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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dillard n Bookout...this has too happen again!

A nice little evening on the quiet side of town, a scream, a gunshot, the wail of a siren...WAIT A GD minute...wrong story, LOL! This was a great night for the live music scene, as one of Austins newest rising young misdemeanor stars and another up and comer, with an album, dropped some panties and made'em swoon!

The One2One ( ) will remain a favorite of mine. Good company, great staff and the size of the bar makes it a great place to see live local talent but add that intimate feel to the performance.

Michael Dillard ( ) hit the stage first. After an interesting night (and making some of his PR people sweat) he stepped up to the mic and totally let it go. Another fun night, and fun time. The big man himself, MC Overlord, stepped up onstage to cap off the Dillard performance. To have everyone just outta their minds at the end of your set is the best way to know you left that impression and will see them again, they'll tell two friends, and they'll two friends, and so on and so on and so on....

Here is the link for the kick ass fucking cover that Dillard does of Gnarls Barkley 'Crazy'! I'll try to get his Kings of Leon cover next time (that one is astounding as well).

Bobby Bookout ( ) is so adapt at controlling the crowd, it is wonderful! His mix of rock, and some groove tunes still makes me very happy to sit in the audience, at any venue, and watch the women get down when Bobby tears it up and breaks it down. This gig was no different than any of the others...I was there WITHOUT A DAMN DATE!, lol. Please, take the time, take your girlfriend, your fiance, or you wife (really?) and enjoy this performance. Without a doubt, good music for all to sit and enjoy and stand and move too!

If any of us get the opportunity for this type of match up to happen again just go do it...screw the office if you have to work tomorrow. Life is TOO DAMN SHORT. Live it, love it, and most of all BE A PART OF IT! No sideline crap.