out there suck!

Aimless Gun ( ) are definitely taking advantage of the opportunities that come before them. I applaud them for making the best of everything they are getting! This evening at The Saxon Pub opening for Bob Schneider and Lonelyland is another one of those times. There are people you should meet and befriend. In the music industry in Austin these young men are meeting those people and Bob is one of them. Another good time onstage with a great sized crowd. Now all we need to do is start working that merch and passing that tip jar.

Bob Schneider and Lonelyland ( ). I have seen Bob perform previously in a few of his other incarnations and it is ALWAYS fun and entertaining.

Now I know Bob does not need my BS little opinion and blog because he is as there as you can get in Austin music. But HAHA, the joke is that I don't write this for anybody but me. Although I am glad you are here and reading this and hope that something I say has you deciding to go out one night and catch something fun in Austin. catching something fun does not mean crabs.

Back to the Bob though. This was such and awesome performance. With Mr Schneiders mix of music and fun you will always feel like it was money well spent and time worthwhile. He is exciting and energetic. Funny yet deep. He will always drag the audience around and show them a tour of his mind. No doubt this is why the few times I have seen him as other personalities I have never forgotten about it and neither will you. It seems to be a somewhat regular gig so take advantage and have a really good time. Sit down in front, order a beer and be a part of this all.