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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

OH! YEAH and about this too...

Make plans for a BEAUTIFUL evening drive through the Hill Country out to Wimberly, Tx. Leave early stop and get something to eat, and then enjoy a beautiful production in an amazing setting (Zilkers Hillside theater could take a lesson here...sorry, but it's true and if that hurts, bite me). I will be there Friday night, so come out and enjoy, then or when you get a chance. Expand your mind and your horizons, go to a play, why not? I will write up the Perfromance and post it on Saturday.
Oh Yeah! That is my daughters name down there, she is in the play, HA!

Shakespeare Under the Stars - Romeo and Juliet

Performance - July 26 - August 7 (no Sunday Performance) - NOTE: THERE WILL BE NO PERFORMANCE ON AUGUST 3RD.

Cast for Romeo and Juliet

Escalus (Prince) - Mikayla McIntyre
Paris - Collin Iliff/Parker Crowley
Lord Montague - Mark Cruz
Lady Montague - Cristina Blake
Lord Capulet - Ben Rath
Lady Capulet - Callie Tatum
Romeo - Dylan Bakka
Mercutio - Connor Pickens
Benvolio - Carter Holland
Tybalt - Austen Cabler
Friar Laurence - Kevin Vela
Friar John - Jackson Hvizdos
Juliet - Kylie Zeko
Nurse - Aleah Petmecky
Balthasar - Caitlyn Iliff
Sampson - Zachary Blake
Gregory - Mary Rath
Abraham - Max Piotrzkowski
Peter - Jozsef Smith
Apothecary - Courtney Rodgers
Tatum Zeko
Taylor McIntyre

Angel Tompkins

Kayley Green-Tooney
Caiti Scudder
Cristina Blake
Madison Blake
Kathy Brewer
Jasmine Cardenas
Natalie Hill
Skylar Wilson
Sydney Watt
Victoria Torres

It's my blog DAMMIT!

I can write about what I want Dammit!!! This is not a show I am writing about, but after hearing this album, I am looking forward to them coming to town (and hoping that they will perform and make it a show). So below the chat about the album is the link to the band, get on their mailing list and beat'em over the internet head to get them here to Austin. Otherewise option #2 is outlined in the end of the blog as well.

I just got my ears sonic-ly assualted by the album from Destruction Evolution - Relentless. Effin powerful, driving, and (of course) relentless! Vocals cross between that growl of 'I've gargled with glass this morning' to old fashioned southern rock and rebellion vocals. No yelling and shrieking here, just listen and you will understand. Better yet, make it to there show when they hit town and enjoy, I'll be there for damn sure (showing my metal roots), so dont be shy...get fuckin dirty and sweat it RELENTLESS! , BTW, I dont see a damn Austin date on here...WTF...somebody cough a back yard, a P.A. and a keg so we can get these boys here so we can get this shindig started! LOL

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mike Dill showed up, WTF!?!

Now I know I won't hear any shit from Will Harris about posting yet ANOTHER blog about bands I have previously seen before. I mean c'mon, REALLY! the way Austin music changes, you gotta keep it fresh and real...even if it is a band you have seen before. Just 'cause I have seen Doc Deuce, Fremen (been awhile Will) and Michael Dillard, doesn't mean that something amazing won't happen,. so here I am to tell you stupid heads about it, even those who got too stoned sitting in front of the computer (and forgot how to drive downtown)!

A Friday night and now I am starting to feel the pinch of enjoying to write up shows...missed out on a show at Club Encore, but feel that it was well represented by my friend Dave TeeVee ( ) check out the videos and stills, and you will wish you were there too!

I, instead, opted to hit One2One ( ) and was very happy that I did. Now here is a bit of a side step, as I generally don't talk about the venue 'cause the blog is about the music, RIGHT? NONE THE LESS, this is such a great little bar, with a dog friendly rooftop deck (great for acoustic performances too, Greg) and a great bar staff inside. Totally makes the evening worthwhile to check out local talent and out of towners stopping by to put their talents on display.

Doc Deuce ( ) hit it up first, and as I have said previously, this is well beyond intelligent and mind blowing music that you have to hear to believe. Doc is multi directional with the fun of his music and lyrics. A busy man, as he supports several powerful initiatives here in Austin that are very important to both the LIVE music community as well as the art of Hip Hop itself. Take a moment outta your life and during the week (yes! you can catch him doing many things during the week) or on the weekend, take in a performance of Doc Deuce, listen and learn!

Fremen ( ) - Last show/performance MY ASS! I am here to tell all of you, I haven't seen these guys on stage for quite a while and it was better than great when they tore it up at the One2One this night! The rhymes and music were tight as hell and, better than anything, I can say was the crowd down in front. Hands up in the air and just a sea of bodies moving and pulsing up and down to the music. Good job guys, this is the way to kick this shit on a hot ass night in the ATX! No doubt in my mind, with the packed house that it was, we got a hellfied performance outta the Fremen. The way it should always be! If you read this and havent seen them before, keep an eye out and an ear open, if and when they perform again, HIT it and enjoy it!

Ahhhh, Michael Dillard ( I couldn't move through the F**KIN bar to get from the back to the front. I am trying to do my part in passing out copies of the CD and write the blog to get yer asses out to a show, apparently Michael doesn't need my help cause he packs'em in like sardines everytime! But damn if I dont like going to his perfomances and watching the crowd react, it's different everytime and his energy is continuing to climb with each performance (not saying he is not energetic, but you gotta make a point of doing this so you can say you were there)! No doubt that there is a fan base here and the crowd just loves his performance and music. Singing along and dancing like there is no tomorrow (proof by the chick in the microscopic blue dress that was burning up the club in front of the stage...OWWWW!) Got video of Dillard doing a cover of 'Crazy' that I believe is to die for.

So! for the question about the title of the of the blog and this Mike Dill person. Haven't seen him on stage performing either as a guest or in any other fashion since MAYBE SXSW (and I may be wrong at that). Michael Dillards last song of the night had Will Harris from Fremen, Doc Deuce, and the one and only MC Overlord take part, BUT then Overlord started poking and poking and poking to have Mike Dill wrap up the night with some rhymes. BAM!!!! There he was and how sweet it was too! Can't tell y'all enough to get out and support the live local music scene, maybe the one night you decide to and you will have an amazing night like this, if you are lucky!


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy Happy Hubs

Oh what a good burger and the shakes are real and spun right there while you wait! at The Hub ( ). Funny thing is you happen to stop by and lo and behold there's a band playing in the corner!

OK! Enough of the BS'ing you, got a short notice heads up that Aimless Gun ( )was gonna be chillin here and playing an acoustic set tonight (Saturday night 07/17). So just a quick thanks to the guys in the band, I much appreciate the heads up.

I got to pick up my son Billy and hang out with him for the weekend. While wondering what we were gonna do for tonight, I got the note from the guys about the acoustic gig. Whoo Hoo! Bill has never met the guys and hasn't seen them live, so what an opportunity.

It was a nice acoustic set, Bill and I caught the last 30-45 minutes, and on the way home Bill wouldn't stop talking about meeting them and the music. I even threw on Sublime - Santaria (which they playfully covered) on the way home and Bill thought it was Aimless (yup they did it that well). So thanks guys, something me and my son will remember forever. To everyone that hung out after the gig and spent time talking with us and chatting it up, you made Bill feel very special, and THAT is amazing. So very awesome of you, your girlfriends and family thanks!


Friday, July 16, 2010

The Doc is IN and Dillard is OUTta sight

Beso Cantina ( ), 07/15, Michael Dillard Cd release party...and yes it was a party! The stars came out tonite for one of the newest, hottest kids to make his mark on the Austin music scene and reach for the world. Reppin all sorts of talent and music genres was Smackola from the Dirty Wormz, Ryan Harkrider, MC Overlord, guys from EPMB, some of the Aimless Gun boys, Will Harris from the Fremen, G Clef, Bobby Bookout, and damn if you were there and I didn't give you's your own damn fault for not letting me know you were in the house HA!

Doc Deuce ( ), well shit this guy is a Brain Ninja. He has crazy, deep, intelligent rhymes like you wouldn't believe or conceive. You can't see Hip Hop/Rap like this anywhere else...the only similarity that I will draw is that Twista used a violin for some of his music. The sound and the uniqueness is pure ATX love! The crowd (and I will say that I was Hella impressed with the size of the crowd this early on a Thurs nite) was totally moving and being moved by the music out of the gate. I mean REALLY, a violin in a LIVE hip hop performance. NO turntables here just pure, unadulterated, rhythmic ecstasy. Everyone was smiling and you will be too! Now we really know who Runs This Town, you gotta see this and be part of it. Doc Deuce went from a quiet start to a roaring finish, so please go out and catch what the Doc is will be enlightened and have fun!

 and now for the man of the hour Michael Dillard ( ) and this CD release party was definitely a fun time for ALL! Why haven't you seen him perform yet? Okay, there will be a few more chances between now and when the big record labels show up, but dammit you better hurry. The crowd at Beso was just hyped for this performance, you felt it as soon as Michael strummed his guitar the first time. The crowd pushed forward to the stage and sardined in like you wouldn't believe. No Chance of moving so you had to stay there and enjoy, and no doubt everyone did. Still say it's the panty droppin voice, but I really say that it is obvious Dillard has what the crowd wants and gives it freely. Yup, I have seen a few Dillard performances now and he has more fun each time and it translates out into the audience every time. So for those of you who didn't make it (Miguel the cops love ya, sorry you were detained on the way to the show) the end of this performance was a rare and spontaneous treat as Dillard had MC Overlord (whose appearance on stage was awe inspiring), Doc Deuce, and Will Harris to finish out the show. UNBELIEVABLE! I Don't think there will be a next time for that, but you better make it next time to be a part of the ride up.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

OH! SHIT! Michael Dillard CD release party w/Doc Deuce....and you damn well should be here!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Enough Metal for the Airport detectors

Saturday nite at the Red Eyed Fly. The Kids, myself and 4 1/2 hrs of metal. Although we did not make it in time for the first band we still had 4 more bands with plenty of kick to make us forget! Cannon ATX, Butcherwhite, Holy Hell Rod, AND Snake Skin Prison! The variation of metal was the sounds of maybe some old Judas Priest and Metallica (ala Cliff) to Pantera and Lamb of God. Not all together that different, but different enough that I think every one was pleased, and as a metal fan (if you are) any one of these groups would be good enough to stand on their own and be a worthwhile $5 for some fun and thrashing.

Cannon ATX ( ), so these guys are from right here in the ATX and as in the forward, these were the guys that seemed  (IMHO) to have a very old school Metallica sound. NOT the vocals, but the sound, and it was definitely mixed with some other influences that escape me, but it was thoroughly enjoyable. Lead singers voice was totally unexpected and had a quite lyrical quality to it. There was actually a decent crowd enjoying, a mixture of the musicians from the other bands as well as fans. So if ya got a couple o'bucks or there is a no cover night when you happen upon a club where they are playing, stop in, have a beer and a listen.

Butcherwhite ( ) was up next and of the three bands prior to SSP, these guys kicked it the way I like to hear it. DO NOT give me any shit about this comparison as it is my own and it is what I heard ( it has NOTHING to do with the fact that the lead singer is follicley [sp?] challenged, LOL). This was a very Judas Priest - British Steel kind of sound, of course their Austin originality shines through, but it was awesome with the dueling lead guitars. Just a great old school metal sound. I had a lot of fun listening to this band and apparently this is where Billy started to get his second wind, got up and started enjoying and moving through the crowd. Even here, the crowd remained consistent and showed that they were definitely down with this sound too. These guys will have my couple of bucks anytime I get to catch them around town, for sure!

Holy Hell Rod ( ) is from Houston and I, as well as Angelina and some other crazy boys in the audience, were definitely up for this. Somewhat of a cross between Pantera and Lamb of God, these guys really blew this shit up. At one point the lead singer even apologized for being so different and heavy...WTF! Dude we may be in Austin and keeping it weird but we STILL know how to rock. Angel really, really liked this band for the night and even commented that the vocals were reminiscent of Devil Wears Prada, I guess, but I think she was just hearing the singing from the throat. Hopefully they will be able to make some other shows here in Austin. Holy Hell, I think they could support a show as a headliner. SO, in Houston go find a rock bar, and if they are playing, step in and you will thoroughly enjoy.

With all of that said, Snake Skin Prison ( ) was the specialty on the plate for the night. As irony would have it, I heard an interview with these guys on the radio about a year ago and heard some of their songs, yup I was imprisoned, HA! Anyway, after BS'ing with a buddy at work, he totally snapped and put Matt (lead singer and guitarist) of SSP and I together on Facebook. So to you Dave TeeVee ( ), los ninos y yo salute you. Thanks for the heads up and we all three loved the performance. Matt to you and your bad ass fuckin hillbilly accent, can't wait til you break out and become a rock god. IN the meantime for the rest of you reading this, you HAVE TO go see SSP when you get a chance. From the looks of the crowd and all the damn SSP shirts, they already have a helluva following, but you can join TOO! Matt makes a baddassss story teller onstage, makes it completely fun for the audience. The bass player makes a point of getting down, roaming the crowd, and being completely interactive. The music was like this...a mix of Molly Hatchet and Matts own brain it was awesome. You don't have to know any of the songs because by the chorus you would be screaming along with the rest of the audience. Just awesome!

all photos by: Angel Skye and Billy


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Red Eyed Fly RIGHT NOW!
Enough Metal to piss off the airport metal detectors from Downtown!!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

the other half of the 3rd

So, as reading this, you realize and know that Angel Skye (my beautiful and talented daughter) wrote up the Aimless Gun performance from Carlos n Charlies 3rd of July Beach Bash. If you didn't read it or didn't know, your a douche bag and should now stop reading this, scroll back to the earlier post, and check it out. Because Angel Skye was so diligently watching ALL of the performances she will be assisting me with this entire blog, so enjoy and see if ya can tell where her input is vs mine.

Aimless Gun, The Will Evans Project, Eyes Burn Electric, Mothers Anthem, Hebegebee's, and Vallejo. REALLY, and you weren't there. C'mon y'all it was the 3rd of July, not the 4th. None the less it was a hot, humid day on the beach, the sun was out and the crowd was beautiful. People on the upper outside deck, the lower outside deck, and a few brave souls out early on the beach. As the evening drew on, the crowd did get bigger on the beach right up to the Hebegebee's, then the fireworks, and then (OF COURSE) Vallejo exploded onto the stage. The selection of music was so different and eclectic that everyone HAD TO have a good time. An amazing day turned into great evening.

Aimless Gun was up first (see ) and then Will Evans Project ( ), here again we have some unassuming guys take the stage and really light it up. Will Evans Project has more of an Alt rock feel than Aimless, but very fun. They really came onto the stage and proved how eager they were to play for the crowd by firing it up right away. What made them so impressive was that they didn't seem like they were playing for the crowd but for the love of playing the music. More great tuneage for hanging at the lake (or on a boat as Angel Skye so eloquently put it earlier). Here we really got to see a little more of the early evening crowd that enjoyed Aimless swaying and rockin to the beat of WEP. Good thing that the beer was a flowin this evening because DAMN! it was getting hotter with the music and the sun. Check out the Will Evans Project page for club/appearances in Austin and the surrounding area. Here is a link to the video shot from the show ( ).

Eyes Burn Electric really stepped it up another notch with their performance. Not really hard rock but was something with more of an edge to it. This is where the audience really started participating singing along and dancing to the music. A few covers thrown in with their upbeat groovable originals, but the performance was the hook that proved these guys are audience worthy (undoubtedly). The power of these guys were enough to have the rain gods let it all out after their rendition of 'Billie Jean'. And like some signal from the unknown, it poured (damn the rain felt good too)  but right on Que it stopped with the end of their performance...these guys are Voodoo good.

Mothers Anthem - in Angels humble opinion, they brought in the biggest crowd of the evening (outside of Vallejo). The energy and intensity of the lead singer was contagious and showed that they were about the show and performance for the audience. To leave the stage and have everybody remember their name really seemed like their goal. "And i think they did a great job because they had tons of people lined up at the merch booth getting autographs and taking pictures." The lead singers voice was powerful and smooth, almost an "edgy R&B sound" and it's proven in the song "God Save the Queen". These guys really rounded out the evening for the first three bands to this. I think that whenever they perform here in town you HAVE TO check out a show AT LEAST one show, then maybe more if you really get the fever for Mothers Anthem.
Now for the real Latin rhythm and performance, the Hebegebees just stole it from the other kids and didn't give back the lollipop. The dual vocals were so perfectly matched it can't even be described, an R&B Latin mash up that you can't wait to hear. The crowd now filled the beach and swayed to such a smooth groove, here is where ya danced with the ladies!

OK! This is written after the fact. I saw the C & C fireworks and then saw the fireworks @ Auditorium Shores. UHHMMM, C & C was way WAY better...and I am just talking about the fireworks, nothing to do with performances just the fireworks presentation...WOW!

and now for the meat of the evening, a first for both Angel Skye AND me! Vallejo!!! From hearing these boys practice in South Austin, listening to the albums, watching the video performances, and hearing friends talk shit about how great they are live....HERE WE WERE! Got to spend some time hanging out with Omar during the day, great story teller and a genuine and friendly guy (you know the truth is he's with Vallejo and is a Vallejo so he could be a dick, but uh-uh!). Angels description was almost in tears. The music is so amazing, the performance is so energizing, the audience participation is there. They ARE showman! and not just front man A.J., but all of them, hamming it up, laying it out, and baring their souls to all of us. The variety and selection of music is breathtaking and stunning. Shit you know, stuff you didn't know you knew, and new things to make you believe in music and live performances again! Angel described that being down in front (and she was literally DOWN IN FRONT) was so powerful an that she really had to fight back the urge to jump onstage. WHOA girl, daddy ain't got bail money for a 14 year old stage crasher, LOL. To sum it up for the Vallejo performance, it was something for the fact THREE generations to be exact as I found my father in the audience enjoying the show, my daughter at the stage, and I was just grateful to be there.

Thanks Omar and A.J. for a lifetime of memories!

photos by: Angelina Tompkins and her daddy
special thanks to Angel Skye for her invaluable input in the writing of this piece. Love you baby girl.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

as I wandered in

Friday night 07/02 and I'll cruise DT and meet and ex-neighbor to have a couple of drinks and check another old friend on stage tonite, Bobby Bookout.

Like I have said before (and recently) you wander into a new place or an old favorite and you will be bound to find something different and great here in Austin. Tonight it was different and great! Found a new band based out of El Paso/L.A., Tommy Mora ( ). GD what a good night!

Tommy Mora and his group pulled out a sound that I haven't heard in an Austin club, say short of Antiones and touring band blowing through! Completely rocking sound, a harder edged Santana, or a latin power sound that will refuse to let you sit in your seat the whole time they are on stage (Hell I never sat down myself)! Decent crowd, both in size and attitude, cause everyone there was enjoying the performance thoroughly.

Now because these cats are from L.A. via El Paso, and after speaking with the bass player it seems like the rest of you are just gonna have to check out his MySpace music page (follow the link I provided above) to see if and when we, here in Austin, will be lucky enough to have them cruise through again. No matter what, remember the name and enjoy his game because Tommy Mora is some serious shit. Find him in L.A., out on the road, in El Paso, wherever you can find him and enjoy  some great rockin sounds, I did and so did everyone else tonite.

All of you here now about my friend Bobby Bookout ( ), just had the CD release party and now he's is back grinding it out on stage. Somehow the moniker "the ULTIMATE date band" music seems to be sticking (nice to here other people make this reference before, during, and after the performance). And this is a great thing....Hell, I HOPE I'm gonna have the pleasure of taking a beautiful woman to one of Bobby's shows sometime soon. Still just fun, fun, FUN...has the edge to make you enjoy, lyrics that are striking and have you singing chorus' that you didn't know you knew....and OOOHHHWEEE he can make the women get up and groove it out. Swear to ya Bobby, when I go out on my next first date you damn well better be playing, cause THAT is the first impression I want to make.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The greatest 4th of July on the 3rd EVER!

Alright guys and girls, this is Angel Skye, the daughter of the original blogger, Will. So I have never really done this before! It's all new to me. My dad and Doc (father of lead singer of Aimless Gun Cody) had some weird epiphany that I should write the blog for Aimless Gun's performance at the 3rd of July Beach Bash, so please don't be harsh. Or I think I will have to put you through a window, HA! Just kidding! So I'm gonna make this as fun and real as possible...

I only have one word for you, AMAZING! This was my first time seeing Aimless Gun perform live. Sure I have listened to a few tracks when my dad was playing their EP, but I have never actually seen them perform. Missed opportunities I guess you could say, but now I am truly a HUGE fan!

'The Perfect Lake Music' is how I would describe the sound! What do I mean by that?  I mean simply this, the music they have is so relaxing and calming, not to hard, not to soft, but just perfect. It's the kind of music that makes you want to get on a boat, ride out onto the lake and just chill with family and friends for hours. I can honestly say that these guys were made for the big stage. They definitely seemed to have fun on a big stage with more 'leg room'  then what they normally would have in the small bars of downtown. The sound seemed to attract more people, and while the show carried on, the crowd began to make their way to the beach to see what band was creating such a great sound.

When you looked back at the crowd and you see people moving and swaying along with the songs, a beer in hand, on a hot, sunny Texas July 3rd afternoon, it couldn't have fit the music any better. I think EVERYONE there was dedicated to the music, just to stand in the humidity proves the band was worth way more than just listening to. Aimless Gun seemed to have a great time playing the music for everyone there.  I had a great time at the show and I personally loved the "Good Summer" time vibe that seemed to be emanating from the band.

Vallejo couldn't have picked a better band (thanks Omar and AJ). The show was great all the way around and I think that everyone in the audience would tell you that too. I am really looking forward to plenty more of their shows, and I can tell you that when I do, they will be better and better. Everyone look out, cause Aimless Gun is going to be doing great things, real soon! So whenever you can, check out one of their shows! I promise you won't regret it!

P.s. - Hola people, this is Spineless Willy, I was going to post the rest of the blog for the other bands that performed... but after reading this breathtaking review of the Aimless Gun performance at the Carlos n Charlie's 3rd of July Beach Bash, I couldn't bear to sully this amazing write up! (Shit, reading it almost made me cry, knowing that my daughter wrote this). I will let it stand on its own merits.

Check out the video from their performance on the beach of '51 Cards' on youtube