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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Emo Nite - dos

I was just here a month ago...I swear. It was that much fun for me and apparently for the crew that puts on this touring event. Emo Nite La Presents loved the city of Austin, Come and Take It Live, and the crowd so much the had a repeat event only 30 days after their first

Come and Take It Live ( is poised to be the hottest, most flexible venue in the Austin music scene. Nearing their 1 yr anniversary, it is events like this which prove how much fun and exciting this place is. Where I stepped into this event previously solo, tonight I had an entourage. My wife, 4 friends, and my daughter. Running into the singers for both Call Me King and Gold Steps, only proved the fun and excitement this event brought. I was even surprised to run into a couple of other friends whom I would have never guessed would go to an Emo event. So it was really a great time for all.

The event is just music. DJ's doing an electronic set with all of the music that made everyone sing at the top of there lungs. From the opening kick drum beats of Fall Out Boy - "Sugar, We're goin Down" to My Chemical Romance - "Black Parade" and every other song you could think of in between, there was never a stop in the singing and crowded floor.

Not just exciting to be at and fell the energy, but hearing my daughter exclaim, "Oh my God dad! I never have been to bar or venue where they play all the music I love!"

Look forward to this coming around again and hanging out with more friends.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Who is this guy

is what I heard several times during the evening during the Paul Cauthen performance.

I was at Emos Austin. Located on Riverside Dr, about 3 minutes from downtown Austin. It has been a while since I was last here. Although the room itself hasn't changed, the aesthetics have. A fresh coat of paint, some new decorating around the perimeter of the venue, the addition of another bar, and it is still Emos. Don't take this statement the wrong way. Emos is a great place to go see a show. You walk in the door and only a few feet from the main entrance and you are standing in the giant room that is the venue. The sound has never left me wanting, always fast service at any of the bars, and big stage that can be seen from pretty much any spot inside those four walls.

This night was special for me. On the recommendation of my cousin, and some Divine intervention, I picked up a copy of Paul Cauthens debut CD release "My Gospel". After listening to this disc several times, I grew to really appreciate the song writing, the tunes, and overall vibe of the album. It is definitely a masterful piece of work.

Even better than the CD is finding out Paul Cauthen ( is coming to town. Without a hesitation I jumped on the chance to shoot photo for this lost sons return to Austin. NO, there was not a large, glamorous stage show. It was 5 guys on stage doing what they love, and doing it very well. It was exceptionally fulfilling for me to enjoy this performance from behind the lens for 3 songs - no flash. It was so much more when I stepped from behind the barricade and melted into the crowd. With Paul Cauthens big, booming voice carrying through the venue and the great time you could see him having on stage, it was glorious to be in the house.

Even more exciting was roaming through the crowd and seeing the faces lit up by the stage lights. The whispers of excitement from here and there in the crowd. I didn't hesitate to interrupt the conversations I overhead. When there was someone who would lean over to their friend, and just above the sound of Paul singing, I could hear them ask "Wow! do you know who this guy is?" I happily jumped on that moment and would exclaim "That's Paul, Paul Cauthen!" It was not sad for me to hear so many voices asking who this Johnny Cash sounding fellow was, it was thrilling to hear Paul Cauthen making fans as I stood there and witnessed.

Thanks to my cousin James Tompkins for anointing me.

Appreciate my photographer friends I rarely see, because my head is jammed up the local scenes ass so much I don't do the touring shows. Scott Moore and Katrina Barber are always two of the three best to bump into, always.

And thanks to the City of Austin for being Austin. I love doing what I do for nothing. I love giving respect and my time to the musicians that give their souls to the city for so little.


Sunday, January 21, 2018

The music world returns to austin

In March the music world returns to Austin. Everyones attempted shot at "making it big" and getting the "record deal of a lifetime". Local bands, national bands, and even bands from around the world, throw the caution to the wind to via for that golden ring. Whether you believe the shot at glory and the record deal is worth it or all that is cracked up to be, the music world will descend on us.

The glory of this, being a music lover and fan of the live music scene here in Austin, is you get to experience so many different types of music and performances from all over. I thrill at this event as you should too. You don't need badges or wristbands to experience all the spring break glory of music in Austin during the second and third weeks in Austin. Downtown, East side, Southside you simply have to take the time and stroll around. Discover something new. This is the point of this post... ways to just go do it.
You can look up events at The Austin Chronicle and Do512. This is how I will primarily find my adventures and journeys. You can also follow some of your favorite local bands, go to their shows and you will invariably find and discover someone new.

Here are a few recommendations for out of town bands. These are bands I have seen in the past that should be making a return to Austin during this illustrious time of year. Bands worthy of your time and attention.

Sarah Shook and The Disarmers ( - The female re incarnation of Johnny Cash. All of the attitude, a great voice and an amazing band backing her up. A sound and style that refuses a label. It's not rock, it's not country, it is just simply great. I saw Sarah Shook and the Disarmers at a Rachael Ray event last year, 2017. It was a spectacular performance. I looked them up and coincidentally they will be in Houston during that special time here, so I expect and hope Austin will get the pleasure of there re appearance again this year.

The Revenge Wedding ( I will proudly say this was my "Holy Shit" moment of the whole week 2017. This band plays the type of music that would scare the shit outta your grandma. It's not your daddy's type of rock and roll either. For The Revenge Wedding it's not just about the music it is all about the performance also. At the show I experienced, some knucklehead in the crowd thought it would be funny to heckle the band...stupid idea. The lead guitarist wasn't shy and verbally laid into this guy, it was great! Oh, and don't try to defend your idiot friend wearing deck shoes without socks either, just as dumb. I am really happy to say they will be back here in Austin for the week of music 2018. Look them up, figure out where they will be at and go. I will see you there for damn sure.

Funk Shui Planet ( If the previous review was about my Holy shit moment, this was definitely the "What the Fuck!" moment. I was at another event, and took a break to stroll around downtown Austin to see what else I could find, and there they were. Funk Shui Planet just chilling in a parking lot. I do believe they were supporting a skateboard company, Jelly. With their brand of funk and laid back rock, it is just an awesome style of groove and chill type music. This performance is the epitome of what you can find and discover during music week in Austin, Texas. No badges, just a good pair of shoes and the willingness to explore. All the great stuff has always been free.

Last, and certainly not least, was October Roar ( This is a Texas band I experienced on my Birthday right in the middle of it all! A metal band with all the attitude and a sense of humor about themselves to have you raising your beer, shaking your fist, and cheering at the top of your lungs. October Roar was great fun, and because it wasn't an official showcase it was so easy to enjoy their performance and still say 'Hi" after they were done. I suspect they will be here this year so look them up and enjoy.

There were so many more bands I got to see and enjoy. I hope you take the time out to make the most our of this special week yourself. Plenty of local talent to be seen and enjoy, but these are my picks I look forward to returning back to Austin.

If you have some of your favorite discoveries and are expecting them to return this year. Email me and let me know. I would love to start building my itinerary now.