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Sunday, August 22, 2010

You know it's a country show when...(the band has a pet squirrel onstage)!

First to Dave Rosen and those at Rozone Productions ( ) it was not another great was a Hot ass show! Good company, beautiful people, and awesome music...this is why we live in Austin, Texas. Hell Yeah! For those reading this somewhere else in the world, pack your fucking bags and come be a part of this, you will never want to leave!
John and The All Nighters opened for Dierks Bentley on this Saturday evening in Austin, Texas and really did a wonderful job. At first it looked like the crowd was a little light, but then John started to play and here we go! Not a whole lot of flash to John's set, but he did connect with the audience and set some of them a two steppin'. The sound made you feel good and was so easy to connect with. He even took a couple of moments to have fun with the band on stage, for the audience, introducing his slide guitar player and the pet squirrel that is kept in his shirt while he performs. Wow! I cant believe I saw it. It was absolutely hilarious and although all the girls in the audience gave the collective 'AWWWWWWW' when they saw it, they went right back to business. Really, how many times in a guys life can he pull out his furry friend onstage and have women completely love it!
Dierks Bentley ( ) came out onstage, no explosions, no crack of thunder, just the roar of the crowd. I was happy to be here and enjoy of piece of this (and apparently the crowd was more than happy themselves). Here is another musician that really feeds off the energy of his crowd!
The lights were fantastic, the music was thrilling, and the crowd was fun. Dierks had no bones about pointing out folks that were dancing along to his songs. All around me the crowd was dancing to the music...a little two stepping over there....some slow dancing over there (she was cute, but DAMN! her dude was UGLY LOL)! Dierks kept the audience as a part of the show the whole time! While sitting on the stage down in front he was having the girls there sing pieces of a chorus here and there. Talking to the folks that were sitting at the tables in back and celebrating with people dancing on the other side. Although choreography probably isn't the primary objective for a great country music performance, it absolutely makes a difference to the show. Especially done to the benefit of all those in attendance. It just makes you feel that it was worth it and that the band and performer wanted to do this just for you!

It was just a great night for everyone in attendance. Dierks Bentley and Rozone Productions know how to light up and heat up the Texas night sky. With a wonderful catalog of music to plow through, Dierks did this in grand fashion and left everyone happy to have been there. With so many people raising up their drinks and their voices, it was one kick ass night at the Nutty Brown Cafe ( ), deep in the heart of Texas. Can you imagine that I almost didn't go to this show (mijita)...'What was I thinkin?'