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Friday, August 20, 2010

"Excuse me sir! Can you have Mr. Skynyrd sign this?"

I WILL NOT go into the folklore and legend of Mr. Lynyrd Skynyrd, look it up on the 'net for yourself. While you're there check out the sad back story on the band "Lynyrd Skynyrd", the tragedy that befell them, and read about their amazing recovery. BTW, the fabled album cover with the dead band members eerily foretold by them being engulfed in flames on the cover...yeah! I have that original LP!

To the Rozone Productions ) family, thank you again for another great opportunity to see and write about a great show and a great performance. Great job on getting Skynyrd here to Austin, what a rockin' evening!

The opening act was Austin's own Douglas Jay Boyd (!/profile.php?id=529462933&v=wall&ref=ts ) and he was great. Simple and fun...I love the way he just strolled out on stage with a stool sat down, acknowledged the audience and had fun with it! I have always said and will always stand by the idea that a live show is about the performance. How the artist incorporates the audience into his music. Douglas did just that. No dreams or visions of trying to upstage the headliner (uhm yeah right it was effin Lynyrd Skynyrd, HA!). Just play the music, talk to the audience a little and have fun with it. You know the audience felt it and liked it. It did seem like an abbreviated set, but then again the whole show was up and done in a blink. Definitely see you around town and look forward to a full set (with or without a band).

Lynyrd Skynyrd ) came to town, flags waving and guitars blazing. I haven't seen this band in over 30 years...I think the last time was at some out door festival in the deep south, LOL! After so many years of recording and performing you would think they know how to throw a party and do up a performance. Well HELL YEAH! They sure do! The lights, the sound, the set list, yup! They came to celebrate decades of music with Austin, Texas and it was BAD effin ASS! The crowd did not try to bum rush the stage...we found our spots, stood our ground and then threw our hands and our voices up. Skynyrd knew what the crowd wanted and did not fuck around one bit. Everyone in the audience knew it and felt it. Normally you get some effin douche next to you who sings every song at the top of his lungs to your favorite band that you paid good money to see, and it is completely shitty. Not tonight, EVERYONE was singing along to every damn song at the top of their lungs. It was beautiful. Although I figured there would be more dancing and two stepping (guess no one from Del Valle made it to the show, LOL!), but the crowd was every bit a part of this show. As much or more than any show I have seen or experienced yet.

The God and Guns tour is Great! Those of you out there on the World Wide Web, go get you southern rock roots on and see this tour!