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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's my blog DAMMIT!

I can write about what I want Dammit!!! This is not a show I am writing about, but after hearing this album, I am looking forward to them coming to town (and hoping that they will perform and make it a show). So below the chat about the album is the link to the band, get on their mailing list and beat'em over the internet head to get them here to Austin. Otherewise option #2 is outlined in the end of the blog as well.

I just got my ears sonic-ly assualted by the album from Destruction Evolution - Relentless. Effin powerful, driving, and (of course) relentless! Vocals cross between that growl of 'I've gargled with glass this morning' to old fashioned southern rock and rebellion vocals. No yelling and shrieking here, just listen and you will understand. Better yet, make it to there show when they hit town and enjoy, I'll be there for damn sure (showing my metal roots), so dont be shy...get fuckin dirty and sweat it RELENTLESS! , BTW, I dont see a damn Austin date on here...WTF...somebody cough a back yard, a P.A. and a keg so we can get these boys here so we can get this shindig started! LOL