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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy Happy Hubs

Oh what a good burger and the shakes are real and spun right there while you wait! at The Hub ( ). Funny thing is you happen to stop by and lo and behold there's a band playing in the corner!

OK! Enough of the BS'ing you, got a short notice heads up that Aimless Gun ( )was gonna be chillin here and playing an acoustic set tonight (Saturday night 07/17). So just a quick thanks to the guys in the band, I much appreciate the heads up.

I got to pick up my son Billy and hang out with him for the weekend. While wondering what we were gonna do for tonight, I got the note from the guys about the acoustic gig. Whoo Hoo! Bill has never met the guys and hasn't seen them live, so what an opportunity.

It was a nice acoustic set, Bill and I caught the last 30-45 minutes, and on the way home Bill wouldn't stop talking about meeting them and the music. I even threw on Sublime - Santaria (which they playfully covered) on the way home and Bill thought it was Aimless (yup they did it that well). So thanks guys, something me and my son will remember forever. To everyone that hung out after the gig and spent time talking with us and chatting it up, you made Bill feel very special, and THAT is amazing. So very awesome of you, your girlfriends and family thanks!