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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

But wait, that's a video shoot!?

let me start by saying "fuckin whatever dude!" SSOOOOO The Eagle Pritchard Murray Band!/epmbmusic ) video shoot happened recently on a quiet little street in South Austin. With hundreds of feet of backyard, a very decent bonfire, a very impressive home made stage, complete with lights, stacks of Marshall's and a fog machine (hehehe), EPMB was well prepared for the video shoot of "My Favorite Misery."

It was a cold and wonderful evening, the crowd was fantastic, met new people, made new friends, drank lots of free beer and most important of all watched EPMB play this song for almost 3 hours. EHHHHH! I believe the directors name is Christine (from U.T. - hook'em baby) and this is her first foray into the full length music video. I could be wrong, but it really doesn't matter because it was fun fun fun as hell. Everyone had a great time and this was the precursor to my next blog for the Wheeler Brothers/Hudson Moore/EPMB show at MoMo's  (above Katz's that apparently klozes!)


They did it!

The CD release party for Aimless Gun ) happened at The Parish ( ). A great place to have a show. Lots of room, great bar staff, and awesome location, tucked away in an upstairs location overlooking 6th.

Three bands for thrice the fun and entertainment. Bombing Stassney, Michael Dillard, and of course Aimless Gun.

Bombing Stassney was blowing it up when I walked in (HA!) and it was a completely different sound than the two bands to follow. Bolder and heavier but with vocals to counter balance their heavy sound, it was wonderful. I was so very sad that Angelina was not there with me this particular evening to enjoy, as this sound is very much what she is digging into right about now. I did get to pick up a copy of the EP/Demo but was very the music on the CD is one sound, live these guys are very, VERY different. I do mean that in a good way also as I will say that I am glad I heard them live first before listening to the disc. So, on any evening that you want to feel your blood pumping but enjoy actually hearing and understanding the lead singer, Bombing Stassney is a must!

Michael Dillard ) mounted the stage next and really did a beautiful job with the presentation of his new material on the upcoming full length CD. With the presentation of new material was also a slightly new line up, the addition of onstage keyboards. I didn't think he was missing anything before, but now it's WOW! Can't wait for the release. BTW I was on YouTube last night and watched his bootleg video of 'Crazy' (, you've really got to look at this and then make a point to see Dillard live and in person!

And now for the masters of the evening...Aimless Gun! Looking polished and ready to go and sounding better than that. They definitely revved it up and took to the open road this evening. They were definitely not 'Burning Low' (available on itunes and on their website), but smoking hot! You would have to go back quiet a ways, and maybe even to my lost blogs before Blogspot, to see how I've been chronicling these guys. BUT it is funny and yet great to see how comfortable they are and have become onstage. They are not hamming it up, but they are having a great time. They are not controlling the audience, but they are definitely running the show. The proof was in their mid show mash up of some great and fun 90's songs...(even had AJ Vallejo nodding his head and singing along). They have definitely stumbled into that screaming girl area of Austin music as witnessed by all in attendance. They even got called out at the end of the show to do there own stunning version of 'Hey Ya!', and rightly so, as they now own this song in they way that it is performed! Can't wait until they really break out and end up with a song on some soundtrack and a #1 video. Yup! Austin will still be here waiting... and call you there new prodigal sons.