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Saturday, June 23, 2018

The next incarnation

Still doing shows, photos, and reviews,  but we are branching out to do something different.


Follow us, join us, it's gonna be ridiculous fun

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

not on that other shit

It's on The Mothership. I took a ride on this ship when it sailed with "Now you can Boo me" and here we are with...

Nite Owl ( Hip Hop to make you proud. What I mean is this...IF you like Hip Hop and Rap, the real classic shit. The kind with the bass that makes you nod your head like your neck is broke. The lyrical story telling, clear and sharp. Fun beats and rhymes, with the whole dance floor jumping...

Then you need to pick up "When the Smoke Clear" - by Nite Owl here - This album starts out clean with the opening track "Who am I" which carries a surprise in the middle of the track. Excellent music writing and scoring. I had to listen to the track twice before I realized it was one track not two short ones. Genius and tricky.

Running right into the "Same old Story" we get straight into the deep. The passion and the story telling of Nite Owl. No, there isn't really any anger in this track but you feel his confusion and pain. Speaking of events and tragedies in the recent past. It is the track that anchors and directs the feel for the rest of the album.

"Here We Go" and "The Mothership" bring that fun vibe back to the album. OH! and then you get to that O N E track. THAT track. The laid back piece, with that nice little groove, and then the cool flow of Nite Owls voice is only topped by the cool sexy voice that does the chorus. This shit is gold.

This second half of the CD is not stop story telling of life, youth relived, and a movement and issues I will never understand but can appreciate. "BLM" nearly melted my speakers. "Once Again" and "Time" culminate into "Something Brand New".  And finally Nite Owl tells it all in "Current Affairs".

Let me lay my opinion on you like this  - when Jay Z was young and had stories to tell with wicked smart rhymes and amazing beats. When Eminem was young and angry and trying to prove himself.
Nite Owl is neither but the soul of true Rap and Hip Hop lies within him!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Always fun at One2One

Located on S Lamar just minutes from down town, sits a small strip center in a rapidly developing corner of Austin. Housed right smack in the middle this area is the One2One ( This hot little place houses one of the best small stages in Austin. The sound in the room is amazing, the stage lighting is fantastic, and the bar staff is on point. The room is a rectangle shape room, as you walk in the bar runs about halfway down the right wall with the stage at the end of the room opposite the door. The bathrooms are on either side of the stage...and yes...the men and women restrooms are on OPPOSITE sides of the stage.

Another night at the One2One brought several different sounds from 3 different acts.

Joe George ( from Chicago was a solo acoustic set. Spinning his tales between him, his guitar, and the crowd. Joe George entertained us and kept the mood warm in the room. I don't have a problem admitting a whole lot of attention was not provided by myself to his set. It was enough and smile inducing enough to give you this description. Joe George did however, provide a surprise just a little later in the evening that wowed us all.

The Reverent Few   ( was a smashing combo. The glorious lead singer showered us with her powerful voice from her small frame. The lead guitarist regaled us with his fine work on the fret board as well as his vocals. I was mesmerized by the bassist.  To my surprise, soloist Joe George,  joined them on stage to bring it all to glorious peak -what a musician and entertainer! As a whole ensemble, The Reverent Few surprised the damned many that stood before them this evening. It really was grande performance with vocals in quite a fashion. Hearing one of my peers and long time fixtures in the Austin music scene exclaim 'My God! How are these kids from Austin and I am just now hearing about this!?' Just like the music of The Reverent Few and their performance...just damn fine!

Jelly Ellington ( was whom I came to enjoy. Although the other performances before Jelly were crowd pleasing, it was this man's night and he was fresh from touring for his new release "All In". It takes the causal person in the crowd no time at all to realize it is not just the album title, but his approach to music and performing. With a great line up of musicians behind him, Jonathan Ellington, known to all as 'Jelly' not only can he play guitar at a level that makes you want to burn your guitar (even if you don't own one or play) but can sing with a smooth powerful voice. It is definitely a performance with catching anywhere, anytime, day show, evening show, or late night. During the week or on a weekend you should go "All In!"

I do want to take another moment to talk about the new CD - so let me enlighten you:

"All In" is an amazing piece of work. The opening hand claps of 'Set Me Free' proves to be a roof raising rocking anthem which promises to drive everyone into a frenzy of good times. The strumming guitar work and keys with the vocals and rhythm just makes you keep turning it up - and wait until you hear it live. You are able to drift away with track two 'Sunset'. But then the slow fade in of the keys and that haunting sound on the guitar roll in on track three's 'Let Go'. This is a track that uttelry mesmerizes you as it continues to build. Track four 'Crosstown' comes right back with that funky groove and Jelly's voice that is passion laden and smoldering - vaguely giving you that feel of Jimi taking over. Oh..and then 'Hard Times Coming Down', wraps you up in its warmth. The organ sounds and the keys back fills this track to make the story Jelly tells so much more interesting.

Showing his skill at song writing and musical genius, Jelly give us the track 'Getaway'. A back seat riding song with the windows down, and having that cool country feel, it is whiskey sipping track. We finally roll into a point where it feels as if Jelly is just sitting on the stool singing to you. Just him and the beautiful sound of his guitar playing. As you you wrap yourself in this track you realize and feel the warmth of the strings filling in. All of this culminates in the explosion horns with the funk filled end tack 'New Day'.

An album well worth having, enjoying, and spreading the work about. Grab this from his website here - - turn it up load, and find a show to see an album performed better than it sounds!

I am out.