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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

But wait, that's a video shoot!?

let me start by saying "fuckin whatever dude!" SSOOOOO The Eagle Pritchard Murray Band!/epmbmusic ) video shoot happened recently on a quiet little street in South Austin. With hundreds of feet of backyard, a very decent bonfire, a very impressive home made stage, complete with lights, stacks of Marshall's and a fog machine (hehehe), EPMB was well prepared for the video shoot of "My Favorite Misery."

It was a cold and wonderful evening, the crowd was fantastic, met new people, made new friends, drank lots of free beer and most important of all watched EPMB play this song for almost 3 hours. EHHHHH! I believe the directors name is Christine (from U.T. - hook'em baby) and this is her first foray into the full length music video. I could be wrong, but it really doesn't matter because it was fun fun fun as hell. Everyone had a great time and this was the precursor to my next blog for the Wheeler Brothers/Hudson Moore/EPMB show at MoMo's  (above Katz's that apparently klozes!)