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Friday, July 16, 2010

The Doc is IN and Dillard is OUTta sight

Beso Cantina ( ), 07/15, Michael Dillard Cd release party...and yes it was a party! The stars came out tonite for one of the newest, hottest kids to make his mark on the Austin music scene and reach for the world. Reppin all sorts of talent and music genres was Smackola from the Dirty Wormz, Ryan Harkrider, MC Overlord, guys from EPMB, some of the Aimless Gun boys, Will Harris from the Fremen, G Clef, Bobby Bookout, and damn if you were there and I didn't give you's your own damn fault for not letting me know you were in the house HA!

Doc Deuce ( ), well shit this guy is a Brain Ninja. He has crazy, deep, intelligent rhymes like you wouldn't believe or conceive. You can't see Hip Hop/Rap like this anywhere else...the only similarity that I will draw is that Twista used a violin for some of his music. The sound and the uniqueness is pure ATX love! The crowd (and I will say that I was Hella impressed with the size of the crowd this early on a Thurs nite) was totally moving and being moved by the music out of the gate. I mean REALLY, a violin in a LIVE hip hop performance. NO turntables here just pure, unadulterated, rhythmic ecstasy. Everyone was smiling and you will be too! Now we really know who Runs This Town, you gotta see this and be part of it. Doc Deuce went from a quiet start to a roaring finish, so please go out and catch what the Doc is will be enlightened and have fun!

 and now for the man of the hour Michael Dillard ( ) and this CD release party was definitely a fun time for ALL! Why haven't you seen him perform yet? Okay, there will be a few more chances between now and when the big record labels show up, but dammit you better hurry. The crowd at Beso was just hyped for this performance, you felt it as soon as Michael strummed his guitar the first time. The crowd pushed forward to the stage and sardined in like you wouldn't believe. No Chance of moving so you had to stay there and enjoy, and no doubt everyone did. Still say it's the panty droppin voice, but I really say that it is obvious Dillard has what the crowd wants and gives it freely. Yup, I have seen a few Dillard performances now and he has more fun each time and it translates out into the audience every time. So for those of you who didn't make it (Miguel the cops love ya, sorry you were detained on the way to the show) the end of this performance was a rare and spontaneous treat as Dillard had MC Overlord (whose appearance on stage was awe inspiring), Doc Deuce, and Will Harris to finish out the show. UNBELIEVABLE! I Don't think there will be a next time for that, but you better make it next time to be a part of the ride up.